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The 26th Changchun Home Building Materials Exhibition in 2022 opened

The 26th Changchun Home Building Materials Exhibition 2022 opened on the 5th, and the 23rd Changchun Heating, Heating and Clean Energy Exhibition was also launched at the same time. A total of more than 800 exhibitors brought 10,000 kinds of building materials and related industry exhibits to the exhibition.

Intelligent technology, hot and warm clean energy to promote new products

  The 23rd Heating, Heating and Clean Energy Exhibition is concentrated in Hall 7 of Changchun Convention and Exhibition Center, with an indoor and outdoor exhibition area of 20,000 square meters and more than 300 exhibitors, covering air-source heat pumps, ground-source heat pumps and water-source heat pump products; Floor heating, electric heating products; Heating radiators and supporting products.

It is reported that the exhibition has carried out many upgrades this year, with business group invitations, consumer demand visits, online platforms and offline linkages, and setting up special exhibition areas to highlight the innovation strength of independent brands and give full play to the leading role of professional exhibitions.

It’s worth shopping, and there are many big brands of home building materials

  The home building materials exhibition is concentrated in halls 8 and 9 of Changchun Convention and Exhibition Center, with more than 500 exhibitors. There are seven exhibition areas: sliding doors, hardware decoration materials, wooden doors, and customized home exhibition areas; Smart home, security fire protection exhibition area; Furniture woodworking machinery exhibition area; System doors, windows and curtain wall exhibition area; kitchen appliances and bathrooms, integrated ceiling exhibition area; Heating and heating exhibition area; Building Energy Efficiency Exhibition Area.

Hall 8 held the 2022 floor material new products and new technology promotion meeting at the same time. Many building materials enterprises inside and outside Jilin Province were invited to participate in the exhibition.

Preferential purchase, one-stop procurement worry-free and labor-saving

  Changchun Building Materials Exhibition is a one-stop procurement platform, allowing consumers to enjoy discounts while purchasing a full set of household needs, worry-free and labor-saving.

The exhibition not only has whole house customization, smart home, system doors and windows, future roof wall integration, prefabricated buildings, but also decorative materials, cabinet wardrobes, hardware locks, sliding door glass, green heating, etc., to provide consumers with more refined and professional services.

  At this year’s exhibition, integrated housing systems, prefabricated buildings and supporting materials, wall insulation and roof waterproofing and other prefabricated building materials have become the focus of industry insiders, and products such as top wall integration, modular decoration, and overall home decoration have attracted a large number of visitors. The system door and window industry has been leading the new direction of the industry, and the new product system upgrade scheme is particularly eye-catching.

Source: Changchun Trade Promotion and China News Network

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