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In the blink of an eye, it is April, the temperature everywhere has begun to climb steadily, and when you brush the circle of friends, the screen is full of beautiful photos of going out.

Looking closely, I found that the sisters wore everything, trench coats, suits, knitted cardigans, etc., but it was not difficult to find,

The shirt is the most photographed king item

Whether it’s an underwear or a coat, the shirt is easily competent, the utilization rate is super high, and you will never stay in the closet and eat ashes.

When I don’t know what to wear, I choose a shirt, so it’s easy and error-free. Get a wave of shirt power today Amway!

Of course, you need to wear a floral dress for a spring outing, but you always feel embarrassed to wear a suspender.

At this time, choose a shirt as a coat, and tie a knot at the hem at will, a shirt with young buds yellow

Unique and versatile

, and the little daisy elements are interesting, romantic and sweet.

Choose a woven bucket bag with an outing-style style that echoes the overall color system,


Feel up.


– Hand-held rattan vacation bag –


– Vintage Lady Flower Bucket Bag –


– Lace design underarm bag –

Of course, our versatile shirt players are indispensable for commuting to work, and ordinary stand-up collared shirts will inevitably feel boring.

Try working on the shape and color.


The style is visually

Lengthens the shoulder and neck lines

, thin and tall, semi-circular buckle design

Bright and special

Blue-purple has its own spring atmosphere, with a little white dress, and it’s no problem to go on a date after work.

– Solid pleated A-line skirt –

– Split drawstring irregular skirt –

– Midi pleated embossed skirt –

Black and white is always a classic and error-free color matching, Mary Jane shoes with black umbrella skirt, bodice

Retro girly


I chose a satin suspender for the inside, which collided with the material of the shirt, and it was full of sophistication. Pale green adds to the overall black and white tones

A sense of life

This set of Look can be copied whether it is daily or traveling, simple but not simple.

– One-button Mary Jane shoes –

– Square Buckle Gentle High Heel Mary Jane –

– Check versatile pleated Mary Jane shoes –

How about it, after reading today’s issue of shirt wearing, did it bring you new inspiration