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Today, I want to talk to you about the light and mature style of dressing, simple and elegant. The beauty has long curly brown hair, wearing a long black lace skirt with a silk scarf shawl, which is charming and attractive, looks elegant, and easily shows the light mature style.

The street photographed a fashionable young lady, who was about 30 years old.

It is said that 30 years old is a watershed for women, but the editor feels that 30-year-old women are becoming more and more attractive, with an elegant charm that is difficult for young people to achieve, I don’t know what do you netizens think?

Just like this young lady, after the age of 30, she is not very suitable for playful dressing, wearing a black lace long dress, elegant and feminine. The simple cut, the design of the waist and the long skirt show the unique temperament of mature women.

However, the simpler the clothes, the more skills are needed to enhance the sense of fashion and add femininity to the look. The look of the young lady has three highlights in the details.

First, use a belt to raise the waist line and lengthen the proportions of the body.

Most of the basic items are easy to collide, and the young ladies will also make the image appear passerby because of the similar shape. Then at this time, if there is a design belt embellishment, it is completely different. Not only can it improve the waist line and lengthen the proportion of the body, but it also plays a role in the finishing touch.

Second, learn to use accessories such as silk scarves to enhance the sense of fashion.

Every time you talk about accessories, you can’t help but mention them

Silk scarf

, but many people think that silk scarves are very old-fashioned. That’s what you won’t ride! Look at this fashionable young lady, wearing a black dress alone, but it looks more low-key, you can match a more fashionable silk scarf, simply wrapped around the shoulders, as a shawl, and can be used as a decoration.

Third, the heels of the same color show elegance and taste.

Another highlight of the young lady’s outfit is the choice of a blue pointed toe high heel to enhance her aura, while the blue tone is consistent with the tone of the scarf, showing a sense of luxury.

Well, that’s it for today’s sharing.

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