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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Introduction: This issue of the article to share with friends is a small plum blossom color raglan sweater. The main highlight of this sweater is that the whole sweater adopts a hollow small plum blossom shape, the flower shape is not rigid, and it looks very flexible and effective, like a small plum blossom jumping in front of you. The contrast between dark green and mustard yellow makes the whole sweater show a stylish, lively and vibrant matching effect. The perfect combination of flower pattern and color scheme makes this sweater achieve a perfect and harmonious unity. It will be a highlight in the winter when the colors are monotonous. [Analysis of this work]: Material used: 100% wool rod needle in thick wool. Tool used: No. 10 ring rod needle. Weaving method: bottom-up normal order weaving (convenient color matching braided sleeves), the neckline and sleeves are single-threaded braided closures, the neckline is a small low-neck design, and the cuffs are single-threaded normal length. The bottom hem is also a single-thread weaving method, weaving to a normal length of about 2 inches, then directly knitting the right body, the appropriate length gradually reduced to the collar, pick the sleeves and collar. Let’s knit it with your favorite sisters.

Frontal display

Tiled display (1)

Tiled display (2)

Detailed drawing of the sleeve pattern