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It’s the season to stock up on hand cream again~ Which one do the girls plan to buy? Let’s take a look at the recommendations of beauty experts! They are all good products with excellent cost performance! If easy to rest assured: Watson’s Collagen Hand Cream, which is considered to be the better use of its own products, is not oily, thicker than chamomile, and is just right for autumn. Watsons Collagen Nourishing & Firming Hand Cream ¥ 25.00/80g*2 pieces suitable for skin type: medium and dry

-Fragrant -: innisfree hand cream, it is the season to apply hand cream frequently, this is quite small, easy to carry around, good taste, good ductility, moisturizing and not greasy, hand cream or insist on frequent application to keep hands smooth and delicate. innisfree Jeju Island Fragrance Hand Cream ¥22.00/30ml Suitable for skin type: medium and dry

TinyBa: Jurlique rose hand cream Jurlique Rose Hand Cream 40ml Too many people have praised It is also an entry and classic product in the hand cream industry The durability is really amazing If you don’t wash your hands at the end of the day, you don’t need to re-wipe it at all A very small 40ml is also easy to carry Other aspects are not particularly outstanding The cost performance is not bad Will buy back Jurlique/Jurlique Australian Rose Hand Cream ¥ 250.00/40ml Suitable for skin type: dry

Designed for Kaiyuan block brides: Amway hand cream, already empty bottle two, a little oil to apply hands and feet before going to bed at night, the next day moisturizing burst, the key is the price of large bottles of cabbage, how to use it is not distressed Shiseido urea beauty moisturizing hand cream ¥48.00/100g suitable for skin type: medium and dry

– Matcha Tea -: An empty bottle of Artix hand cream from a long time ago. The affordable products are really good, and the effect of mixing various high-performance hand creams is also good, and the scentless model I chose alone is indeed very cost-effective. Kao Artix High Moisturizing Collagen Botanical Hand Cream ¥65.00/80g Suitable for skin type: medium and dry

Ari-Lanyan: L’Occitane Cherry Hand Cream. I’m really a person who doesn’t pay much attention to hand care, and I can only think of using it when my hands are dry until they are wrinkled. This one was opened on New Year’s Day, such a small one used for almost half a year [laughing cry] sweet aroma, the texture of the lotion is easy to absorb, and the wax is not so heavy. L’Occitane Hand Cream Sakura Hand Cream ¥ 85.00/30ml Suitable for skin types: oily and normal

Cute and tasty snack: Florena Olive Oil Hand Cream. The overnight moisturization was amazing! Excellent! Excellent! After starting to use this hand cream, the hands are also white and tender to a new height, soft and tender [shy] (may be because the moisturizing work at night is done, and it is easier to push and absorb other hand creams during the day) In short, this hand cream is cabbage, easy to buy, buy, buy buy no regret series German Florena Florena hand cream ¥64.00/100mL suitable for skin type: oily and normal

Quan Jiatu: I finally ran out of Vecula’s hand cream today The first time I cut the empty bottle, I was a little excited [laughing cry] The appearance of this hand cream is really super cute and super girly ~ The taste is okay A bit like the grapefruit flavor of detergent, the moisturization is average, the sense of use is good, not greasy and not greasy. The reference price is about 60rmb The cost performance is okay ~ will buy back VECUA Flower Moisturizing Repair Hand Cream ¥75.00/50mL Suitable for skin type: oily and normal

Recovery: Nivea Hand Cream / Often bought to use at home, moisturizing enough to meet my rough hands of washing clothes and dishes, and dry quite quickly after wiping hands NIVEA / Nivea Hand Cream ¥25.00/100ml Suitable for skin type: dry

_ Bai Xuelan’s Bai Xuelan’s house: Kiryo hand cream 110g Such a large jar of hand cream, the female man can use up is also true love, better than Shiseido urea, moisturizing is not good, use in late winter. The shell is beautiful. Shiseido KIRYO Plant Circulation Water and Wild Ground Flower Essence Hand Cream ¥95.00/110g Suitable for skin type: dry

Wu Lan Yunqing: Johnson & Johnson’s beautiful skin girls’ hand cream bottle is empty. Awesome hand cream, very moisturizing, slightly thick, suitable for dry season and winter. The most charming thing is the sweet honey-like scent, which is very pleasant to smell, the key is the trusted brand and the super high cost performance that makes people love Johnson & Johnson Beauty Skin Constant Day Moisturizer ¥16.00/50g Suitable skin type: dry

What are you worried about: Vaseline hand cream Thick texture, good moisture, no membrane feeling, the main ‘hand protection is more armor’ I think it’s quite rare. In addition to the scent being too retro, such a big one is a complete price-performance ratio. Vaseline Hand Cream ¥14.00/75ml Suitable for skin types: All

Say it yourself: Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Hand Cream 57g. Unlike its sister rotten banana, almond milk is also thick in texture, but much softer, moisturizing and absorbing slightly better, and will not be like a shiny wax shell. As for the rich almond flavor, after it fades, you can even taste a hint of almond dew. American Burt’s Bees Little Bee Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream ¥ 98.00/57g Suitable for skin type: All

Tonic on fire: the empty bottle of the pechoin is remembered or not. To tell the truth, I followed my mother to use this hand cream to the fullest, so far I think it is the most cost-effective, top1!! I have three or more in my house all year round, and my mother has used one after another, which is large and easy to use, and there is no defect! Pechoin Moisturizing Hand Cream ¥14.70 /41.5g Suitable for skin type: dry

SJ Chanting Woop: #Mega Cleansing Hand Cream# My mother threw it to me a few months ago… Unexpectedly, the domestic hand cream has a fragrance and “before, middle and back” tone… [laughing haha]…”Top notes” Sophora flowers are my favorite[Please pay attention]… Although it only exists for a few seconds… But! A few seconds of happiness has been satisfied [cute]… Absolute parity! Moisten! Fast absorption! No membrane feeling! Not greasy! Mega Purifying Moisturizing Hand Cream ¥ 6.50/75g Suitable for skin types: All

Next, I will introduce to you what good goods the girls in the editorial department are using: the recommendation of the second aunt: super easy to use hand cream, the taste is sweet rose flavor, the supermarket shelves the stock of Chinese cabbage, don’t look at the packaging is a little low, the ingredients of ceramide are very beautiful, after use moisturizing and non-sticky, absorption is particularly fast, belongs to the conscience of the industry in domestic products! Toyo no Hana Moisturizing Hand Cream ¥ 16.80/90g Suitable for skin type: All

Wenwen’s recommendation: Shanghai moisturizing alabaster, the box is beautiful, the texture of the paste is like mousse, it melts when applied to the back of the hand, and the absorption is also very fast, very moisturizing. The skin is smooth after use. There are so many flavors, and each one is amazing! Shanghai Moisturizing Alabaster ¥ 30.00/80g Suitable for skin type: All