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Introduction: Affordable and durable “sweeping monk” shoes appear in domestic fashion brands, Nike Addy: We also want to join the “battlefield”

After Nike Addi publicly announced a boycott of Chinese cotton, Chinese finally saw their ugly “true face”: making Chinese money and insulting Chinese. Some domestic trendy brand shoe brands can’t stand it, and have created new explosive models. In the end, “the kung fu paid off”, and finally launched a “low-key and inconspicuous”, but actually very affordable and durable sneakers, it is the woodpecker sneakers, also known as the “sweeping monk” shoes. Afterwards, Nike Adi will not sit idly by and join the “battlefield”.

Domestic fashion brand: “sweeping monk” shoes

Woodpecker shoes is an old domestic brand, founded in the last century, has been precipitated for more than 20 years, its address is located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, in the major shopping malls can see woodpecker shops, so many years by the Chinese people love and trust.

Woodpecker shoes are called “sweeping monk” shoes, which is not an exaggeration. First of all, it is a pair of shoes that can be bought for hundreds of dollars, which is very affordable. Before wearing Nike Addy’s sneakers know that the price is particularly expensive, every turn is thousands of yuan, in fact, the cost price of a pair of shoes is so much, Nike Addy is just from the consumer to recover the brand cost, but in terms of the quality of the shoes themselves, it is really not worth the “sky-high price”.

Secondly, woodpecker shoes are very durable. Woodpecker shoes are made of fly-woven fabric, which is very light and fits the surface perfectly. Wearing these shoes for running, hiking and climbing is very light, as if you didn’t wear shoes.

Not only is the fabric light, but the upper design is also ingenious. The upper is a mesh structure, which can promote air circulation and accelerate the circulation of air inside the shoe. It’s about to enter summer, the weather is hot, if the shoes are not breathable, then you can’t walk a few steps, the feet will be sweaty, wet, very uncomfortable, friends with athlete’s foot are even more embarrassed, sweaty and embarrassed to slippers outside.

At this time, you need a pair of woodpecker shoes, cool and breathable, while walking, the foot is “windy”, and the foot girl also breathes fresh air.

Nowadays, many people like outdoor sports such as morning jogging and mountain climbing, and if the bottom of the shoe is too flat, it is very unsafe in rainy weather. The sole design of woodpecker shoes is ingenious, and the concave and convex groove design can effectively increase the friction with the ground and protect our “personal safety” when we go out.

Now sneakers can also be used as a fashion item, and many young girls are beginning to “abandon” high heels and wear sneakers instead. Because some sneakers are not only comfortable to wear, but also particularly versatile and good-looking, such as this woodpecker shoe.

Woodpecker shoes are available in unisex and are available in three colours and in a wide range of sizes. Couples, or couples can try to use it as a couple shoe, Qingming went out to wear it, and the rate of turning back is high.

Finally, this woodpecker shoe was launched to the public eye after the Nike Addie incident, at first people mainly focused on Nike Addy brands, and few people paid attention to woodpeckers, so since the launch, people habitually called “sweeper” shoes.

Woodpecker shoes, can be called a “sweeping monk” shoes launched by domestic fashion brands, affordable and durable, Nike Adi has also said that they want to join the “battlefield”.