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The most basic step in skin care

It is

Remove makeup well

If you sleep with makeup at night

The next day, the intestines will be “repentant”

Do you want to listen to the disadvantages of not removing makeup?

Sleeping without removing makeup can lead to accelerated skin aging

Sleeping without removing makeup will lead to accelerated skin aging, because at night is the detoxification time of the body and skin, and cosmetics remain on the face, clogging the pores of the face, so that the pores of the face cannot breathe freely, thus making the face become aging.

Sleeping without removing makeup can cause eyelashes to fall out

Sleeping without removing makeup will cause the mascara on the eyes to condense together for a long time, making it difficult to be emulsified by the makeup remover milk, and eventually lead to the loss of eyelashes. Therefore, when babies return home to remove makeup, they must remove makeup carefully and do not let mascara remain on the eyelashes, resulting in thin eyelashes.

Sleeping without removing makeup can lead to breakouts

Sleeping without cleaning cosmetic residues and sebum dirt is the culprit that causes poor skin conditions. Sleeping without removing makeup can easily cause pore inflammation and acne.

Sleeping without removing makeup can lead to enlarged pores

Sleeping without removing makeup can lead to enlarged pores, which is due to the residue of makeup on the face, through the process of respiration through the pores, which enters the pores, causing clogged pores and eventually forming enlarged pores.

Sleeping without removing makeup can lead to panda eyes

Sleeping without removing makeup will cause eye makeup stains to remain in the eye area, so that eyeliner and mascara form precipitation in the eye area, resulting in dark circles, which are our daily panda eyes.

In summary, because cosmetics are not removed for a long time, residual makeup will clog pores and cause acne and itching. Over time, it can also cause pigmentation, resulting in dull skin. Therefore, it is best to remove your makeup as soon as you get home, wash your face with warm water before going to bed, and apply nourishing skin care products after thorough cleansing to maintain your skin.

Then today I will recommend some very useful makeup remover products! There are cheap big bowls, and there are high-end categories for ladies, and the little ones can choose according to their own situation!

EVE’s cleansing balm

This cleansing balm is the “Hermes” of makeup remover products, the ingredients are gentle, will not cause irritation to the skin, and sensitive skin types can be used with confidence. The addition of rich natural cocoa butter to the cleansing balm can effectively regulate the skin’s water and oil balance, avoid dryness caused by excessive cleansing, and keep the skin clean at all times.

Directly dry your hands and pick a small piece in the palm of your hand to melt, and then massage your face, all the cosmetics will dissolve, no need to wash your face, use its exclusive cleansing towel to warm it three times! The skin is exceptionally smooth and does not have any tingling sensation. Generally, buying 100ml can give away a face towel for free, so get started!

Darphin’s rosewood cleansing balm

This is not only a makeup remover, but also a skin care product, the paste is waxy, very strong rosewood essential oil smell, people are very relaxing and soothing taste, like the aroma of plant essential oils baby will be very fond of, the skin care essential oil ingredients inside have the effect of skin care, remove makeup while nourishing the skin, which is really perfect.

Regarding the feeling of use, this upper face is not heavy, the whole is the feeling of ointment ➕ gum, it is easy to melt after the face, the hands are massaged well, the makeup of the eyes can be removed, no pressure, zero stimulation, emulsification is really great! The moment it is washed off, there will be a good use to fly the foot! The skin becomes very, very, very smooth! It’s still tender!!! It doesn’t dry at all, and the face seems to have a protective film, and it feels like it has been polished! And the most important point is that some makeup remover and cleansing oil will muddy the eyes after washing the face, which is very uncomfortable, and the eyes are always prone to inflammation and redness, but this one will not be at all!

Xiangjia eye and lip makeup remover

The main ingredients of this eye and lip makeup remover are rose, cornflower, etc. Suitable for all skin types, sensitive eyes and people with contact lenses. From the outside, it is a layered texture visible to the naked eye, and the overall blue color system has the feeling of the sky. The neck finish design is twisted, extruded type. The bottle mouth is very easy to control the dosage and is also particularly easy to rinse.

If you usually light makeup, you can remove it with a wipe of makeup remover pad, and if it is thick, you need to gently soak it first. What is the most afraid of eye makeup removal, fear of paste, unclean, and irritation of the eyes. The biggest feature of Xiaoxiang’s this is that it is gentle and non-irritating, and it is refreshing and clean.

Yves home eye and lip makeup remover

If Chanel is a little more expensive, then Yves Rocher’s is simply super cheap and easy to use, only 5 euros to get. It is also blue and white layered up and down, shake evenly on the cotton pad before use, and place it around the eyes for about 10 seconds, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, etc. will all fall off, and a bottle can really be used for a long time.

Di Cara Skin Source Clear Cleansing Oil

Dior’s cleansing oil is rich in botanical extracts, which use sweet almonds and plant saponins as ingredients to gently soften the skin, completely remove and dissolve facial makeup, so that the nutritional essence penetrates more fully into the skin to relieve dryness, roughness and closed mouth.

Of course, as a French cosmeceutical, the first thing that comes to mind is Bedma, the advantages of this classic will not be repeated here, the above is a product that I personally think the effect is very good and the makeup removal is very clean and will not burden the skin, just for reference!