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I believe that many pet owners have such troubles: dogs urinate everywhere, smell badly, and sometimes even have their paw prints on the floor. For a long time, not only does there always have a peculiar smell in the home, but it is also easy to cause bacteria to grow. Therefore, dogs should also prepare a diaper pad for them, just like cats need to prepare cat litter, which can not only restrain the dog’s fixed excretion, but also reduce the dog’s excretion troubles.

As a dog owner, I don’t know if you have such a moment: when you come home tired after a long day of work, only to find that the house is full of dog urine, dirty and smelly. In the face of this situation, I believe that no matter how good your patience is, it will be tortured!

With the development of pets, the use of pet diapers has become as common as our human use of tissues, which can help pet owners save time from disposing of pet excrement every day and become a necessity for pet life. Although pet diapers are indeed more wasteful than cat litter, they work very well.

With so many products, do you know how to choose?

1. The first choice of choosing a pet urine pad is to choose different sizes according to the size type of the dog, and the size of the dog breed is generally divided into small dogs, small and medium-sized dogs, and large dogs.

2. You can’t just look at the outer packaging, and don’t believe in any export gimmicks, mainly look at weight and quality. Buy heavy because it contains cotton high.

3, look at its water absorption ability, pet urine pad is the same as the baby urine pad, the main function is to prevent leakage, if the water absorption ability is not good, then urine will flow out or be stepped on by the dog.

4, smell, good diapers have almost no peculiar smell, very poor diapers will have a peculiar smell, because that may have used bleach.

5. Manually tear the diaper to try to see if it is easy to break, after all, dogs like to scratch, if the quality is not good, it is easy to be scratched by dogs!