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Monthly Half Daily | August 26

Fat Whale has selected 15 of the most noteworthy business marketing information.

Today’s hot spot

Daphne is completely out of brick-and-mortar retail!

On the evening of August 25, Daphne released its 2020 interim earnings report and said that it would completely withdraw from the physical retail business of mid-to-high-end brands, including the Chinese mainland and Taiwan markets. According to the data, Daphne has been losing money since 2015, with a total loss of nearly HK$4 billion in five years; The number of Daphne stores has shrunk from a peak of 6,881 in 2012 to fewer than 300.

What problems do you think exist with Daphne?

Brand low-end

Low comfort

Quality is not good

Things are not beautiful, prices are not cheap

Haven’t heard, bothered

Big company headlines

Pinduoduo was officially included in the “NASDAQ 100 Index” constituent stocks

On August 25, Pinduoduo was officially included in the “NASDAQ 100 Index” constituent stocks.

Became the youngest constituent company at present. At the same time, Pinduoduo has also become the company with the shortest time from inception to inclusion in the history of NASDAQ.

The “Nasdaq 100 Index” is the two most important stock indexes in the world. Currently, the top five of the NASDAQ 100 are Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook. Pinduoduo is in 26th place.

Pinduoduo was founded in September 2015; In July 2018, Pinduoduo landed on NASDAQ. Since its listing two years ago, the user base of Pinduoduo service has doubled from 344 million to 683 million, with a total market value of nearly 100 billion US dollars.

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WeChat Mini Program Public Test “Transaction Protection”

Merchants with likes can be the first to access

On August 25, the WeChat Mini Program’s “transaction protection” capability was officially tested. This is WeChat’s consumer protection service for Mini Program e-commerce transactions.

In March this year, the “transaction guarantee” function of the WeChat mini program began internal testing, and “Youzan Guarantee” quickly cooperated with WeChat officials to launch a double guarantee service for transactions.

Merchants with a guarantee of likes that access WeChat transaction guarantee will receive the double guarantee endorsement logo of Youzan and WeChat, the endorsement logo of the Mini Program card, and the ranking weighting of scenarios such as search on the Mini Program side. At the same time, WeChat’s “Mini Program Order” function will also provide more advanced services for merchants accessing WeChat’s transaction guarantee services.

At present, hundreds of merchants with likes such as Afu essential oil, three squirrel flagship store, and Ziyuan have accessed the WeChat transaction guarantee service.

12 leading luxury brands will enter Amazon

According to WWD International Fashion News, Amazon is promoting the plan to build a luxury brand platform, and 12 leading luxury brands will officially enter Amazon in the form of high-end specialty stores. It is reported that these cooperative brands will also use Amazon’s centralized warehouses in the United States and rely on its strong distribution network. Amazon will give these brands absolute control over the look and design of their online stores, allowing them to decide when or if to cut prices.

Some commentators have pointed out that Amazon has indeed looked for opportunities to expand its fashion business in recent years, but it does not seem to be successful in the luxury space. However, Amazon has more than 100 million premium members, so I wonder if these users will be helpers in the booster luxury business?

Pinduoduo launches “Korea National Pavilion”

Pinduoduo’s first “National Brand Pavilion” in Asia

On August 24, Pinduoduo’s “Korea National Pavilion” was officially launched, and the first batch of products included brands such as Sulwhasoo, Whoohou, Laneige, Amore, Holliyou, and Lotte. Pinduoduo invested 1 billion yuan in consumer subsidies and resources for the “National Brand Pavilion” plan to help high-quality overseas brands land in China.

On the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea, Choi Yongshan, Consul General of South Korea in Shanghai, and others walked into the live broadcast room of Pinduoduo’s “10 billion subsidy”. Uninterrupted product promotion, lucky draws, song and dance performances and other activities attracted 500,000 netizens to watch, driving the sales of Korean food, beauty and other related products on the platform to increase by 350% year-on-year.

Tmall theme stores have been unveiled one after another

On August 25, 20 Tmall theme stores were unveiled, of which the first 10 theme stores will be located in Shanghai, and the rest will enter Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other core business districts. Tmall theme stores are not traditional offline stores, but will open up online and offline to help more brands and young people have a new “chemical reaction”.

In the face of the cold technology theme store created by Tmall and Bosch, consumers said: “It is the first time to see such a cool home appliance experience hall!” ”

Brands in crossovers

Chow Tai Fook opened the hotel

Recently, Chow Tai Fook Group launched its trendy hotel brand, Tongpai Hotel, which offers ordinary rooms and long-term rental apartments.

Previously, Bulgari also opened hotels of the same name around the world, and the details of the store highlight the design elements of Bulgari jewelry; In contrast, Tongpai Hotel does not have “pearlescence”, but focuses on “millennials”, with the concept of “trend, fun and enjoyment”, to create a complex trend space that gathers community and light social interaction.

Image from Tongpai Hotel

Tims Coffee opens an e-sports-themed shop

Accelerate the scene layout of stores and brand rejuvenation

On August 24, coffee brand Tim Hortons (Tims Coffee) reached a strategic cooperation with Tencent E-sports, and Tims will launch e-sports-themed stores one after another, the first store will be unveiled in Shanghai in November. In addition, the two companies will launch esports products and a series of esports marketing activities.

