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Today, I want to amway a pair of pants worth buying this spring for the fairies——

Candy-colored wide-leg pants!

Love is love, but the color of this thing is also easy to step on the thunder, candy color wide-leg pants this thing, once the shape is not right, the color is not right, it is likely to be a disaster, so ~~~~~

Therefore, today is to protect the little fairy from lightning, as long as you pay attention to the following points, there is no colorful wide-leg pants that you can’t hold.

1. Careful selection with high saturation and brightness (earthy gas)

Rescue: Low saturation macaron color, prefer to choose light than dark.

Photo: Mini Magazin,

2. Choose cotton and linen fabrics carefully (old-fashioned)

Rescue: Chiffon, polyester, twill, velor and other fabrics that are not easy to wrinkle and have a drape feeling.

Photo:, “Very” 2019, February issue

3. Choose fabrics that are too light and flowing (cheap, mature)

Rescue: Choose a fabric with a silhouette and a slight drape, too thin to high-grade, too thick to show the thick legs.


4. Low waist and careful selection (short legs)

Salvation: High waist is always king.


5. Choose the same wide trouser legs (short and fat)

Rescue: Either A-line or tapered, straight fit for slightly wide wide-leg pants. If the legs are wider, it is recommended to buy a high-waisted style with a wider belt


# These 4 most recommended #

1. Light pink wide-leg pants

The most conservative is still pink, not eye-catching, but also quite versatile. Usually when you go out, a white top is very small and fresh, giving people a particularly gentle feeling.

Figure:, ins@janina_who

The same little fresh can also wear light blue items, like the Japanese sister this day like to wear denim jackets.


If you want to be cool, you can actually use pink with black and instantly transform into a sweet cool girl.


Even the whole body powder is not contrary to the sense of harmony, like the popular suit pink in the past two years is the first choice for most people, you can see romantic little women in handsome suits.


In addition to this itself is a complete set, in fact, there are many people will use the depth of the color to match, giving people a feeling of more layered, at this time the upper body color can be darker than the lower body, the lower body fabric can be softer than the upper body.


Not only pink of the same color, but also red or purple and pink wide-leg pants of adjacent colors can be worn together, and it will be brighter than pink.

Photo:, Visual China