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It’s all autumn, and suddenly I want to eat spring rolls, and all I think about is the taste of spring rolls.

In our north, we are mostly eating sweet, like what bean paste filling, date paste filling is the best to sell, of course, there are also salty ones, such as three silk, meat filling, leek eggs, etc., the taste is richer, more looking.

Spring rolls are delicious in the skin, supermarkets can’t buy ready-made spring roll skins or I do it myself, failed once and finally found the trick, summed up a family-friendly recipe, like friends can take a look at Oh.

spring roll

【Ingredients】300 grams of ordinary flour, 270 grams of water, 2 grams of salt, and an appropriate amount of bean paste


1. Make spring roll wrappers first.

Mix flour, salt and water well, use chopsticks to stir in one direction to form a fine and sticky batter, be sure to stir vigorously, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight, let the gluten form on its own.

2. Crust

The batter after the dumpling is particularly soft and strong, lift the batter by hand, and the whole huddle falls down, which means that the batter is almost ready.

Prepare a pan or pan to preheat it thoroughly, without brushing oil, pick up the batter directly and turn it around in the middle of the pan, and finally lift the batter. In less than a short moment, the batter turns into a crust on its own, gently tearing it off and branding the next sheet.

3. Fried spring rolls

The north is mostly sweet spring rolls. Squeeze the bean paste or date paste filling on the edge of the seared spring roll skin, then roll it up to cover the pie crust with the bean paste filling, then fold the left and right ends in half respectively, and finally roll it up again with the seal facing down.

Pour oil into the pan, start frying the spring rolls when the oil is hot, be sure to turn the dough often during the period to ensure that the heating is even, and fry on medium and low heat until golden on both sides can control the oil out of the pan.

Erha has something to say:

❤️ If you are in a hurry to eat spring rolls, you can use a noodle machine to mix the noodles, quickly stir the batter well and then continue to whip for half an hour, and then seal the dumplings for half an hour to take it out and make it.

❤️ When making a crust without good dough, it is very difficult to operate, and it will be very sticky. You can continue to whip vigorously and make a second meal.

❤️ Remember to use medium-low heat when burning spring rolls, don’t be in a hurry.