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From winter to spring, many people began to decorate their new homes, and choosing curtains is also an important part of home decoration. Yesterday, the reporter visited the Anshan home furnishing market and found that the price of curtains of some “imported” fabrics was one to ten times higher than that of domestic curtains. Some industry insiders said that in fact, some of the high-priced curtains with “imported” signs are “hanging sheep’s heads to sell dog meat”.

According to Ms. Zhao, a Korean brand curtain dealer, if you are not a professional, it is difficult to intuitively distinguish whether the fabric is imported or domestic. Playing “foreign brands” when selling is that some merchants take advantage of the psychology of some consumers to superstitious imported goods and earn high profits.

Ms. Zhao said that the purchase channels of low-grade curtains are mostly small workshops along the coast of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and generally about 2 months after imported fabrics enter the market, these small factories can launch imitations of similar colors and fabrics. However, these “fakes” are quite different from the real thing in terms of d├ęcor, and the color gamut of the edge of the pattern is not clearly distinguished. And many imitation products are also different from imported products in terms of materials, if polyester is used instead of yarn, then the feel will be very stiff, the fine density of the fabric is very poor, and the folds after kneading are not easy to flatten.

In addition, most of the so-called “imported” fabrics on the market are produced by joint ventures, or designed abroad and produced domestically. Ms. Zhao said that the quality of such fabrics is basically no different from foreign products, and sometimes suppliers will directly tell distributors to sell as imported goods. Not long ago, a 500 yuan / meter joint venture pile sold in Ms. Zhao’s store was sold as an imported fabric at a price of 1600 yuan / meter in Shanghai. However, this type of fabric saves tariffs on pure imports, so the profit margin is relatively large. Discerning authenticity requires consumers to dig into the bottom and have a lot of room for bargaining. The more recognized high-end curtains in the international market should be Italy, Belgium, India and South Korea, and the “imported high-end fabrics” outside these countries need consumers to ponder.

Ms. Hou, who is decorating, told reporters that when buying domestic or foreign goods, the emphasis is on the cost performance of quality and price. Pursuing imports is not necessarily a wise move.