Tims Coffee said that it will explore new business models with Tencent E-sports to create a new consumption scenario of “coffee + e-sports life” with strong social attributes for consumers, and attract more young consumers who love e-sports and coffee to join it.

Image from Tims Coffee

LV launches the first pair of skateboard shoes in 100 years

On August 24, LOUIS VUITTON signed British skateboarder Lucien Clarke as the face of his brand, and LV artistic director Virgil Abloh will jointly launch the first signature skateboard shoes with Clarke. This is the first pair of skateboard shoes in the brand’s history of more than 100 years, with the LV brand logo written on the toe; Lucien Clarke’s signature is added to the side, and it is equipped with LV’s Monogram classic pattern.

Brand strategy

ANTA launches digital transformation strategy

Since 2010, it has been upgraded again since the transition from wholesale to retail.

On August 25, ANTA Group announced that it will comprehensively promote its digital transformation strategy in the second half of the year, achieving “one center” and “three reinventions” through direct to consumer – consumer-centric, reshaping people, goods and fields, forming a virtuous closed loop from product development, operation to marketing, promoting the upgrading of the group’s brands from “well-known brands” to “favorite brands”, and forming a deep link of “brand resonance” with consumers.

Anta said that in the next five years, the group’s online business will account for more than 40%, and the direct consumer business will account for 70%. The transformation of ANTA’s main brand from the “wholesale distribution retail model” to the “direct-to-consumer direct retail model” will further streamline the channel structure, improve the efficiency of operation and management, and enhance the quality and value advantages of the ANTA brand.

Image from ANTA

LINE FRIENDS is deeply engaged in China’s business strategy

On August 26, LINE FRIENDS, an international creative studio, gave a detailed introduction to LINE FRIENDS’ business performance, business strategy and future development in the Chinese market at the 2020 China Licensors Conference. LINE FRIENDS will continue its localization and innovation strategy for the Chinese market in 2019, focusing on the core value of “innovation” in China’s business strategy and aiming at “new IP, new business, new platform” to expand its influence in the Chinese market.

Since 2019, in order to continue to get closer to local Chinese consumers, LINE FRIENDS has not only held a city landmark exhibition in the Oriental Pearl, held the Qixi Temple Festival in Yuyuan Garden, but also actively expanded its online channels through activities such as Tmall Super Brand Day.

In addition to vigorously developing the brand’s own IP, LINE FRIENDS is also actively carrying out IP co-creation and cross-border business. Recently, LINE FRIENDS cooperated with mobile game company SUPERCELL to launch a new IP Brawl, carrying out a series of commercial operations such as product peripherals, licensing business, market cooperation, and content creation around the world.


Marketing cases

Joyoung helps you achieve “Heytea Freedom”

On August 16th, Joyoung joined hands with Heytea and Tmall Chao LIVE to plan a pop-up activity of “Make Hey Tea at Home” in Hangzhou, turning the kitchen into a home tea shop, and using Jiuyang Heytea to cooperate with limited small household appliances – succulent grape juice machine, bean bobo soy milk machine, brown sugar bobo milk pot and zhizhi sandwich machine, to make Heytea’s trendy drinks and delicacies, while revealing Heytea’s exclusive recipes. In addition, Jiuyang and Heytea also launched the “Cook at Home” and “Make Hey Tea at Home” challenges on platforms such as Douyin and Xiaohongshu, attracting many young people to participate.

Joyoung has created a home dining consumption scene of “making tea at home” for young people, reflecting a deep insight into the living conditions of young people during the epidemic.

Image from Jiuyang

Genki Forest x Mint Health launches a co-branded gift box

On August 21, Genki Forest and Mint Health jointly launched the “Genki Jelly” co-branded gift box, which not only includes Genki Forest sparkling water, mint health 0 card jelly, mint vitality accompanying cup, mint vitality sticker, etc., as well as the brand’s exclusive membership redemption cards and coupons, which are currently on the shelves of Genki Forest Tmall flagship store.

In addition, the two also held the “Mint Vitality Summer Pop-up Concert” at the BFC Bund Maple Path Night Market in Shanghai, inviting musician Zhao Yuanqi to serve as the “Chief Sales Officer” to accompany people through the refreshing summer with comfortable and relaxing music.

Image from Genki Forest

Brands and endorsers

Wang Junkai: Spokesperson of I.T Group

On August 26, Wang Junkai officially became the spokesperson of I.T Group, interpreting autumn and winter blockbusters for I.T, showing the new forces of contemporary youth trends with cool street clothing.

Image from ITCN

Zhou Dongyu: Dove brand spokesperson

On August 26, Dove officially announced that actor Zhou Dongyu became a new brand spokesperson, and announced that the big movie “Goodbye Ferris Wheel” created with Zhou Dongyu is about to be released.

Image from Dove

Spike Lee: Montblanc Global Brand Ambassador

On August 25, Montblanc announced that renowned author and director Spike Lee has become a global brand ambassador and will work with Montblanc to create another legend.

Image from Montblanc

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