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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

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On May 10th, Kuaishou Mother and Baby joined hands with the founders and CEOs of four brands such as Honeybud Baby, Good Baby, Leyou, and Mercury Home Textiles (603365, shares) to launch the #Kuaishou Mother’s Day #activity, featuring “the best gift for mothers”.

Official data shows that that night, 6 hours of live broadcast, several CEOs created a turnover of more than 13 million yuan. Among them, Mercury Home Textile parent-child line products, ice silk mattress toppers sold more than 1.2 million pieces, in addition, Mercury Home Textile Disney co-branded baby bedding four-piece set, and honeybud’s French Manlan lipstick, baby toiletries cover and other products sold more than 10,000 pieces in 1 minute, deeply loved by Kuaishou old iron.

The relevant person in charge of Mercury Home Textiles said that this data has made it firm in its recognition of the new online sales model of live broadcasting, and in the future, Mercury Home Textiles will also be normalized in Kuaishou Live Broadcast to explore a new model of live broadcast to empower users.

It is worth mentioning that that night, almost all of the best products sold by Mercury Home Textiles were baby and children’s products. This shows that the demand for maternal and baby products and women’s products in Kuaishou is actually quite strong, and in the future, the “Mercury Baby” brand under Mercury Home Textiles will continue to deepen cooperation with Kuaishou.

It is understood that Kuaishou Mother’s Day is Kuaishou is the first event held for mom users, except for the CEO’s special live broadcast on May 10. On May 9, Kuaishou also cooperated with the China Women’s Development Foundation to hold a live broadcast event “Celebrity Mothers Are Troubled”, which invited Olympic champion Deng Yaping, Little Puff’s mother Wang Wanfei, actor Sun Qian, Vice President of Sun Xuemei, Xiaobao Mama founder Sun Jing and other celebrities to conduct interviews with a number of celebrities to discuss the impact and transformation of motherhood on women. Those parenting stories with tears in laughter attracted 1.4 million netizens to watch and discuss.

In addition, on May 4, in order to help mother and baby stores resume work under the epidemic, Kuaishou Mother and Baby also launched the “Thousand Stores to Play” plan, which launched recruitment for offline stores of major domestic brands to help offline stores resume work and build brand online influence during the epidemic. As of May 10, nearly 500 offline stores for mothers and babies in 28 provinces and cities across the country, and many professional nursery teachers and sisters-in-law have opened live broadcasts on Kuaishou, providing platform users with professional and practical parenting knowledge and opening the “cloud shopping” experience.

Among them, the user “Hebei Child King” entered Kuaishou on May 4, and the first broadcast quickly attracted 6,000 users to watch when the number of fans was only 40, and the transaction volume of 1 hour of live broadcast exceeded 1,500 yuan, which fully reflected the characteristics of Kuaishou e-commerce cold start and fast start.

The person in charge of Kuaishou Mother and Baby said that in the future, Kuaishou will continue to use the platform’s technical advantages and traffic advantages to link the industry and users, empower merchants and provide better content for mothers and users on Kuaishou.