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Transportation has played a very important role since ancient times, with human beings into modern society, the application of transportation is more frequent and extensive, in the past only “dignitaries” can use transportation, or only long-distance travel can be necessary to use transportation, now, regardless of long-distance and short-distance, regardless of economic income, transportation is not absent from our travel.

It’s just that the difference between long-distance and short-distance and economic income will affect the different means of transportation we use, long-distance most people choose public transportation such as airplanes and high-speed rail, and short-distance travel, many people are willing to use more convenient private transportation, but in the choice of private transportation, it needs to be decided according to different economic income.

For people with better economic income, the preferred means of transportation must be cars, even some luxury brand cars, which not only have guaranteed speed, but also have more face effect, and comfort is also the best of all private transportation, but for limited economic income levels, affordable electric vehicles are the first choice.

Electric cars are cheap and easy to use, but they are not very comfortable

Although the price of electric vehicles is relatively cheap, but its practicality is still relatively high, especially in the city short-distance travel, a few kilometers of driving will be jammed, take a bus to detour, electric vehicles are a better choice, but although cheap and easy to use, but electric vehicles also have some problems, the biggest impact is the problem of poor comfort.

Poor comfort, reflected in many aspects of electric vehicles, because there is no closed space, in winter, electric vehicles cold wind, in the summer scorching sun, electric vehicles themselves do not have the function of cold, sun protection, rain, so that its driving experience is greatly reduced, nevertheless, because of its affordability, many people do not have a better choice.

Wind quilts in winter and umbrellas in summer have become the daily life of the majority of car owners

Because electric vehicles are a more economical and practical means of transportation, for many people, there is no better substitute than it, so although its comfort is very poor, however, many people will use it, however, smart Chinese people naturally have a way to improve its comfort, winter has a wind cover, summer has a parasol has become the majority of car owners daily.

Wind shield quilt is not unfamiliar to many car owners, it is a winter, the owner almost necessary “cold artifact”, from the name can understand its role, in fact, it is similar to the quilt of warm items, through simple modification, so that the owner can wear a set of “quilt” on the road, do not have to fear the winter “cold wind”.

And umbrellas or canopies and other items, although its necessity is not as great as the wind shield, but in many second-, third- and fourth-tier cities, in the summer, 5 out of 10 electric vehicles on the street will be installed with umbrellas, rain shelter items, it can not only play a summer sun protection, but also prevent thunderstorms that may fall at any time, which has a great effect on improving comfort.

Many places strictly investigated the installation of parasols on electric vehicles, confiscated and fined

Nowadays, it is exactly a three-volt day, the temperature in many places is above 35 degrees, many car owners have installed parasols, and this behavior has been “stopped” in many places, small connoisseurs casually search on the Internet, and on the same day there were many information about strict inspection of electric vehicle parasols;

Shanxi Taiyuan, electric bicycle installation of wind shields, umbrellas and other devices, is a traffic violation to change the structure, main technical parameters and performance of electric bicycles without authorization, advocating that electric bicycle drivers refuse to use such devices, installed consciously dismantled, not dismantled on the road, the traffic management department of the public security organ shall impose a fine of 50 yuan, the party refuses to accept the fine punishment, the traffic management department of the public security organ can detain his electric bicycle.

In Zhongshan, Guangdong, the installation of parasols was strictly investigated, and the Zhongshan Traffic Police and the Iron Riding Stormtroopers set up duty points on Kangle Avenue and Dongzhen Avenue to carry out illegal rectification actions on motorcycle and electric vehicle traffic, educate drivers who illegally installed parasols, and require the installation of parasols to be removed on the spot.

Umbrella protection from the sun and rain, but to be fined? Car owners are confused: Is there anything wrong with improving comfort

Many places strictly investigate the behavior of installing parasols on electric vehicles, some owners are actively cooperating, but some owners do not understand, think that the installation of parasols is very practical, can add “superior” environment to uncomfortable electric vehicles, especially for many elderly people riding electric vehicles, and parents pick up their children “pick up the baby electric vehicle”, the installation of umbrellas can allow children to travel in a relatively comfortable environment, avoiding the distress of sun and rain, for this kind of item, many owners are confused: Is it wrong to improve comfort?

If from a human point of view, the installation of parasols to improve the comfort of electric vehicles is actually not wrong and completely reasonable, but from a regulatory perspective and safety point of view, the act of installing parasols is a “big mistake”.

Let’s start with the regulations

, the local electric vehicle management regulations, in fact, have clear provisions, electric vehicles are prohibited from adding, modifying, assembling and other unauthorized changes to the structure of electric bicycles, for this behavior is an individual is fined 50 yuan to 500 yuan, and for the modification business has a maximum fine of 100,000 yuan.

From a security perspective

, the parasol will first block their own and the rear vehicle line of sight, resulting in visual blind spots, the second is that the parasol tends to be wider than the electric vehicle, so that in some relatively narrow road sections, it is very easy to scratch, and even traffic accidents, the third is that the parasol is actually a “dangerous object”, it will have an iron bar when installed, if the vehicle has a traffic accident, it is a “murder weapon”.


It is not wrong to install parasols to improve comfort, what is wrong is its safety hazards, and ensuring the safety of car owners and road traffic is the responsibility of the traffic management department, and for this unsafe umbrella, governance is actually responsible for the majority of car owners

Therefore, it is also necessary to have an attitude of understanding.

Of course, small connoisseurs also hope that improving comfort should start from the source, since the owner is not safe, you can let the manufacturer leave the factory from the source of some safety tested awnings and other items, the owner can choose when buying, and the traffic management department for this non-installation can be relaxed, do not investigate, which can not only ensure the safety of the owner, but also improve the comfort of the electric vehicle, so that the bicycle is not subjected to the “ravage” of the sun and rain, it is a matter of killing two birds with one stone.

Do you support or do not support the installation of parasols? Any other suggestions? Welcome everyone to comment and exchange, pay attention to electric vehicle experts, and share electric vehicle related information and views every day.