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After the broadcast of the new version of “Dragon Babu”, it has unsurprisingly become the target of everyone, from casting to actor acting skills to actor styling, all of which have been criticized, and even the lines have appeared obvious errors that “family father” and “Ling Zun” are stupid and unclear.

Qiao Feng, Duan Yu, the three male protagonists of the virtual bamboo, all collapsed, and Wang Yuyan, the female character with the largest halo, was complained that there was no fairy qi. After all, in the hearts of many fans, “fairy sister” is really a fairy-like existence.

Wang Yuyan’s actor Wen Yongshan’s appearance is not low, she has been

Kyushu Sea Muyun Ji

With the role of hope, the four seats are amazing, and the fairy is magical.

In just four years, from being praised by the whole network to being complained about by the whole network, is her appearance declining?

Admittedly, her age to play Wang Yuyan is a little older, after all, Zhang Meng, who is the same age as her, played it as early as 2013. But the precedent of 30+ playing Wang Yuyan is not for nothing, and Song Gangling, the actor of Wang Yuyan in the 1990 Taiwan version of “Dragon Babu”, was 34 years old at the time, and the highly recognized Li Ruotong was also 31 when he played Wang Yuyan.

Since age and appearance are not the main reasons, what is the problem?

If we compare it, we will find that it is makeup and hair styling!

Li Ruotong’s version of the hairstyle looks simple, but it is not monotonous, and the hair in the front film is pulled away in a figure-eight shape to the sideburns, and the overall trend is expanding, which looks natural and fluffy. With a few bits and pieces of beaded hair accessories, it looks quiet and dignified.

The front is simple and atmospheric, and the back film is not bare, with a bun on the top of the head, and a variety of layered hair braids down the bottom. The front film of the bun is inserted with beaded flowers, and the back film uses the headband used by TVB in the early years, which adds a bit of flexibility. With the blessing of proper makeup, everyone’s beautiful temperament is about to come out.

The hairband element is also reflected in Abi next to Wang Yuyan.

Six years later, the mainland filmed the first version of “Dragon Babu”, and Wang Yuyan’s hairstyle played by Liu Yifei was also very careful, with complex hair and a strong sense of three-dimensionality. The back of the bun continues the headband element, with Zhang Jizhong’s usual blower, often the hairband flies in the wind with the hair, floating out of the dust.

The makeup is also very suitable for Liu Yifei’s classical face shape, curved thin eyebrows, light lip makeup embellishments make the cherry small mouth round and full, the eye makeup just outlines her Danfeng eyes very moving, coupled with the age that is very suitable for the role, a fairy sister who is looking forward to life stands up.

On the other hand, Wen Yongshan’s version of Wang Yuyan, the hairstyle is close to the scalp, the bangs at 8:20 are full of greasy, plus there is no ornament modification, the overall look is monotonous, even less than Abi.

The makeup is also not satisfactory, the lip makeup looks unattractive, the eyeliner is pulled to the sideburns, and it looks old-fashioned and not girly.

I remember that Jin Yong’s original book described Wang Yuyan’s appearance like this: I saw a girl in a taupe gauze shirt, her face facing the flower tree, her figure slender, her long hair draped over her vest, and a silver stick


Hold gently. Duan Yu looked at her back, only to feel that there seemed to be something next to this girl

Smoke light cage

, when really not earthly people…

Na, Wen Yongshan’s version of the hairstyle is so perfunctory that she directly misses the “ribbon”.

Pushing forward more than ten or twenty years, the ribbon is actually a very widely used item in costume dramas, especially in TVB’s costume dramas.

In the mythological drama “The Legend of the Human Dragon” 22 years ago, the dragon girl Xiaoyu played by Yuan Jieying can be said to have sent the hairband to the extreme.

There are many styles of small fish, almost all of which are based on the inherent coiled hair with colorful hair bands.

We can see from the stills that even the folk shape of coarse cloth and wattle, the costume is not hastily made with a rough coarse garment when highlighting the simplicity, and it can be seen from the placket that the clothing is a number of inner layers to form a light color change from light to dark, enhancing the three-dimensional sense and texture.

The headband is either the same décor as the garment or the same décor as the placket.

Someone once joked that TVB cut the door, and the hairband was made of scraps – cloth strips.

But even if the service road can be seen to save costs with the naked eye, the styling is not perfunctory, on average a few episodes change a set of looks, “scraps” under the ingenuity of the stylist, or tied into a bow to increase the sense of three-dimensional, or scattered tassels on the shoulders, with a variety of hair bags, braided hair, coiled hair, to create a unique character image. The makeup is also quite ancient, and the willow eyebrows run throughout, and the makeup is not thick or light.

Coupled with the actor’s own acting skills and aura, the image is fresh and full.

