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Pantyhose, that is, what we often say, have to say, to the autumn and winter, the mushrooms are almost wear in panty, and even the mushrooms are cool, and they have not passed through trousers. What kind of pantyhose is the most talented, how to choose the right pantyhose color according to your own dress.


Every girl is inseparable from the pantyhose. Summer is for small sexy, winter in order to keep warm and good look, then we talk about how to wear the color of autumn and winter season, in order to wear himself Take the more harmonious.

First, black is not a million

I believe that most of the sisters will feel that the autumn and winter black panties is the most tall. I have a big thing in black leggings, and I will know how popular black panties in the street, but black pants Is the sock really touched?


In the following streets, black pantyhose is really a wild, but what we need is that these Look’s hue is low, that is, look very dark.

Change two sets of streets, this time you still feel that black pantyhose is very good? Your feeling should be that black pantyhose is very awkward in the entire look, first color, pink, yellow, white these are very high, very bright color, encounter black, compare more intense I know.

In addition to the color of the sentence, the ethniament of pink and yellow is made, and there is a clean and refreshing in large-scale white, and it is not tone to the black pantyhose.


Here, a “color step” problem is also an index of the brightness. So we conclude that when choosing pantyhose, black is not an universal model, and if you encounter a large-scale light tone, bright tones, you will be visually “color step detachment “, Let your match lack a sense of overall.”


If you want to make black pantyhose to take a strip enough to take it, you should pay attention to the color of your body is very low, such as very dark ink green, dark red, etc., black and their sensitivity, look Almost consistent “dark”, the overall sense will be strong.


Second, gray is the insurance payment

After the two groups of black pantyhose in front, it looked “no problem, but it’s not strong” LOOK, we change the black pantyhose into gray. It is really good to have a lot! The principle is first, referring to the previous color step problem, the gray is between black and white, which is medium brightness, so it is with white, and the same medium brightness powder and yellow, will not form a “color step release”.

Second, we must understand the gray characteristics, it is a colorless system with black and white, but unlike black and white, it is inexpensive, unfinitive, no own style, put together with color, all in other colors more Highlight, this is a very harmonious reason why it is worn with most colors.


The reason why the gray pantyhose is most insurance, worry, because of its characteristics, refer to the color step, we only need to consider the shades of gray, it is dark, it is possible. The whole color is done, the pantyhose is dark, the overall color is more shallow, the shallowness of the pantyhose, so that the overall match is not easy “color order”.


Below is a few sets of street patches, grayscale is deeply shallow, how is it, is it clear.

Third, the big earth is also a hundred

If you say autumn and winter, it is better to say that the owner is more exactly the same. That is to say, in addition to ink green, Tibetan blue and so on, but also a lot of dark but warm hue, is also very popular, that is, we often wear dark red and a series of brown lines.

At this time, you should ask, saying that the dark color is made with black. First look at the comparison map below, if the model is equipped with black pantyhose like the left picture, our evaluation is probably “clothes and skirts look good, pantyhose is very right”, change to brown in the right picture? I want to be visually integrity and strong personal style, warm and steady.

This is the gap between “wearing” to “wearing style”.

So here we extend a “earth-colored system” pantyhose, the earth can be collectively referred to as “low saturation of warm colors”, such as camel, khaki, brown, brown, milk tea, grain color, etc., in warm color In the main match, you can keep warm tones, not like black and gray, just wear, and cannot strengthen the style.

We will compare with gray pantyhose, the following model is medium brightness, the left picture is mixed with the migrant pantyhose, the color order, but there is always a little bit, or some feelings are not complete It is released, then the right figure is replaced with such a big color such as brown, and the overall style of instant is coming.

Finally, most of the color can look with black pantyhose; gray pantyhose can change the grayscale with the shadow of the color; the autumn and winter match will also have warm colors, mostly Dark Or the type of medium brightness, at this time, try the earthquarium pantyhose, you can shape a more distinctive style.

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