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In order to prevent seafood products from pushing the bag, a black thick plastic bag is popular in the seafood market, but individual merchants have such a short two, which is prone to some consumption disputes. Recently, the retail port of Jinan Seafood Market is unified to use a thin-screen transparent plastic bag, replacing the previous black thick plastic bags, so that the public has no worries when buying seafood this year.

Medium black plastic bag weighing 60 grams


Has been illusory

At the entrance of the retail area of ​​the seafood market in Jinan City, Mr. Cui is holding fish with black bags and merchants theory. “Your bag is too heavy, these fish have 23 dollars.” Business is very good, “How much I will refund you”, then take the bag weigh, return it to Mr. Cui.


“Some merchants are too black.” Holding a dollar that I just returned, Mr. Cui said that he used to use this black bag before he came to the seafood market. Shen, but the price on the scale is very high, it is a plastic bag that has spent a lot of money.

In the Jinan Seafood Market for many years, Zhu Zhen, the director of the market retail area, also heard the public, and netizens spitting Jinan Seafood market with black and thick plastic bags caused a less than two problems. “Our company’s market supervision department has repeatedly remedied, but it is still not completely eliminated. The company has been thinking about various programs.” Zhu Zhen said.

“Know the thick plastic bag pressure scale, but I can’t feel the weight with your hand, you can have multiple, you will not be able to worry.” Mr. Zhang said. Subsequently, the reporter visited several sales seafood and aquatic products booths, found a medium black, thick plastic bag, and displayed on the fair scale. It is 60 grams.


“Don’t look at these 60 grams, the seafood market is coming, and most people don’t just buy a seafood. Who will not mention two two bags, according to the seafood 10 yuan / catties, one person earns two pieces Money, each merchant can earn a few thousand months. “Mr. Zhang said.

“I didn’t pay attention to the weight of the bag, but I heard that it is convenient to use black plastic bags to make the merchant to pick up or go into the bag. As a consumer, it will definitely pay special attention when purchasing.” A citizen said. On the other hand, Ms. Cui is concerned about the safety of black and thick plastic bags: “When approaching the bag, I can smell a plastic taste. I am worried that it is harmful to the human body. I can buy food I can bring my own bags. Environmentally friendly, and buying water products can only be provided by merchants. “

The reporter saw in the market retail area. Due to the aquatic products, the sea product itself is heavier, many merchants will choose multiple bags in order to avoid leakage. As the public is questioned, if the bag is not degraded, it will undoubtedly cause pollution after random discard.

The market launched a transparent thin plastic bag

Unified Press 6 yuan / catties to provide merchants

On January 14th, Qilu Evening News · Qilu 壹 reporter came to Jinan Seafood Market, found that almost every seafood booth is used in the same transparent, thin plastic bag, which also marks the market management name and report call.

According to Zhu Zhen, the director of the promotion port of Jinan Seafood Market, this transparent, thin plastic bag is launched by the company, and the market management department is unified, which will fully replace the thick, heavy plastic bags of the past market, near the year Let the citizens have no worries when buying seafood new year.

In the market retail area, a stall owner showed the load of this transparent lightweight plastic bag to the reporter. “Now there is 6 fish, and it should be ignored by 30 pounds.” The doctrine said that the current seafood market is equipped with a large, medium and small three-specific plastic bags to the merchant, and the price of 6 yuan / catties is available. Give merchants.

The reporter saw on the fair scale, the maximum transparent plastic bag was weighed only 20 grams, and it was one-third of the medium black plastic bag in the past. “It is more than yourself to go to the market, but the unified standards, everyone is integrity, and there is no malicious competition, and all the merchants are fair.” Mr. Li Li said.

New plastic bags will cover the market in the next few days

Merchants will be punished in accordance with regulations

In fact, for unified plastic bags, Jinan seafood market has been prepared for a long time. According to the chairman of Jinan Seafood Market Management Company, from the end of 2019, they began to investigate the problem of market plastic bags. After a year of meeting demonstration design, many plastic bag manufacturers have complaints, Excellent seafood market research, select a qualification of production qualifications, and all aspects are in line with manufacturers regulated by the state.


Xie Jun told reporters that the plastic bags they finally selected were not only transparent, but also degraded recycling, and they were all harmless to the human body. In addition, the plastic bag also labeled the telephone number of the Seafood Big Market Management. When encountering consumption disputes, consumers can call the Management Department or go to the market rights station for complaints.

“After using this transparent plastic bag, the previous thick bag problem and the bag injection problem can be at a glance, and the aquatic products contained in it are more transparent.” Ms. Liu said. Another citizen also said that the newly launched plastic bags in the market are hard than the dark plastic bags, which is convenient for hand, and it is used to make people feel more assured.


“Jinan Seafood Market As a vegetable basket project in Jinan, it is related to Jinan thousands of household table.” Xie Jun said that in the next few days, the newly launched transparent plastic bag will cover the entire market 100%, while market supervision The department will also check at any time. For the stipulations of the stipulations of the stipulations.