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Winter is a good time to wear coats, especially in warm and comfortable woolen coats, basically everyone has. However, although the coat is used to protect and improve the weight of the temperament, many people waste the fashion value of the coat themselves because of improper.

If you don’t want to be too strong, you want to get rid of the passerby, then use the son coat combination boots is definitely the no choice of middle-aged women, and there is temperature and wind. Talking about the true “woolen + boots”, is the way in the winter, wear a thinking for you to summarize, let’s take a look!

First, coat picking ideas

When using a coat combination of boots in the winter, middle-aged woman wants to say goodbye to the passerby or avoid the stuffed whistle, then you need to choose the upper and lower efforts in the coat, focus on the quality of the quality.

1, choose a neutral color coat


The so-called neutral color is mainly black and white or khaki, beige, oat colors, camel, brown, and base color, low-key, is a publicly recognized high-quality, and the earthquistence is warm, and it is a winter color lead.


Choosing these colors, in addition to better expressing the high-grade knowledge of middle-aged women, you can echo with the season, while making the matching simply.

2, long big clothes pay attention to the version

The long coat mainly refers to the length of the coat between the knee and the ankle, because it occluses the legs and hips, it is very friendly for the thigh, the middle-aged woman in the calf.

However, it should be noted that there are a lot of long big clothes, it is recommended that middle-aged women choose X version or H version, thereby showing good body, and enhancement, practicality.


3, short coat is high

The short coat mainly refers to the length of the coat near the waist or the ankle, because of the short and flexible, such coat is the most friendly of a small child who is not high.

Let’s easily raise the waistline position, create a big long leg, two short coat combination boots, and it is also very resistant to the whole.


Second, boots picking ideas

In winter, in the coat combination boots to create elegant and casual outlets or workplace styles, in addition to paying attention to large clothes, middle-aged women also need to take pairs of boots.

1, short boots

The length of the boots is generally near the ankle, such as ankle boots, Chelsea boots or Martin boots belong to the category of boots, used to combine the ta coat, equipped with unresolved, but also don’t have to worry about it.

This kind of mission is also very friendly to the little child, but in the winter, it is recommended to choose a leather booties, the color is mainly black, white or coffee color, more trendy than snow boots.


2, long boots


The length of the boots are generally divided into knee boots and knee boots, and we can make a choice according to the length of the coat. If it is a long dress, then it is recommended to use a knee boots to increase the gas field.

If it is the length of the woolen coat above the knee, then you can use the long boots to create a disappearance, and the trendy is doubled.

Third, coat under the mating

Middle-aged woman dressing dressing, when using the coat combination boots, don’t ignore the choice.

1, wool dress

In winter, the middle-aged woman is prone to the woolen dress, the monk coat, will continue to be elegant romantic to winter with a skirt.

However, the color of the wool is best to make echoing with the coat, such as using oat color coat combination of oat-haired sweater, warm and intellective. At the same time, the length of the wool is best below the knee, avoiding and ankle skirts, so as not to put it.

2, tobacco pipes

If you use trousers to connect boots, then the patex version is best to repair, such as a high-waist nine-point tobacco tube trousers with stereo straight lines.

Winter is used to combine boots, which can emphasize the innocent dressing style, and the connection between trousers and boots is very smooth, and it is easy to create long legs.

3, small feet

In addition to the smoke pipe weapon pants, the pants are also a good partner of the ta coat and boots, and it can make an elastic combination with coats, and it is visually identified.

Two small feet pants are practical, no matter the short boots or long boots, don’t worry about stupid, such as black feet, white small straight tights or blue jeans.

The above is this “woolen + short boots” to be shared for middle-aged women. If you want to win the temperature and the wind, then you can learn from the coat, boots, picking and dressing, easy Time!

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