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On January 25, the latest cover film shot by the well-known South Korean idou Xinya for a magazine was exposed on the Internet, and the hot and spicy style quickly aroused heated discussions.

As an actress known for her sexiness, Xinya has a convex figure and is still very perfect. On that day, she wore an off-the-shoulder top with super shorts and white stockings, showing off her sultry S-shaped body curves, but this set of looks is really confusing, and a pair of transparent high heels on her feet makes people dream back to the 90s, which looks a little old-fashioned.

However, Xinya’s posture attracted most of the attention of netizens, she was crawling on her stomach for a while, her eyes were charming, and her legs were wide open for a while, and the picture was hot, almost making people dare not look directly.

Netizens have mixed reviews of Xinya’s style and posture, in fact, her previous appearance with a new album has plunged her into many controversies.

The sweet-looking Xinya took the strong sexy style of European and American Fan this time, wearing a tight openwork jumpsuit that was super bold, but at the same time covered the curves of Xinya’s bumpy body, looking like a flat plate, no beauty, coupled with her blue lipstick, making netizens shout thunder and spicy eyes.

It is reported that this album is Xinya’s seventh mini album “I’m Not Cool”, as a new masterpiece of her new company signed by Uncle Bird, many fans originally expressed great expectations, but Xinya’s breakthrough route is really confusing.

On January 21, the company announced a trailer for Xinya’s new look, with spider-like weird eye makeup and plump red lips, almost the same as Xinya’s previous appearance, and even looked a little strange.

But after all, these are only previews, let’s wait until she officially returns on January 28, and look forward to her performance.