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At the time of writing this article, the process of tossing headphones by myself has come to an end. Write this document to share with friends who have the same need or have this impulse, and share an experience.

Okay, let’s start killing meow.

Because I like to listen to music, I basically spend half of the day listening to music, and I want to get a Bluetooth headset if I listen to more wired headphones, which is convenient.

The first Bluetooth headset

The first thing I remember was the SONY MW600, which was the Sony logo.


At that time, I still liked this Bluetooth headset, but the battery life, and the sound of the headphones that came with it was not very good, and then the volume adjustment was sliding touch, sometimes not very convenient, and then there were earphones replaced with SBH52 + MW1 (MH1C noodle headphones short line version), this combination listened to for a long time (I don’t know where to put it, didn’t take pictures), although the battery life is longer, but the Bluetooth volume is large, always entangled do not know where to clamp in the clothes, the line of the noodle headset is well said to be anti-entanglement, that stethoscope effect , in winter, a scarf in the subway can listen to themselves, the ears are really uncomfortable, and then changed to an iPhone to listen to songs, and then found that earpods are quite suitable for themselves, mainly Apple’s wire control is very easy to use, the sound is still within the acceptance range (much better than the previous Xiaobai) So I have been listening to earpods, this process is quite long, but because of listening to songs every day, the headphone plug is grinded in the pants, basically after a while, you have to change one.

Later, I found that it was too wasted headphones, so I wanted to learn to repair my own headphones, at least replace the plug, open Ma Yun’s house and search, and then I searched for how to change the headset plug set (originally wanted to change the cable, but the earpods headphone head was basically disassembled and had to be wasted, at that time I didn’t know that the shell could also be bought), so I searched for a store to sell Bluetooth DIY kits, and my heart moved, yes, you can make headphones, I studied soldering single-chip microcomputers in college.

In this way, I embarked on this road of no return to change headphones (I don’t even know why I have such confidence).

My understanding is very simple, anyway, it’s a Bluetooth head plus headphones. The headphone head has earpods, waste so much, cut the wire short, connect the connector, but my headphones are white, well, I have to match a white Bluetooth head, all bought this product, SBH20.

It’s pretty, but the clip was developed by a pig, and it won’t fall off if you put it on, but you know how hard it is to get it. So it didn’t take long for the goods to be put up.

So far, although there are actually various complaints about Sony’s things, I still like Sony.

Another bluetooth headset

One day, I saw a colleague holding a SONY Bluetooth headset SBH70, listening to the sound was okay (listening to someone else’s mobile phone, regretting not listening to his own music library), and then placed an order on Ma Yun’s house and bought one.

After listening to it for less than a week, I found that this sound always feels strange, and although the headphones are good-looking, but the earbuds are worn for a long time, the ears hurt, meow, I will change the headphone head, I changed to the head of earpods, and I knew that the problem with the sound of sony This headset is not the headphone unit, but the Bluetooth unit is too heavily tuned, for this

The unit is not enough, tuning to make up

I expressed my anger that I had such a large tuning to add bass, no wonder the sound was so bad. But the appearance is still good. Sony Dafa is a good fart! ~

At this point, I remembered the Bluetooth DIY kit I saw before, and I counted it this time to spell one myself. Keep strolling.

Buy headphone unit Make the first Bluetooth headset

It has long been known that those who sell units, cut the line and foreign garbage. See the Bose unit for sale, you can try it, after all, I am a Bose brain powder after buying the sound mini, QC20 is quite comfortable to wear, just hold the mentality of trying, buy some units (the store opens the cover), soundtrue ultra unit and sound sport unit, to see it, well, it’s true, the cable of the fake headphone unit will not use Kevlar fiber, and the core is two sets of four wires. Plus bought DIY bluetooth unit, finished first bluetooth headset.

The sound is okay, compared to the wired can reach 80%, anyway, usually listen to a ring, this price will listen to a ring, but comfortable to wear, than Sony before those pierced into the ear feel much stronger, although the stethoscope effect can not be avoided, but the headphones can not be worn, will not squeeze the ears, listen to Europe and the United States, electronic music, dance music are not bad, finally find a suitable unit.

The advantages of the unit are as follows:

1. Wear comfortable, silicone shark fins

2, the sound is good, the analysis also meets my expectations

3. The passive noise reduction effect is good

4, the price is cheap, the original price is 1k small headphones, a pair of units only sell 50+

What more bicycles do I want?

Please see the review of Soundture Ultra headphones for details, and the best thing is to go to the official experience store to listen to it. Bose is also not hifi, listen well, if you like it, it’s OK, listening to the sound is not a listening parameter, everyone’s ears have different listening styles (my friend and I have different listening styles, disgust each other).

The first few pairs were bought units with open lids, but the price was expensive, and then continued to search for 50+ units (self-search) learned to open the lid by themselves, and then it was out of control.

are all earpod cable changed headphones, after all, the iPhone wire control is good to use! ! ! Connecting the adapter iPhone 7 can also be used Ah~

Bluetooth has also been changed!

