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Among all the pants, the difficulty of controlling leather pants should be at the forefront, even female celebrities cannot guarantee the perfection of wearing these pants, and it is common to show thick legs. Unexpectedly, in Zhang Shaohan’s set of stage looks, even super tight even foot leather socks dare to wear, what are leather pants compared to her? Such a tight pair of socks, look at it feels panicked, and girls in size S may not be able to wear it well.

The stage shape does need a little special place, so occasionally there will be strange matching, and in Zhang Shaohan’s set of looks, the most special place is socks. Pantyhose to the thigh are not uncommon, but most of them are pure cotton, and Zhang Shaohan’s this is leather stockings. In the all-black skirt, the socks are still eye-catching, and the glossy fabric is more likely to show fat when worn, and the average person really does not imitate.

Not all leather items are not recommended, but it depends on the specific fit design, such as wide-leg leather pants, which will not be too fat to wear. Tight-fitting leather pants are the complete opposite, because the fabric has a strong sense of luster, too close to the curve of the legs, the visual expansion will be stronger. The one Zhang Shaohan is wearing is pantyhose, and the wearing effect is not inferior to leather pants.

Zhang Shaohan’s set of looks can also be worn on stage, because from irregular skirt cuts to overly tight leather socks designs, they are not suitable as daily accessories. Because the matching shoes are relatively non-existent lace-up sandals, even if they are red, they look like boots that reach the thighs at first glance. It’s understandable that the stage shape is weird, but don’t wear sandals with socks in summer.

Back to the leather item analysis, the special fabric determines that this piece is more picky about the figure, even if it is a girl with a skinny body, it will be fatter than the original. Whether it is socks, pants or leather clothing, it is not recommended to choose a too tight fit, and it is difficult to match when wearing fat. Just like Zhang Shaohan’s socks, whether it is paired with sneakers or sandals, it will seem a little strange.

In addition to the special fabric, the length of this sock worn by Zhang Shaohan is also not recommended for most girls. Zhang Shaohan, who is not tall, has reached the upper thigh position after changing his socks, and can only be worn with ultra-short bottoms. In the choice of stockings, five or six centimeters above the knee is enough, socks that are too long will have a sense of nondescript, wearing it is very short.

In Zhang Shaohan’s previous stage styling, many times put the highlight of the costume on the socks, and the previous leather socks were not friendly to girls with thick legs. In this set of stage matching, Zhang Shaohan’s socks have added a lace cutout design, although the fat effect is slightly inferior to leather socks, but the hollow design looks very rustic. And the embellishment position of the hollow is not very suitable, Zhang Shaohan looks a lot smaller when he wears it.

Through such two items, it can be found that not all black items can ensure thinness, or need to be combined with specific designs. Whether it is leather fabric or lace design, it will be fat when used in clothing design, not to mention slim design. If you have to choose a black sock, I personally recommend the pure cotton texture, which is also very in line with the current fashion, and the stockings and socks are very good!

Zhang Shaohan’s height is relatively petite among female stars, but many styling matches, looking at one meter and seven senses. Therefore, small girls do not know how to match, you can refer to Zhang Shaohan’s style more, of course, not to wear it, but to get some design essence. It’s like these sets of dresses, obviously they don’t have a belt, but they still don’t look short when they wear them.

The key lies in the design of the dress, the cut at the waist is always particularly slim, plus the skirt is a relatively wide design, the contrast between wide and narrow, the waist design is naturally obvious, and the effect of matching the belt is similar.

What are leather pants? Zhang Shaohan even dared to wear super tight and leather socks, and he felt panicked when he looked at it. I really want to ask how thin is Zhang Shaohan? Change into ultra-tight leather socks, and your legs are still slender and straight.

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