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Spring is the season of revival of all things, maybe many little fairies are not clear, but it is true that spring is the season suitable for wearing colorful items,

There are three advantages to wearing colorful pieces in spring

Advantage one, the color personality is eye-catching but does not make people feel frivolous and undetermined.

Advantage two, colorful items can cater to the dressing atmosphere of spring, and the integration is very strong.

The third advantage is to enhance the overall beauty and increase recognition. Stand out from the crowd effortlessly.

Although colorful items are the soul of spring dressing, it also has a certain range of restrictions, not all colored items on the market are suitable for spring wear, and not all color items are in line

“Colorful pieces are the soul of spring dressing”

This statement.

In order to avoid irreparable losses caused by understanding deviations, the following content is specially summarized, hoping to help you.

The most suitable for choosing color items in spring, not macaron colors or fluorescent colors, the most inclusive color items are bloggers

Color pieces with moderate saturation and shade

In the presentation of color, it has a very clear purpose, which can not only cater to the dressing atmosphere of spring, but also improve the recognition while ensuring that the color does not affect the skin color, which is very humane.

Colorful pieces with moderate saturation want to wear a blockbuster effect.

The first thing that needs to be done is

Choose the right style

, If the color of the item + the style of the item matches, there will be a situation of 1+1>2.

If the color of the single product + the style of the single product is not tacitly compatible, there will be a situation of 1+1=1 or even =0, at this point, everyone must be mentally prepared.

There are many varieties of color single varieties with moderate saturation, we must choose carefully, if you have to have a selection standard,

You can choose according to body shape, skin color, and dressing style

When choosing a model, it is wisest to take care of the body first, as long as the piece does not expose body flaws, there is no problem with the effect of the upper body.

The second thing to consider is the impact of the color of the item on the skin color, and finally you can choose some color items that meet your requirements according to your own dressing style, and so on, there is a 95% chance that you will not go wrong.

If you choose colorful items according to your body shape,

There are two points to note

First, the color single style must be basic and simple, with the color guarantee, and then the basic low-key single style upper body, will not become small transparent.

Second, if you want to show the advantages of your figure, choosing a small area of exposed meat items will be much more fashionable than choosing tight pieces, lace slip skirts, V-neck knitted cardigans, and short skirts are OK!

The main reason why it is not recommended for everyone to choose tight color items is because it is very “tacky”, for the simplest example, colorful leggings have been seen by everyone, all girls who wear it out, none of them can “retreat from the whole body”.

Girls with strong fashion expression may be able to control it, but the premise is that the figure, appearance, and temperament are online at the same time, and girls with poor fashion expression and do not like to be eye-catching, do not touch.

If you choose colorful items according to your skin color, there is

Two ideas

For your reference.

First, choose the color that suits your skin tone, and use “skin tone” as an important selection goal to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Second, choose a color item that you like but do not quite suit your skin tone, in order to ensure that the overall beauty does not deteriorate, it is recommended to choose colored bottoms away from the face, which can also play a decisive role in the overall beauty.

Choose a colored item that does not affect your skin color, you can choose a top close to your face or a bottom that is far away from your face, but if you choose a colored item that you like but will affect your skin tone, the option can only be “bottoms away from your face” (this is completely non-negotiable and must be enforced).

However, you don’t have to be frustrated, choosing colored bottoms can also make a very deep impression.

If you choose colorful pieces according to your dressing style,

The looseness of the item is an important criterion

, girls who like sweet style, you can choose a loose-fit colored sweater with a colorful floral skirt.

Girls who like a minimalist style can choose a colorful shirt with high-waisted mop suit pants.

Girls who like the light and mature royal sister style can choose a colorful slim short knitted sweater with a high-waisted straight skirt, the style is changeable, and the beauty is bursting.

I am a partner, if you are confused, you can message me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Learn to dress with the match, and we will become better and more beautiful people together!

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