Let’s change the SBH70.

Isn’t it still very good-looking, but this sound is simply, the bass is simple, and listening to songs with an iPhone has to be set to turn on bass reduction to barely listen. Why doesn’t Sony come up with a firmware that can turn off tuning.

Attached process (slag image quality taken by mobile phone)

Open shell

Open the shell and close the effect

Processing line


Complete the unit

Open-shell bonding wire

Of course, this sound also made me unbearable, with this experience of changing headphones, I focused on the Bluetooth unit.

What is the problem with the domestic Bluetooth unit mentioned earlier

1, short battery life (nominal 3 hours, there is a float), can not meet my heavy user at all, I also listen to songs at work

2, the wire control is not good (the domestic workmanship can not keep up, the keys are jerky)

3, the appearance is not good-looking (the weight of the wire control is concentrated on one side)

Then the corresponding needs are clear

1, the battery life is more than 7 hours, charging is still the fatal point of Bluetooth headset for lazy cancer patients

2. You cannot buy a Bluetooth unit with too much tuning of the sound

3. Easy to operate

4, can not buy the kind of headphone unit built-in battery (basically write double batteries are, the headphone unit is huge, because the battery is inside)

In summary, so put the Bluetooth unit on the Bluetooth headset of the big factory brand, and the quality of the unit has no requirements.

Satisfactory works HBS-770

It’s worth brushing to see what is cheap to buy Bluetooth headphones, this is not brush to LG Tone Pro HBS-770 this, only more than 200, how suitable, to meet my needs.

After I got it, I didn’t listen much to the style and effect of the original unit, I changed it directly, and half an hour later, my colleague asked me what about the new headphones, and I said here.

I have never bought LG’s things, but the finished product effect is still satisfactory, and then compared with several Bluetooth headphones, this effect is the best, no need to turn on any tuning, with its own buff, the headphone cable is relatively thin, to a certain extent reduce the impact of the stethoscope effect. I gave 4.5 stars, the reason for deducting 0.5 stars, the front two ends of the headphones were too heavy, and it made my collarbone hurt. The headphone unit could not be stored in that original position, originally I wanted to remove the magnet and put it in the ultra unit, but I thought that I had not done magnetic shielding, so forget it.

It was also because of this 0.5 stars that I continued to look for alternatives.

Tangled semi-finished Meizu EP52

Later, I saw this EP52, Dog East, 299-100, it looked quite suitable, and I didn’t notice that there was a tuning at that time, there was writing on the box, and after I got it, I listened to it compared to the sony SBH70 or the tuning was much less. It feels okay to wear it, but the Bluetooth unit is really comfortable to wear. Change, change~

The picture above comes first

It’s still quite a coquettish color ha~

Continue to upload the process diagram (still slag diagram, welding things are welded on a large cardboard box, will see)

What others are unboxing, I am directly disassembling, hahaha.

This is the chip of the Hall switch, I cut it directly in my brain, click, the headset is directly turned off, or should be soldered down.

The appearance of the unit being completely disassembled, I have to say that Meizu’s workmanship is still good, you can know it by looking at the core.

Fortunately, there is still space in the ultra unit, and the chip can be thrown directly in.

Solder the Hall chip back (may be directly shorted, no verification)

Although the change is okay, the sound is also OK (low frequency because of Meizu tuning, but also to reduce bass), but there are also some shortcomings, the Bluetooth headset itself has problems, the control is not very good, the three-button distinction is not very good, to touch for half a day to dare to press, phone sound and system sound such as Siri, feel like mono, there are three problems above the headset transformation, one is the Hall switch, which increases the difficulty of welding, and the second is because the red earphone wire core is too thick (Hall switch three wires plus audio two wires have 5 lines), The end of the earbuds are hard into it, and they can not be inserted to tie a knot, directly use glue to fix the core, can not be pulled vigorously, the third is that the earphone cable is too thick and also strengthens the stethoscope effect. So the overall rating is 3.5 stars, but it is still quite good to wear, and the battery life and appearance are very satisfactory.

Complete experimental Onkyo E200BT

When it first came out, it seemed to be more than 700, and the dog east 299-100, which was cheaper than salted fish, bought another one.

Because changing headphones is addictive, I want to make an MMCX plug earphone cable + headphone head, so that you can change to sports or quiet headphones at any time. I won’t say much about the process. Let’s go straight to the picture.

MMCX pins

The use of MMCX pins is for the convenience of changing units or cables later, but it is good to remove the pins, so it will not be scored.

Process diagram.

This is a white headset for a colleague.

Later, I changed a lightning headset for myself, because I used a black iPhone ah ~ hahaha ~ obsessive-compulsive disorder

Too sleepy to write, so be it.

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Open-shell bonding wire

Open-shell bonding wire