As the former head of TVB, Yuan Jieying has acted in many TVB costume dramas, and she has dealt with hairbands. at

Blade of the Wind

” played by Helian Bobo, the style is thought by many audiences that he can be directly pulled to the next door “Legend of Relying on the Sky and Slaying the Dragon” crew to play Zhao Min. Blingbling’s forehead ornament, large earrings, two braids naturally hang down on the chest, the braids are fixed with gold ribbons, echoing the national style clothing on the body, and the appearance of the little witch is there.

At that time, TVB beauties were piled up, and the producers did not hesitate to stuff Cai Shaofen and Liang Xiaoice into the same drama with her. The three characters have three distinct personalities, which can be identified from the shape alone.

Yes, in the early years, stylists not only considered good looks when doing hairstyles, but also paid attention to the style and personality.

Cai Shaofen’s Ling Xiang character is similar to Zhou Zhiruo, harmless to humans and animals in the early stage, gentle and lovely, and cruel and vicious in the later stage,

Relentless. The early styling was mostly with small braids with a headband, and the color of the headband was consistent with the color of the clothing, with her baby fat face at that time, which was quite amazing.

Personally, I think this is Niangniang’s most brilliant costume style, delicate and cute, and extremely flexible. But her costume career was relatively short, and she later cut her long hair to act in modern dramas.

But these styling

More than 20 years have passed, and it still doesn’t feel outdated.

At the same time, she practiced neon clothes in “The Legend of the White-Haired Witch”, and her styling also used a headband, but this time the stylist played a new trick freely, braiding the cloth strip into a braid and placing it on the top of her head, scattered like a tassel.

Mei Qiang practiced neon clothes and martial arts tragically, and the tassels danced with the fight, and the taste of rivers and lakes became even stronger.

Similarly, the stylist has a flexible idea, even if it is a simple and cheap piece, changing the color will have a sense of freshness.

This is also well reflected in Zhu Yin’s version of Huang Rong, who has only one style in the play, and some residual hair is left in a small braid after the top of the head is coiled in a bun, which is staggered on the shoulders. The braids are secured with pink, purple, burgundy, green ribbons, or they are also braided. Every time I change my clothing, I change the ribbon of the corresponding color, and the bead flower is also changed randomly, and it looks very different.

This is definitely a good way for stylists to be “lazy”, but as an audience, I don’t dislike this trick.

Gu Tianle’s version of “The Condor Heroes” is the best reputation in the previous version, in addition to the high appearance of the actors, the styling has also added a lot of points. The little dragon girl played by Li Ruotong was born in an ancient tomb and grew up in an ancient tomb, her temperament is cold and dusty, and her appearance naturally cannot be too complicated. The stylist is making her a very simple coiled hair, and two strands of blue silk gently fall down her chest, clean and fresh.

The highlight is that there is a bow streamer on the back of the head, and whenever a person moves, the streamer will swing with it, and a kind of fluttering fairy air that does not eat people’s fireworks comes to the face.

The makeup is also worthy of praise, willow leaves thin eyebrows, Chinese makeup, even if Li Ruotong’s facial features are more European, there is no sense of violation of modern people wearing ancient costumes.

The headband can not only be used as a headband to tie hair, but also as an accessory to modify the hairstyle and play a finishing touch.

In the early costume drama “The Legend of Heaven and Earth: Fish Beauty”, Sun Li’s style used a colorful headband tied to the tail of her hair, which not only had the nobility of a rich family, but also the coquettishness of a young daughter.

In the same play, Yang Mingna’s mussel spirit has an innovative headband, and the tassel-like headband is paired with a mussel shell-shaped headdress, which not only highlights the character’s mussel essence identity, but also adds a bit of fairy air. With shiny eye shadow and pearls on her forehead, the overall image is radiant, as if she was feathered from a mussel.

The shape that wins with details always hits people’s hearts, and the audience back then was not less amazed by this little leprechaun.

Ribbons and a playful girly feel will also complement each other. Wen Songxian herself is small and delicate, and under the background of various colored ribbons, she is even more playful and agile.

Many people say that most of the current costume dramas are fairy tale themes, and if you are full of pearls, you will lack fairy energy, so the headband is actually a good choice.

In many costume dramas in the early TVB, actresses basically only had a headband on their heads, and some could not even be called a headband, just a strip of cloth, but they produced a lot of fairy fluttering and different shapes. Each character in the play has a shape corresponding to the character, and there are few collisions between the plays.

More than ten years ago, there were also some styles in the mainland that made people look at 10,000 years with a single hairband, such as Liu Yifei’s Xiaolongnu, Zhao Linger, and the above-mentioned Wang Yuyan.

Later, for a long time, costume dramas fell into the embarrassment of a group of demons dancing, and the costumes, hairstyles, and the overall tone of the drama were all red, including TVB, which created many classics in the early days, and moved closer to this direction since “Palace Heart Scheme”.

After a few more years, the fairy style became popular, and gradually became the same hair and ball head, without any hair accessories.

Those hair braids + headband styles that bring us countless surprises have become “tears of the times”.