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Bouncy castle tall and mighty, Bright colors

It is the “love of many children”

But this seemingly joyful place

But there are hidden dangers

December 18

A scenic spot in Xianning City, Hubei Province

An inflatable castle was blown over by a tornado

After a few turns, it collapsed directly

An adult was directly slapped down during the chase

Several children fell to the ground

The scenic area staff said

The bouncy castle is a project run by local villagers

No formalities or

Make a filing

It was also not carried out under professional guidance

It stands to reason that piling should be fixed

But they didn’t bind

So something unexpected happened

And just a few days ago

December 16

Tasmania, Australia

A similar safety incident occurred

A local elementary school built a “bouncy castle”

Suddenly there was a strong wind

Blow up this bouncy castle

9 children bouncing around the castle

Instantly fall from a height of 10 meters

Five people were killed and many injured

Such accidents have occurred repeatedly

Is the bouncy castle so “weak and can’t help the wind”?

In fact

Rides such as trampolines and bouncy castles

Although its own volume is huge

But the dead weight is lighter


Such accidents often occur on windy days

In addition, short-term high winds before thunderstorms

The “outlet” of urban buildings

It also poses a threat to it

The amusement park is a fun place that everyone loves

Especially when children are playing

Be sure to pay attention to the following details


▌Production: Heyuan Fire All Media Center

▌Editor: Luo Xiuli

▌Review: Su Ruibin


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