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Female newspaper reporter Zhao Shicai

During the National Day holiday just past, I guess I didn’t go out to shop, so I must have stayed in the city to buy and buy. “It was cold, so I looked at the underwear of the shirt and the trench coat, and was attracted by their collars.” During the National Day, Sun Xiaoyu, who collected new staff for the wardrobe, said. Shirts and trench coats are the most common items at this time of year, and they are also the items that the clothing industry pushes at this time of year, and this year’s highlight is on the collar. “It’s all long pointed lapels, and it seems that the longer and sharper, the more fashionable.”


In the September issue of the magazine, Sun Xiaoyu also saw this trend. In the September issue of “Dougang”, Adut Akech, a new African model who appeared on the covers of 5 Vogue September issues (English, Italian, German, Japanese and Australian), and Swedish actress Alicia Vikander both wore shirts and eye-catching “big peak collars”.

The design of the pointed collar first originated in the Gothic style, and “Gothic” is a church-like architectural form that describes those medieval spires. Extended to clothing, the sharp expression of clothing has become a symbol of Gothic: darker clothing, religious motifs and the use of silver jewelry, miserable white skin tone, etc., pointed collar has been an important clothing symbol of Gothic style since the 15th century.

British designer and known as the “mother of punk” in fashion, Vivian Westwood’s first influential “new shirt” appearance dates back to the fall/winter 1993 collection, when the shirt collar that appeared on the runway of the brand’s Vivienne Westwood began to become large and pointy, and it was pulled on the collarbone like a temptation to taste the peak collar.

Later, the shirt was still that shirt, and the collar was no longer that collar. The increasingly exaggerated peak lapel design continues to this day and is a feature of Vivienne Westwood.

This year’s shirt with a long peak collar is also an expression of retro. The collar becomes an exaggerated point in the shirt and is known as the ostentatious wearing of the shirt. The same style is applied to trench coats, and perhaps the same trend is found in this year’s coats.


Let’s take a look at which celebrities have planted “peak-lapeled” shirts and how they wear them.

When Song Jia attended the Youth Film Festival last month, she wore a shirt with a peak-collared shirt and was very handsome. Slip it over a black velvet six-button straight blazer, slim-fit trousers with flat Chelsea boots, a white shirt with a peak-lapel and pointy booties. When Ni Ni promoted the film, she wore a blue peak-collared shirt and also chose the open collar, this shirt is from Philosophy’s spring/summer 2019 collection, blue print with blue blazer, the same color matching is very eye-catching. Zhang Jianing used a khaki peak-collared shirt with a brown suit in the street shoot, and the strong British style overflowed the screen, and the shirt she wore was from the domestic brand LESS.

What does the brand’s “big peak lapel” look like?

Gucci, who has been forging ahead on the road to the Renaissance, also fell in love with the small peak lapels this year, with the signature rich hue and exaggerated silhouette, the peak collars have a different retro temperament. In Karl Lagerfeld’s final season, Fendi introduced a number of peak collars, which is also a tribute to Mr. Karl. Unlike other brand peak collars, Fendi’s peak lapels add to Galeries Lafayette’s favorite stand collar design.

Tibi, a New York brand that implements “simplicity is power” to the end, has also begun to frequently decorate the peak collar element on the shirt in the past two seasons, and the collision of soft colors has turned out to be a little more gentle.

It’s not hard to create a vintage feel with peak lapels, and puff sleeves are the perfect match. Deveaux, a brand that takes the texture route, is also keen on the shape of a peak-collared shirt, plus puff sleeves, which greatly improves the temperament.

The “big peak lapels” are not only full of high-end feeling, but also can control sweet, street, vintage and other styles, the secrets of which have been hidden in fashion for centuries.