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Hello everyone, I’m Red Whisk, and I woke up with a punch man and updated 157 episodes! Murata-sensei is worthy of being a model worker, and the cover of this issue is the blowing snow of the queen’s style, and I reset it to make a welfare color map at the end of the article.

At the beginning of the official content, this story continues the plot of episode 147 of the comic, after the sexy prisoner gains new powers, he tracks the cat cadres and dives all the way in the cement building, but accidentally burrows into a secret room, and the secret room imprisons the evil wolf who does not appear in many words in the hungry wolf chapter.

The prisoner walked over to rescue but found that this face was unexpectedly familiar, you are not on the wanted warrant… Before the words were finished, the awakened hungry wolf broke free of its chains, and a set of combination punches made the prisoner lose its combat effectiveness. But on the other hand, the state of the hungry wolf seems to have changed at this time.

The shot can make the S-class, and is a sexy prisoner who has just evolved to gain new abilities lose his combat effectiveness, it can be seen that the hungry wolf has improved its combat effectiveness after fighting with the big snake and being abused, isn’t this the legendary Saiyan physique? He will always encounter opponents who are stronger than himself, and every opponent who can’t kill the evil wolf will make him stronger, which is the orthodox protagonist template.

Said that the bald head appeared in the next shot of the protagonist, but he seemed to be lost at a fork in the road and didn’t know where to go, and a weirdo who didn’t know whether he was dead or alive pounced behind him, and when he looked closely, the face of the weirdo seemed to have something strange, well, I can’t imagine that this is a strange person with fun?

Speaking of funny, the flash flash that dropped a few words suddenly appeared around the corner, and the hairpin on his head seemed to have dropped one, and when he fought against the two weirdos of Wind and Fire before, there were still two on his head, and now there is only one left. In other words, the shape of this black silk hole is very colorful, why is this painting style from the ninja village? You can go straight into the sub-section without cross-dressing.

Flash Flash sensed that Saitama’s breath was not among the members of the Hero Association, and this was the hinterland of the Weird Association, and he could not stay in the face of the enemy, and Flash Killing Intent had decided to pull out the knife.

Saitama, who met love around the corner, did not panic much, but the flash of initiative began to doubt life, he recognized Saitama as the previous follower of the devil’s transformation person, and then questioned his strength and Saitama’s identity: Is he too strong or am I careless? How can I lose to him?

Impulse overwhelms reason, and despite confirming that Saitama is human, Flash sends out a flash slash as a temptation, only to be pinched by the teacher empty-handed, while in the original Saitama bites the blade with his mouth. It seems that Flash’s baby escaped, but this is not the end of the matter, Saitama is attacked, naming Flash “Aunt Bangs” and intending to return a tooth for a tooth.

The flash reaction in shock was still fast enough, and seeing that the situation was not good, he immediately reported himself to his family to clarify that he was an S-class hero, saving him from worrying about his life. This black jumpsuit, AWSL~

The flash of Saitama’s strength is still persuaded to go back, and the weirdos we will face next are more dangerous, especially the leader Weird King: the big snake is extremely dangerous. Whether it is arrogance or whatever, at least it seems that Flash is still a qualified hero, but it is a pity that the Saitama he faces cannot be speculated on by common sense.

The bald head became even more excited after listening to it: just follow the flash to meet the enemy, and this good thing? Immediately showed that he was willing to follow Aunt Liu Hai.

It’s a pity that S-class hero Flash still didn’t recognize the facts, he accelerated his speed and planned to get rid of the burden, but the next second he knew what it was to be stupid and naïve. It can be imagined that if Flash took Saitama around the Weird Association like this, then there should be nothing to do with the Heroes Association.

The next episode should be the appearance of the Tong Di, or the hungry wolf encounters the super alloy black light, the black light will be the last experience package that the hungry wolf encounters, and after this level, he will face the final level big boss bald big devil. Here’s what to expect from a completely weirdo hungry wolf.

That’s where the content of that book comes in. Welcome to comment in the comment area!

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