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Speaking of leggings, I believe that girls will not be unfamiliar, in autumn and winter, want to wear a variety of skirts or loose pants, leggings are the best match CP, not only warm, but also play a role in preventing light. Compared with stockings, leggings are thicker and more daily, making them a must-have item in autumn and winter.

Girls’ leggings can often be stocked with a basket, different thicknesses, different waist designs, can be used in a variety of styling matching, practicality is very high. However, leggings are also easy to wear rustic, such as choosing the wrong color, it will look earthy and low, or the quality of leggings is not good, such as hooking, pilling, etc., no matter how expensive the price is, it will also make the style cheap.

If you want to hold the leggings this item, the selection is a very key part, in addition, you must do a good job of styling, from clothing, shoes and other aspects to consider, in order to make the leggings unconsciously integrated into the shape. Today, we will talk about the selection and matching of leggings.

The role of leggings in styling is generally a supporting role, and practical performance should be put in the first place to make wearing more comfortable and warm, so there is no need to be too fancy in the style design, keep a low profile and simplicity, match it so that it will not be too eye-catching, and it can also be combined with more clothing.

1. Pick by color

Color is the first factor to consider when choosing leggings. No matter what style of clothing style, black leggings are the least error-prone choice, versatile and can play a very good thin effect, even a slightly fat body can be confidently controlled.

White leggings are relatively pure in most people’s hearts, but in fact, they are very difficult to match, and it is easy to expose a pair of small thick legs. If the figure is not particularly good and the sense of fashion is not very strong, you should choose such light-colored leggings carefully. On the contrary, the little girl can match the skirt with white leggings to highlight the innocent and cute side.

Gray leggings have also been popular in recent years, and they are not very difficult to match, suitable for girls with slender and straight legs. When wearing gray leggings socks, it is recommended to choose this style with vertical stripes, which will modify the leg shape better.

If your matching skills are deep, of course, you can also choose some dark red, dark green and other dark bottoming socks to match, but you must pay attention to two important points.

First of all, the color of leggings should try to choose a dark color with high saturation, so as not to be obtrusive. Secondly, the color of leggings should echo the clothing, preferably the same color, such as burgundy skirts with dark red leggings, which are not only coordinated but also very high-class.

No matter how fashionable you are, you should put an end to fluorescent leggings, wear it like a palette, there is no beauty at all, and even look very low and rustic.

2. Select according to style

Solid color leggings are the most daily style, especially dark leggings socks, whether it is difficult to control or match, are relatively low, can be better integrated into the shape.

In addition to solid color styles, leggings also have some more design styles, such as geometric pattern printed leggings socks, the personality is very strong, although very fashionable, but also easy to play a noisy effect, people ignore the highlights of dressing.

If you wear this type of leggings, it is recommended to wear them with long pants skirts, and only leggings that expose the ankle part can bring out its highlights.

3. Select according to the thickness and thinness

There are many types of thick and thin leggings, such as pile and non-pile, and in the fleece, it can be divided into thin pile and thick pile, in fact, they are all to meet the needs of different weather. When girls choose leggings, it is still because of the thickness according to the shape of the legs, if the legs are not very slender, it is best to choose thin leggings so that they will not be fatter.

However, thin leggings should also pay attention to an important point, that is, they cannot have a sense of see-through, and with a slight sense of see-through leggings are easy to make people feel tacky, unless they are used in the shape of short skirts + boots, it is difficult to wear sexy and temperamental.

In autumn and winter, leggings are usually used in skirts and loose pants, especially skirts, with the blessing of leggings to meet the warmth needs of winter. When matching leggings, clothing and shoes are important factors that affect the overall look.

1. Matching of pants

Let’s talk about the matching of pants. In autumn and winter, when wearing some loose-fitting pants, such as wide-leg pants or straight-leg pants, there are often cases of trouser leg drilling, this time with a legging sock inside, which does not affect the overall style of the shape, but also increases warmth.

When overlapping pants with leggings, there are two important points to note:

First, the style of trousers should be mainly loose, so as to leave enough wearing space for leggings and will not look bloated and constrained;

Second, the length of the trousers should not exceed the ankle, just expose part of the leggings to maintain the rich layering of the shape.

2. Matching of skirts

If you want to wear the shape of skirt + leggings elegantly, you must be extra careful in the choice of skirt. Knee-length skirts are the first choice, and their style is gentle and conservative, and they are not afraid of the embarrassing situation of the skirt raising in the windy weather in autumn and winter.

Some women prefer to wear short skirts, if used to match leggings, you should choose a short skirt style with a loose fit and flowing skirt, which is easier to wear femininity. The tight-fitting short skirt is layered with leggings, which is easy to reduce wearing comfort and will also appear wide and thick legs.

If you use a tight skirt with leggings, you can add a long coat to cover it, which is warm and fashionable, and very practical.

3. Matching shoes

There are not many shoes that can be used with leggings, and different shoes can also make a big difference in style. Like the shape of skirt + leggings, in most people’s impression is more feminine, at this time add a pair of classic small white shoes, the shape is much fresher, the style is more active and age-reducing.

Can make the shape of leggings young and energetic, in addition to small white shoes, there are also canvas shoes, also choose white styles, in order to keep the shape fresh and simple. If your outfit contains bright colours, you can also use bright canvas shoes to complement them and give your look a more design.

Booties should be standard footwear for girls when wearing leggings. Most of the styling is mainly leather booties and velvet booties, and the styling style of these shoes is more mature and charming. If the design of the dress is simple, try leopard print booties to add a touch of eyesight.

Little sisters who are obsessed with high heels can also use leggings with high heels, but the material of the leggings themselves is relatively smooth, so it is easy to lose roots when wearing high heels, you can choose to wear higher heels that are one size smaller than usual to match, choose the same color style as leggings socks, more stable and easy to control.

Loafers can be said to be the best shoes with leggings socks, whether tall or petite can be easily held, black leggings can be matched with black or brown loafers, there is a strong British college atmosphere, very suitable for girls with cool dress style.

Autumn and winter necessary leggings socks, how to wear them so that they are not too rustic? From selection to collocation, it’s key. There are many different types of leggings for girls, and if you want to avoid wearing it like autumn pants, you must not only choose the right style, but also match the right, this autumn and winter rely on it to protect the “old cold legs”, wearing a small skirt can also be assured of beauty~