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Electric toothbrushes are one of the emerging industries in the smart home product category, and have become a must-have smart oral care product for families in just a few years. Its trend of quickly replacing ordinary toothbrushes is like smartphones replacing traditional mobile phones, subverting the way we brush our teeth and is a model of smart home life. In the face of such a huge market space, new brands continue to flood into the market to compete with old brands. Some brands are extremely popular, and some brands are not cared for. Although there are hundreds of electric toothbrush brands on the market, there are only dozens of brands that have really entered the field of vision of consumers. Which brand of electric toothbrush is better? Today we will stand on an objective standpoint and bring you the pinnacle showdown of 10 well-known brands, see who the strongest spends?


Consumers who often pay attention to electric toothbrush brands must be no strangers to IMAO, because this brand occupies the top of the major rankings all year round and is known as the Rolls-Royce of the electric toothbrush industry. The handle material of the electric toothbrush of the imask brand is made of high-end material, using a 304 stainless steel all-metal body, and even the brush head is made of small and exquisite special materials. The luxury of the imask brand’s electric toothbrush does not stop there, equipped with dual AMOLED intelligent displays, allowing users to perceive the status of the toothbrush at any time and dynamically understand the usage. In addition, the high-power magnetic levitation vibration motor equipped with the product is also the most stable in its class, the output power of the power unit is relatively stable, with high-frequency vibration amplitude, can feel the power of sound wave vibration at the moment of starting, deep cleaning between teeth, cleaning effect is very perfect, is many stars dedicated electric toothbrush brand.

2. Oral-B

Oral-B is a long-established European and American oral care brand, established early, the product system is very developed, and its comprehensive strength in the field of electric toothbrushes is second only to imask. It uses a unique combination of rotating mechanical tooth cleaning and sonic vibration tooth cleaning, which is very good in terms of cleaning power. Oral-B brand electric toothbrush has very fine bristles, known as cloud-like bristles, and you can feel the softness of clouds when you use them. Oral-B electric toothbrush is very adaptable, and friends who are particularly sensitive to the mouth can also choose it with confidence.

3. Philips

Philips is a big brand from the Netherlands, it entered the field of electric toothbrushes very early and occupied a large proportion of the market. Its products have many styles, fully occupying all the price segments of high, medium and low. Philips is a people-friendly version of IMMASK compared to IMAM, IMAM is equipped with a magnetic levitation sonic motor, Philips is equipped with a pulse radiation motor, and the vibration generated by the vibration frequency per minute is enough to make the cleaning effect stronger and more thorough.

4. Roman

Roman is a domestic brand, belonging to the popular brand in the electric toothbrush market, and it can often be encountered on major shopping platforms. The cost performance of the product is good, and it has a beautiful appearance that most electric toothbrushes do not have. The Roman electric toothbrush is specially designed according to the characteristics of Asians, and the small size of the brush head is more convenient to penetrate into the mouth and achieve full coverage cleaning. The grip design is ergonomically built with a comfortable cylindrical shape. In terms of weight, compared to other brands of electric toothbrushes, Roman electric toothbrushes are more “lightweight”. It uses a magnetic levitation sonic motor with a maximum vibration frequency of 48,000 vibrations per minute, which is one of the few in the industry. Equipped with multiple modes such as cleansing, lighting and sensitivity, its cleansing brush can also be used to massage the face for a convenient and comfortable experience.

5. Libod

Leebode is an electric toothbrush brand developed by Huawei’s ecosystem and is one of the strongest brands. As a local brand focusing on the research and development of the main motor of electric toothbrushes, its product line is very developed, and its development in recent years is very rapid, and the market prospects are broad. The Smart Star Diamond toothbrush, jointly developed with Huawei, adopts Huawei’s advanced driver technology and can freely switch between cleaning mode, lighting mode, sensitive mode, and care mode. The Libode toothbrush adopts an integrated body design, with smooth lines and high-end atmosphere. The anti-slip surface with excellent hand feel is treated with matte, which is not easy to fall off when used.

6. Panasonic

Founded in the last century, a Japanese multinational enterprise, it is also a world-famous top 500 company, a global giant electronic product manufacturer. Since its establishment 100 years ago, it has focused on the R & D and manufacturing of household appliances, and the products developed involve home appliances, digital, audio and many other fields, and the product quality is world-renowned. The bristles of Panasonic’s electric toothbrush products are more similar to Oral-B, which is very soft, more suitable for friends with sensitive mouths, and the care of weak parts is also better.

7. Shook

Shuke is a brand of Guangzhou Weimeizi Personal Care Products Co., Ltd., which is a leading high-quality professional oral care brand. As a member of China Oral Hygiene and Care Products Industry Association, the company integrates R&D, production and sales. Shuke belongs to the classic brand in the industry, and its products take a cost-effective route. Mainly toothpaste, covering many product categories in the field of oral care. Its electric toothbrush has beautiful appearance, reliable performance and stable quality, and is favored by many consumers.

8. Colgate

Colgate was founded more than two hundred years ago, and the company’s name comes from its founder, William Colgate. The brand’s pillar is the production of toothpaste, and Colgate and Schuck’s products are very similar in the field of oral care. The brand’s electric toothbrush is equipped with a high-power magnetic levitation sonic motor that can vibrate 37,000 times per minute. The product has four cleaning modes and ten levels of force to choose from, and the cleaning effect is very obvious.


The Usmile brand is very good at the research and development and sales of fashion products, and sells them offline through online official flagship stores. Since the launch of Usmile brand products, they have been well received by the majority of users, and the market sales are very hot. USMILE’s electric toothbrush vibrates at a moderate frequency and feels a noticeable vibration. Usmile also has its own strengths in terms of product packaging details, and each of its electric toothbrushes comes in a beautiful gift box for a great buying experience.


Sushi is an electric toothbrush brand under Shukeshi (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd., and has developed many independent patents in the field of electric toothbrushes. Adhering to the product concept of “focus because of love, extreme because of concentration”, Sushi will be committed to creating the perfect electric toothbrush product. Sushi electric toothbrushes are equipped with a magnetic levitation sonic motor imported from abroad, which has strong cleaning ability. The brush head of Sushi Electric Toothbrush has diversified functions and can be used as a cleansing brush, entering facial pores through high-density bristles to remove makeup residue, suitable for beauty ladies.

The above are the top ten brands in the field of electric toothbrushes, friends who want to buy electric toothbrushes can be used as a reference, everyone’s needs are different, choose the best for themselves.