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I don’t know if the little friend in front of the screen has encountered the same difficulties in choosing a backpack as me, and due to the peculiarities of the work situation, I often need to travel. But every time I go, it doesn’t take long, so choosing a reliable bag does have a relatively important impact on my daily travel happiness. The deepest feeling is that every time you sit in the waiting hall and need to take out the computer, everyone always has to take out one thing after another to take out the computer, which is really uncomfortable. And this kind of problem has been solved after I recently bought this Horizon 8 Zero Sense backpack, let’s take you to see if such a backpack can get your liking?

IN FACT, FOR THE BRAND OF LEVEL 8, I PERSONALLY LIKE IT, BECAUSE THE PRICE IS NOT EXPENSIVE, THE KEY IS THAT THE TEXTURE IS VERY GOOD. And the reason why I will consider their backpack this time, in addition to good feelings, is more mainly because the functional design of this backpack really meets my actual needs.

A boy like me who loves to pursue a simple style the most, so when I first saw this Horizon 8 ZERO Zero backpack, I had a vague impulse, after all, at first glance, it is indeed more beautiful.

When we open the backpack, we can find that the first outermost magnetic design replaces the traditional zipper opening design. The biggest advantage of this is that even if we operate with one hand, we can easily take out what we want, especially if it is more convenient to take out some masks or card readers in time.

On the other hand, for a backpack, in addition to our daily carrying, the handle is also a soul brush, after all, for some short trips, our daily bag is also very convenient. The detail is that this Horizon 8 zero-sense backpack uses leather handles as embellishments, making the temperament of this backpack look very stylish overall. And the zipper material of YKK should not need me to say more, right? Whether it is texture or quality, you can be fully satisfied.

Before talking about some other details of this backpack, let’s take a look at its capacity. After all, we still carry a lot of things when we go out every day, such as a computer, a camera and several mobile phones, etc. are indispensable. And with its hollow and tangible storage compartment, the backpack can cover almost everything, even an extra glass of water or a change of clothes is not much problem.

Simple atmosphere is perhaps the best adjective for this backpack, and the leather material embellishments that can be seen everywhere also make the whole product very textured.

For the front storage of this backpack, the pull lock design at the bottom can effectively help you store some more important but inconvenient things, which is effective and easy to use.

Speaking of the most comfortable point of this backpack, I think everyone should understand by looking at the picture above, and this is also the unified voice of countless migrant workers who need to take out their computers on the road every day.

Horizon 8 zero sense computer bag can realize the quick operation of us to open the zipper to take out the computer, such a design has to be said to praise the manufacturer, after all, the more troublesome the computer, the lower our efficiency!

It is also worth mentioning that the S-shaped shoulder strap design used in this backpack can allow us to maintain a good breathable comfort when carrying weight, so that the ergonomic carrying system has indeed brought ease to our travel, and effectively reduced our fatigue on the road.

The yellow LEVEL 8 logo is also particularly conspicuous, which can be said to be quite soulful. In addition to the shoulder straps of the backpack. This computer bag also uses high-quality fabrics in the material design, the front of the backpack is wear-resistant, waterproof and easy to care for, and the back is comfortable and breathable.

The various layers inside the bag are mainly convenient for us to store, and almost all kinds of small items can find a corresponding place to place it. Whether it’s our daily travel or our travels. With the large space of this backpack, I think that this backpack can meet our basic storage needs in most scenarios.

Of course, there may be some friends who are very curious about how this backpack feels when it is carried on one shoulder? I also actually showed you a hand, and thanks to its excellent shoulder strap design, there is no Taylor shoulder feeling on one shoulder even in weight-bearing situations.

Put us on. The weight of the backpack has also increased after filling it with the necessary supplies and digital accessories for the week, and this time we chose the backpack strap method that is easy and effortless. The key is that it seems that this backpack is simple and atmospheric, which is more eye-catching.

And for the hidden USB charging port of this backpack, it is really warm to me, the pace of work and life is so fast, there is no electricity? Using the charging interface of this backpack can keep most of our electronic products fully charged at all times. And this point is indeed easy to be ignored by the vast majority of backpack manufacturers.

It is also worth mentioning that the storage of this backpack’s hidden umbrella or water cup is particularly spiritual, if you don’t find it carefully, you really don’t know that he has such a function. We can also see from the GIF above that when you stuff an umbrella or water cup into your bag, you won’t have too much burden, and you’ll be like nothing!

In general, starting such a Horizon 8 zero-sense business backpack, after the experience, I personally think it is still very good, of course, may actually be for the masses are more users who go out with computers every day.

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I don’t know what you think about such a Horizon 8 zero-sense business backpack that costs less than 700 yuan? Your comments are welcome. And attention, we’ll see you in the next issue.