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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

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This round of cold snap swept the motherland, and continued to cool down from north to south, and keeping warm and cold has become something that young ladies who love beauty must pay attention to. Trend-setting stars are no exception, Jin Chen wore a thick white long cotton jacket yesterday after work, with a pair of color-block tights, white underwear echoes the color of socks, and a blue hat is worn for color embellishment, the overall shape is warm and elegant, casual and exquisite.

Jin Chen’s long white cotton suit is very fashionable, with a slight color of beige, which is very inclusive to the skin tone in winter, and the effect of bringing out the fair skin tone is particularly good. Off-white is also an age-reducing and versatile color, and it looks very lively and refreshing. The fit is very creative, she uses a hooded detachable two-piece design and a jacket lined with a short fit design, which is very practical and warm, enhances the waistline and avoids bloat. The jacket is made of loose windproof fabric, and the inner check locks the velvet cotton to make this cotton suit very stylish, and the two sets are modified to not only achieve the fashion effect of layering, but also more warm.

In order to enhance the age-reducing style of casual fashion, Jin Chen used a white T-shirt and color-block leggings. The classic combination of black and white, together with slim pants, can play a good role in defining the figure and leg shape. And Jin Chen very cleverly wore white socks, which can be seamlessly connected with the pants, warm and layered, and the legs are particularly slender. With white casual shoes, Jin Chen instantly shows his vibrant beauty and girlishness.

Jin Chen wears a blue baseball cap to embellish the color of the whole outfit, strengthening the head-to-body ratio, keeping warm while not letting the cold wind mess up the hairstyle, and blue has a more age-reducing and casual effect. Jin Chen’s set is simple and full of youthful vitality with the overall simplicity and vitality, which is very worthy of reference for young ladies and sisters in the cold winter.

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