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Wearing a scarf in winter can be said to be a very common thing,

Because the scarf itself is a windproof and warm item

, tied around the neck to prevent the invasion of the cold, so the scarf can even be said to be a hand in winter.

Although scarves do not account for a large proportion of the overall shape,

But because it is in the upper body, which is exactly the part that people’s vision will perceive first, the scarf will also affect the change of the overall image.

It is very important to choose a suitable scarf for yourself,

Not only will it make the look warmer, but it will also make some positive changes in the image of women

to create a full appeal.

The styles of scarves are very diverse, and when you choose a scarf,

Be sure to pay more attention to the skills of clothing matching,

Because not all clothing items can be matched with scarves.

You can refer to the scarf styling of some fashionistas,

For example, some foreign street photography ladies, their scarf shapes are more temperamental and personal, can become a reference object.

Winter cold scarves are suitable, tasteful women are wearing, not only warm but also temperament, I have to say that scarves are really concave artifacts, with coats, suits have style, these scarves to try.

The style of the scarf

Solid color scarf

Scarves can be selected from the d├ęcor,

In order to make the look more clean and advanced, it is recommended to match yourself with a solid color scarf,

The color of the solid color scarf needs attention, in general, black. White, beige, and coffee-colored scarves are more popular.

Because these colors of scarves will make the look more advanced and simple

, suitable for matching with more elegant clothing, such as a solid color scarf and coat to match is a good choice.

In addition to the black and white scarf,

Scarves of other colors when paired with coats

, try to use a smooth color design to make the shape look cleaner.

Checkerboard scarf

In addition to solid color scarves,

Plaid scarves are also very popular with women,

There are also many styles of plaid scarves, and in order to make the look more advanced and elegant, it is recommended to use checkerboard scarves to match yourself.

Checkerboard scarves are not recommended in black and white

, because these two colors are extreme colors, it is a little too bright to use in scarves, and it is very suitable to choose a coffee color and a black checkerboard scarf.

The coffee-colored and black checkerboard scarf also looks very temperamental,

It can be combined with black or green clothing

to create a vintage feel.

Openwork scarf

If you want to make your look more personal,

Scarves can be chosen in a more fashionable style

, for example, using a hollow scarf to match yourself, the hollow scarf is actually a scarf knitted with a thick stick, such a scarf visually has a small hole.

Openwork scarves tend to be thicker fabrics,

So even the design of loopholes will not run the wind,

On the contrary, because of the hollow design, the shape becomes very personal, and the sense of fashion is very strong.

Clothing matching of scarves

Scarf + tweed coat + leggings

After reading the style of the scarf,

For some ways to match scarves, I hope you can carefully observe,

First of all, the scarf can be paired with a woolen coat, which will make the look very elegant.

The scarf can be selected in black, with a white monogram print and wool

The coat is recommended to choose gray, the combination of black and gray can make the look more low-key and stable, and with a pair of tights, it is also friendly to women with superior figures.

Scarf + suit + jeans

Scarves can also be paired with suits,

What the suit can show is a capable and serious aura,

It is recommended to choose a white suit, and the choice of scarves will be more diverse, because white is a versatile color.

Then the scarf can match yourself with bright colors,

To brighten up the overall look, for example, choose a yellow scarf to match, and layer it with a purple sweater and a pair of light blue jeans, which is very casual and comfortable.

Scarf + cashmere jacket + trousers

It is also very suitable to use a cashmere jacket to match yourself in winter,

The warmth of cashmere jackets is also very good

, coupled with the blessing of the scarf, not only the warmth effect is excellent, but also can highlight the noble temperament.

Cashmere jackets are recommended to choose a camel style with a camel scarf

, with a light-colored knit underneath, this shape is staggered and harmonious.

Try the combination of trousers,

trousers can make femininity more capable and intellectual,

So when you combine trousers with a cashmere jacket, it will give a very high-class feeling.

Scarf + sweater + skirt

Of course, scarves can be worn alone with knitwear,

You don’t need to use a coat, then it is recommended to choose a gray sweater,

Gray knitwear can choose a low neckline, which is friendly to women with moderate chest lines.

Gray knitwear can be combined with scarves in many colors

In order to make the look more retro, you may wish to use a green scarf to match, and then match it with a white skirt, retro and high-end.

These matching methods of scarves, everyone must carefully choose, so that they can make their shape more in line with their own characteristics and make themselves more attractive.