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Cotton bedding has good hygroscopicity, under normal circumstances, cotton bedding can absorb moisture into the surrounding atmosphere, contact the skin, make people feel soft without stiffness, make people comfortable. Almost better T-shirts are also made of pure cotton fabrics, and friends who are accustomed to cotton bedding are difficult to switch to other materials, and the sweat-absorbing and soft comfort is irreplaceable by other fabrics. Today, I recommend a high-value cotton bedding with a high-value color for friends, Happy House Cotton Phoenix Dance Nine-Day Four-Piece Set.

The outer packaging is stored in a transparent protective bag, and the inside is packed in a cross tie and bow, which can make people very intuitive to see the color and material of this bedding. The most eye-catching thing is the phoenix embroidery pattern on the front of the bedding, which is lifelike.

This four-piece set from Pleasure House is called Phoenix Dance Nine Days, which is naturally related to its embroidery pattern. This bedding adopts the elements of China’s intangible cultural heritage – shadow puppet play, and designs the nine days of phoenix dance embroidery pattern, which has been finely embroidered by more than 13,000 needles, which means peace and beauty.

This four-piece set fits 1.5m and 1 .8m bed rows and is universal. There are sheets, quilt covers and two pillowcases, there are two colors of jasmine/bamboo green, and the AB version of the two-tone design is perfectly combined, and the two colors are perfectly combined to create a soft and advanced visual effect.

Since it is a cotton four-piece set, the fabric is undoubtedly made of high-quality combed cotton from Xinjiang, and this cotton fabric has good skin-friendly comfort. Everyone knows that cotton fabrics have many advantages, but the disadvantages are also obvious.

Advantage 1. Moisturizing: cotton bedding has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, porosity and high elasticity. Therefore, the moisturizing properties of cotton bedding are better, making people feel warmer. 2. Heat resistance: has good heat resistance, even below 110 °C, it will only cause water evaporation and will not damage the fiber, so cotton fabrics at room temperature, wearing and using, washing and dyeing have no effect on the fabric. 3. Alkali resistance: cotton bedding in alkaline solution, will not occur damage phenomenon, this performance is conducive to disinfection and impurities, but also can be pure cotton textile dyeing, printing and various process processing, in order to produce more new varieties of cotton weaving. Disadvantages 1. Easy shrinkage: The shrinkage rate of cotton clothing is 2% to 5%. 2. Easy to wrinkle: And it is more difficult to smooth out after wrinkling. 3. Easy to fade: generally darker cotton fabrics are easy to fade when washing.

In order to avoid the problem of easy fading, the Happy House cotton four-piece set adopts high-temperature dyeing technology to appropriately increase the temperature during dyeing, which can improve the dyeing rate of disperse dyes, uniform color, high color fastness, and effectively avoid the problem of washing and fading.

Each piece is full of details, and the ends of the sheets are designed in a semi-circle for a more natural look. The pillowcase is designed in an envelope type, which is convenient for us to disassemble and assemble the pillow core. Needless to say, the hemmed needle eye at the edge is neat and wireless, and a beautiful phoenix dance nine days embroidery pattern on the front injects soul into this bedding. If you are a big fan of cotton bedding, then this cotton four-piece set must not be missed.