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In the cold early winter, many little fairies on the street wear long-sleeved or even long-style down jackets, but the editor privately feels that the long-sleeved down jacket is a little early to wear now, and at this time Xiaobian thinks that everyone can come to a down vest. A down vest has the warmth of a down jacket without looking too bloated. In this cold season, it is best to come to a down vest with such temperature and grace.

► Versatile and durable black

When it comes to down vests, black can not be ignored, black is versatile and durable in winter, so black down vests are also loved by many girls. The most classic style of the black down vest is a simple and clean straight fit.

In addition to the simple and clean straight model, the black down vest with a loose and large silhouette is also popular. The wide fit looks feminine casual, and if you feel cold, you can wear a few more tops inside.

► Fresh and advanced light colors

After talking about the classic black series, let’s talk about the fresh and advanced light color system, and the most classic fresh light color representative is the white down vest. Pure and fresh white can appear feminine pure and gentle.

For girls who feel that white is not resistant to dirt and wear, it is recommended that you choose off-white or light gray colors. This light color is simple, fresh and high-class, and the color combination is also very inclusive.

► Bright and trendy colors

If you want to wear something colorful this winter, it is recommended to choose a colorful down vest, such as red and yellow. Especially rose red, it is a very popular color system in the past two years, afraid of color matching errors, you can choose black matching.

If you think that the solid color model is too bright, you can choose a down vest made of color and black, black can weaken the bright and difficult side of color to a certain extent.

Gold and silver down vests are more noble and atmospheric than other colors, it is recommended that when choosing this color system, try to choose a short fit, the short style is tall and not easy to be too eye-catching.

Such a versatile and colorful down vest, in the cold winter, it is really a pity not to come to one!

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