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Recently, many places in the country have been brushed by snowfall, and southern cities such as Guangzhou, Fujian, etc. have just entered autumn, in the face of diverse temperatures and climates, the storm jacket that integrates windproof, waterproof, breathable and warm can definitely be taken out alone to talk about, today I will talk to you about the storm jacket~

What is a storm jacket?

The term storm jacket must be familiar to everyone, just take the daily ridicule of Meituan and employee clothing, it is familiar enough. The clothing was first invented and created by foreign countries, broadly referred to as hard shell, which is a basic equipment for mountaineering activities at high altitudes.

Subdivided, storm jackets are roughly divided into two categories: soft shell and hard shell. These two categories basically cover all the types of storm jackets we see so far, whether it is casual storm jackets worn daily or professional storm jackets.

The soft-shell jacket is more like an advanced version of everyday clothing, compared with ordinary clothing, it can not only protect against wind and warmth, but also repellent and breathable. In terms of design, it is more daily leisure than hard shell, suitable for urban daily life and commuting, and can also cope with general outdoor scenes, such as suburban camping, short-distance mountaineering, etc.

The hard shell can be described as “as its name”, which can block strong wind and rain, tearing and scratching, not only can cope with harsh and changeable weather, but also cope with the test of outdoor jungle bushes, rock climbing and other environments, and protects the body. Then the difference between the two is obvious, although the efficacy of soft shells is not as good as that of hard shells, but the wearing comfort is indeed slightly better.

In terms of practicality, the use of three-in-one design of the storm jacket is the first choice for most people, can be disassembled according to different climates, choose the most comfortable wearing state, such as the current season of southern cities, with the wind, a single layer of wear can play a role in windproof, and in the northern cities, with intimate down liners and fleece, warmth from the inside out. Of course, at present, many single-layer storm jackets also have their own design with an inner tank, and the following will also recommend the corresponding items to everyone, look down together.

What are the functions of storm jackets?

Speaking of functionality, that’s the most important thing this article will talk about! It has already been mentioned above – windproof, waterproof, breathable, warm these characteristics, but how exactly is it done? Let’s talk about it in detail!

With these functions mainly depends on the fabric, the most widely used on the market is GORE-TEX fabric, developed and designed by Gore, as everyone often asks and comments in storm jacket good price articles – “With GORE-TEX, this value” or “This with GORE-TEX?” Are there any GORE-TEX storm suit recommendations? ”

The middle layer of GORE-TEX fabric is a microporous filter membrane using ePTFE, and a PU layer is added at the same time, and the outer layer and inner lining are combined with this film to form a typical three-layer structure, which has both waterproof, windproof and breathable characteristics, so it can be said that the use of this fabric has largely represented the functionality of the storm jacket. Compared with GORE-TEX fabric, its advanced version is GORE-TEX Active, which is more breathable and comfortable for higher-level sports. The GORE-TEX Pro is even more powerful, and high-end protection, such as outdoor brand Archaeopteryx and Mammoth, will use this fabric.

In addition to Gore, BHA Altair’s eVent fabric is also widely used, using Direct Venting technology + ePTFE filter membrane, without PU layer, can be directly breathable. In addition, there are also CONDUIT, OMNI TECH, MEMO-TEX, POWER-TEX, HYDRO-DRY, WEATHERTITA, etc., these fabrics are characterized by waterproof and breathable.

With enough wind and breathability, the warmth of the storm jacket has been greatly improved compared to ordinary clothing, suitable for spring, autumn and winter, and if we combine it with fleece or down liners, its effect is even greater. The abrasion and tear resistance of the above materials is also professional-grade, which can effectively rub against rocks, trees and daily life.

Which storm jackets are worth buying?

At present, there are many mature outdoor brands on the market, such as Archaeopteryx, Mammoth, Shanhao, Marmot, North, and the gradually developed Kaile Stone, Pathfinder, etc., all of which have good product series for different scenarios. The following small series focuses on introducing several models according to product characteristics and the popularity of the site, for the reference of friends on duty.


Archaeopteryx’s BETA AR alpine jacket belongs to the Essentials all-weather series, suitable for mountaineering, hiking, skiing and other needs, and is a popular series of clothing for multiple scenes. Beta AR fabric is GTX professional GORE-TEX waterproof and breathable fabric, AR is All Around, for harsh weather environment strengthening, belongs to LT advanced model, the wear resistance of the fabric straight up, this Beta AR Jacket is a classic model of the bird.

2, MAMMUT mammoth

Convey 3-in-1

Storm jacket

This storm jacket belongs to the three-in-one detachable series, and it is also a popular style on the station. Made with Gore-Tex Paclite fabric and equipped with a 2.5-layer shell with excellent waterproof and breathable technology, the Paclite section enhances breathability, packaging and lightness. On the arm, the Velcro system preform system makes movement easier, and the two-way zipper under the arm keeps the air flowing.

3. TheNorthFace 1994 replica NF0A4R52 storm suit

This storm jacket is made of FUTURE LIGHT waterproof technology fabric developed by Beimiang, using nano-spinning process, and adding nano-sized pores to the fabric film, which strengthens the breathability and strong waterproof performance of the clothes. However, this storm jacket is a single-layer design, if it is worn in winter in the north, it is best to match the down liner, the northern one is also worn by many stars, not only professional, but also the trend attribute is stronger than the previous two, but as a single layer The price is relatively high.

4. Columbia WE1155 men’s three-in-one storm jacket

Colombia’s storm jacket can naturally not be absent, the above mentioned in the fabric of Omi, this technology is derived from Colombia – Omi thermal reflection technology, can reflect and store heat energy, improve the warmth effect, and the use of Omi waterproof technology, can provide good waterproof and moisture permeability. Omi technology has always been the main technology in Colombia, extremely functional, this three-in-one design system, is also a good choice.

5, Rab Latok Alpine storm jacket

Bab’s down jacket has always attracted a lot of attention, as has his storm jacket. This one is made from the eVent fabric mentioned above, with a waterproof front zipper and a fully adjustable wired cover. The hat is designed to be worn into a climbing helmet, the drawstring and adjustable cuffs at the hem can be breathable or sealed, and the zipper at the arm maximizes heat dissipation, making it ideal for outdoor wear.

6. KAILAS KG110385 three-in-one storm jacket

In recent years, domestic outdoor brands have also developed relatively maturely. For example, this storm jacket of Kaile Stone, using FILTERTEC technology, waterproof index of 8000mm, is a waterproof and breathable fabric that can withstand heavy rain, and the inner layer is made of goose down from -35 degrees Siberian water, windproof and warm. In terms of appearance, its design can also bring a sense of fashion that can be matched.

7, DECATHLON 8315526 men’s storm jacket

As a popular everyday brand Decathlon, there are also good storm jackets to choose from. The fabric used in this one can reach 5000mm, the rain can withstand up to 4 hours, and the middle layer is filled with a sandwich and fleece lining, which can be compressed, and the warmth effect is also good. In fact, for most cities, such clothing and enough to meet daily needs.

Today’s product series are endless, and there are many brands and styles of storm jackets to choose from, with prices ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands. In fact, from the perspective of daily wear alone, it usually does not need the functionality that Archaeopteryx high-end series comes with, and Xiaobian’s outdoor friends usually only wear it in harsh outdoor activities. So when you choose, choose according to your own needs, daily choose windproof water repellent to keep warm enough, if you are willing to spend a higher price to buy a good equipment, it is also recommended that you go outdoors and really experience the powerful functionality and outdoor fun it embodies!

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