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The style of boots must be a shoe fashion item that girls love very much, boots are a very broad word, in its large vocabulary contained, in fact, divided into many kinds

The style of the boots,

There are shoe styles such as straight boots and Martin boots.

In the current retro trend, the knight boots come into view, and the knight boots are compared to other boots

Mid-length boots.

So there will be more skills in matching clothing, and this article will introduce you to several styles of knight boots, so that everyone has them in autumn and winter

Vintage style

And there is

Modern girl’s sense of style.

Matching of knight boots

Jeans with knight boots

Martin boots are not popular this year, dashing women love “knight boots”, domineering and advanced, when it comes to long boots, the first thing girls may think of is that we have to match skirts, only with skirt boot style, will carry out a certain reflection of long boots

Stylish temperament.

But the knight boots are different from other boots, and the knight boots give us more of a visual experience

vintage feeling,

There will also be a sense of smart fashion, often in order to match this style, we may have to match the choice of clothing with workplace-style clothing to make the clothing look more beautiful

Competent and sassy.

So in this case we will pair it with jeans for knight boots on top of the coat, and we pair it with a long black coat, which is in the lift

Overall temperament

, and at the same time added some to the style

Vintage and stylish

White cotton jacket with brown knight boots


The color scheme of the knight’s boots

, girls may often think of black styles, because black styles are very common for autumn and winter. In addition to black, in fact, we can also choose brown knight boots, in fact, black knight boots themselves come with

If we choose brown knight boots, then the retro feel is

More intense

, while having a retro feeling, it will also carry some British style


, If we want to enlarge the unique sense of romance of the British style, then on the upper body, we try to choose a white jacket to match

Form of shorts.

Above the white coat, we choose

Printed coat

, this kind of printed jacket is not the choice of pattern matching, but the style of embossed printing, it will only bring some patterns to the overall clothing, and will not bring some elements or colors to the overall clothing, only to increase the clothing

Sense of premium.

Red knight boots paired with a dark green coat

Common knight boots are available in color

Black predominantly

Most of the time, we will use the knight boots as a matching item for the overall outfit, rather than as the main outfit.

If girls want to use knight boots as the basis of the style of the overall outfit, then we have to choose

Comes with a stylish color scheme

, girls can play contrast when matching knight boots, we choose red knight boots to match

Dark green coat

Because the fabric of the boots itself is leather, even the bold red color will become because of the special of the fabric

There is texture

, dark green and red are textured colors, so for the overall style of expression is

High-grade and textured


Suit with black knight boots

Medium-length boots are better than low-rise boots

Increase aura

, in our overall matching, we can match this aura to choose a suit with a sense of line for the overall matching.

In terms of suit color matching, we have to choose a black color scheme that can not only decorate us

Body lines

, can also let the temperament and the temperament of the knight boots

More matching

, on top of the bright color brightening, we can match it with a skin tone that shows the legs, which is more available

Light girly

White trench coat with black knight boots

How to wear it out with knight boots

Solid color style

, we must use white in place, in the matching above we trench coat choose white color, knight boots

, the overall image above we are laying the foundation in black and white.

Because the expression of pure desire style is more inclined to colorless is better, we should use the style of stockings in the overall matching

Sexy style

For expression, we use white and then add gold to the interior clothing

Metal buckle matching

, in the expression of pure desire style has some elegance

French style.

Sweater with knight boots

For autumn, cuties can use individual clothing to match knight boots, without using cumbersome and complicated

Layering and matching

, simple, clean and extraordinary

Warm and intellectual

, In the matching of the upper body, we can choose the style of the knitted sweater, using heavy and soft sweater fabric to express

Intellectual and gentle

When we choose a sweater, we should choose a sweater style skirt, and the length of the skirt is to

Short skirts are dominant

, so that it shows a hint without covering the knight’s boots

Sexy style.

In terms of color, we mainly use khaki to be more in line with the theme of autumn, and it will be more effective when it is outlined with the hem and cuffs of the red outfit

Fresh and bright

of temperament.

Glacier blue sweater with white knight boots

The style of the knight boots may be more temperamental, but we can make subtle changes to make the knight boots more soft


, we can choose off-white ones

Knight boots,

Wear the upper body with the most popular healing glacier blue sweater style.

At the neckline we pair it with plain white

Lace neckline

, sweet and refreshing because the mid-length knight boots are even more available


, In the sweater style, we add some English letters will be more there

Beautiful atmosphere.

Check shorts with knight boots


In terms of expression, knight boots do not only change color to express style, in fact, we can make knight boots through our clothing matching

Age-reducing girlishness

Make an expression.

We can choose check elements with British romantic campus temperament, and then match them with mid-length models

, the upper body is expressed in a sailor suit, which is exactly the same as the campus temperament

Check elements

Cooperate with each other, even black boots can be worn

Teenage girly style.

So don’t wear boots to reduce age, wear high-class to be attractive, learn the matching of “knight boots”.

vintage feeling,

Black predominantly


Knight boots,