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In the cold winter season, most people wear coats, in order to keep warm better, almost all are wrapped, and few people will wear coats open. There are many ways to wear a coat, but one of the most fashionable ways is to wear it open.

How to be fashionable and warm depends on the way we match. It is not necessarily the choice of underwear, just some thin pieces, you can choose a thicker fashion to create a more practical matching style.

One. What can I wear with an open coat?

• Shirt collection

If you wear an open coat, what kind of items should you choose to make the coat look fashionable enough? It is recommended that you wear a sweeter shirt, mainly in ruffled styles, which can make the daily style look gentle and temperamental enough.

You can also choose a basic shirt style, but in the color matching, it is recommended that you pay special attention. For example, choose a dark coat, then the color of the shirt, do not choose white.

Otherwise, the matching will look too professional, but choose a girly pink shirt, which can not only be an embellishment, but also make the style look young enough.

• Collection of accessories

The style of the coat, need to be further assisted by accessories, you can choose a sunglasses, even if the style of the coat is too basic, but the sunglasses look awe-inspiring enough, but will present a more distinctive matching state.

Or choose a fisherman hat, there are many styles of hats, but the style embodied in the fisherman hat looks tacit enough with the style of the coat, and the style between the two is somewhat similar, which can interpret the most practical casual style.

• Undershirt collection

If you say which way is the most practical, I believe that most people’s choice will use coats to match different styles of undershirts, the most basic undershirts, is the white style, this undershirt can be combined with any coat to combine.

For example, the most classic matching method, using a black coat with a white undershirt, the style looks simple and casual, but it will show a generous temperament, so that the image of women becomes warm enough.

• Sweatshirt collection

In the cold winter, it is necessary to emphasize the warmth effect with a coat, so you can choose to match it with a heavy sweatshirt. Whether it is a plush style or a loose style, there is no sense of violation with a coat.

Two. Analysis of the different styles of coats

1. Elegant style

Most of the styles of coats are mainly casual, but if you choose a gray coat with a basic undershirt and pants, you will find that the style is too elegant.

Especially with wide-leg pants, coats and wide-leg pants, it will appear more neat and atmospheric, so it can effectively enhance personal temperament.

2. Daily basic style

Whether a coat is practical depends on whether the coat can create a more basic everyday style. With the changes of the times, the style of the coat has also become more and more complex, adding intricate design details.

But the style that most people prefer, or the basic coat, you can try the classic dark green coat, this coat looks more textured, can make the matching look more temperamental and tasteful.

For many people, the matching of coats may only be wrapped to achieve a warm effect, but this matching method is not fashionable, you can refer to the above matching styles to interpret your own fashion!

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