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Devica Horne is a Thai-Belgian mixed-race, her English name is Mai, and many netizens also like to call Devica Horne by this name. Mai debuted in 2010 by starring in the romantic drama “Above the Crowd / Superman”, and since then, he has appeared in many TV series such as “Shadow of Eros”, “Thyme”, “Evil Rose Princess” and other TV series, won many Thai awards, and became a young actor very popular with Thai audiences. This time, a group of Mai’s activity photos were exposed, and I saw her wearing a penetrating shirt and an orange tweed coat, bright and sexy!

Mai wears a black sheer shirt on the upper body, and the lower body is matched with a colorful print skirt, which has a hint of mature little sexiness and a hint of ethnic minority retro charm, two completely different styles of elements together, grinding out a wonderful fashion spark, elegant and dignified and feminine sexy, and wearing a long knee-length coat outside, structured and stylish cut combined with bright and bright orange rendering, sweet and domineering, the body is also decorated with light green leaf-like embroidery, echoing the color of the green packet, full of high-end sense.

Let’s enjoy Mai’s previous outfit!

1. Crop top short sleeves with jeans: show waist, casual

Mai wears color-block crop button short sleeves, loose silhouette, comfortable and casual, light blue jeans on the lower body, low-waist style, combined with ultra-short body, big waist, waist is really super thin, should not have 20 cm, fashionable cool and sexy charming, inadvertently bring sultry allure.

2. V-neck print skirt with twisted braids: girly, retro

Mai wore a lake blue V-neck print skirt, natural and simple and fresh and elegant, deep V neckline, showing a slender swan neck, elegant and dignified, combed two thick twist braids next to her ears, retro nostalgia has no lack of smart and sweet girly feeling.

3. Off-the-shoulder velvet skirt: show the figure, elegant

Mai wears a gray print off-the-shoulder velvet skirt, elegant and atmospheric, slim style, outlining her perfect tall body curves, very enviable, V-shaped halter neck tie, highlighting the delicate collarbone line, sexy and cool handsome.

4. Red V-neck top with split skirt: sexy and eye-catching

Mai wears a red V-neck top with bright and full colors, and a yellow split skirt on the lower body, revealing fair and straight legs, eye-catching, sexy and charming, black boots, hand-block snake print bag, fashionable and retro.

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