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Hanfu is now more and more popular, walking on the road from time to time will see some girls, costumed up on the street, showing a different classical beauty. Girls who like antique elements always favor some fresh and elegant vintage jewelry. Then earrings rich in antique elements are particularly important.

These earrings are eye-catching, with a half-open metal ring on the lobes and a rosy gold finish. The pendant part of this earring is very richly designed, its chain is designed with a curved feel, and the surface is embellished with a series of characteristic patterns as embellishments. These two pink round tourmalines stand out, their appearance is very translucent, and they are very bright and embellishment. At the very bottom of the pendant is also designed a large tourmaline bead with a hollow metal inlaid on the surface, such a combination is like an autumn pomegranate, so it is attractive to wear.

These earrings are beautifully designed, the rose gold outer ring looks very fresh, and the earlobe part is two large rings, which are very present to wear. At the bottom of the ring is also a large flower pattern, this pattern is designed with light blue crystal stone, the color is very beautiful, and there is a white pearl in the middle. The surface of this pearl is very full, and the embellishment is very characteristic. At the bottom of the earrings is also designed a long chain, the metal surface looks very high-class, it is connected by a series of small rings, the appearance of the chain is also embellished with a row of colored crystal gemstones, they combine to make this earring more vibrant.

This earring is a more interesting style, its chain part is made of yellow gold, it looks golden, and its silhouette part is designed to be rough, the silhouette part is very curved, and a white jade rabbit pattern is designed in the middle, which looks very eye-catching. The edges of the earrings are also designed with a combination of metal sheets and red beads, which are very characteristic when stacked together. The pendant of the earring is a large red crystal stone in the shape of a teardrop, which is relatively dark in color and has large particles, which is particularly attractive to wear on the tip of the ear.

The design of these earrings is very artistic, the white gold outer band looks very eye-catching, the upper part is a sinuous crescent-shaped branch, the curved curve is very graphic, and the half-open shape is full of vitality. At the bottom of the ring, a very white flower pattern is designed, and the middle of the petals is filled with a pearl, which looks very elegant. At the bottom of the flower pattern is also designed an irregularly shaped pendant, this pendant is crystal glass texture, embellished with some small crystal beads, which looks romantic. On one side of the ring is also designed a very draped chain, and at the bottom is a round sequin, which is very shiny when combined.

The design of this earring is very different, it is composed of three parts, the top is a butterfly-like pattern, the outline of this pattern is all gold, and the inside of the wings is made of burnt blue process, this design is very layered. The middle of the earrings is connected by a short chain, and the petals are still decorated with burnt blue, and a pearl stands inside, and the chain around the petals is arranged neatly. At the bottom is a large orange-red coral stone pendant, which is decorated with color.

These colorful earrings are very vintage, the chain part is woven from metal, the design is very rich, and the surface of the earrings is embellished with various different style patterns. One of the most conspicuous is these two golden crystal beads, and a white flower pattern is also designed next to it, which is very grounded and very temperamental to wear on the tip of the ear.

As a Hanfu earring embellishment, no need for expensive materials, simple and clear, the people-friendly earrings can better match Hanfu, and it is also convenient to change styles at any time.