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Audio enthusiasts will always only care if the sound of the speaker is the best in the same price range!

So those who are married or non-single enthusiasts have a hard time buying his favorite home theater!

Because, the home theaters they like are ugly…

KK K700

Take the KK K700, which I use as a review platform, the sound is really not much to say at his price point! But this appearance, it is true that only straight men will say that they are really beautiful when they see it… Everyone in my family, including me, thought it was really ugly…

And I’ve tried some good-looking speakers before, but once you compare it with this type of audio with pure performance, you will always find fault with it. Nice appearance, sound here and there is not perfect… This kind of pickiness is pathological in a way!

It’s like marrying a beautiful woman with ten fingers and no spring water, but you pick on her for not cooking and never doing housework.

It’s just, I overlooked a problem… There are many ordinary people in this world, so what is wrong with the beauty who loves not cooking?

All right! Then today I will introduce you to a beautiful woman who can cook at the same time! – Lyngdorf FR-1, MH-2, ultra-thin speakers.

Large size unit ultra-thin FR-1

5 inch super drop bookshelf MH-2

Both speakers come from Lyngdor Chinese f. The first time I saw the brand’s products was at the Cedia show in the United States, and it was the brand’s high-end Steinway Lyngdorf (Steinway. Lindorf).

That’s right, it’s Steinway who makes grand pianos, and Steinway Lyngdorf is a company founded in Denmark in 2005 by sound innovator Peter Lyngdorf, and he also has a brand called Lyngdorf.

Peter Lyngdorf

I think you have guessed that Steinway Lyngdorf is the Hi-End audio brand created by Steinway for piano and Lyngdorf for audio.

In fact, Lyngdorf is a sound source, Hi-Fi amplifier, AV amplifier, audio and everything.

It’s just that what I tried today is his relatively cheap, relatively cheap ultra-thin wall-mounted speakers to form a theater.

And this is relatively cheap, cheap for Steinway Lyngdorf, but it is certainly expensive for most people.

FR-1 price: 14283 yuan per piece

MH-2 price: 8514 yuan per piece

Today, I tried a 5.1 system consisting of three RF-1s and a pair of MH-2s (the gun was not the original, I found one randomly in the editorial office).

Okay, let’s start talking about this sound that your daughter-in-law should be able to like!

Lyngdorf ultra-thin speakers FR-1 and MH-2

Before I introduce the product, let me show you a real picture of our editorial office – I hung MH-2 on both sides of the laser TV screen.

Not everyone will install a large circle of speakers at home, and many people’s demand is a pair of speakers to improve the quality of watching TV and listening to music.

But in fact, the MH-2 is too small and it requires a subwoofer to get a full low frequency.

So I put a subwoofer on it and it still looks good.

I asked Lindorf’s dealer, and he told me that the most popular configuration was two MH-2s plus its original gun, the BW-2, and a power amplifier.

I have to admit that the appearance is quite high.

B&O A9

Although it is more expensive than the B&O A9 when you buy it, it is actually better to say that the sound and simplicity of the minimalist home are actually better.

Well, after reading the example, look at the product.

The evaluation sample sent over this time is quite weird in color…

In fact, both models have black and white colors.

Let’s look at the big brother FR-1 first

Looks like a three-way frequency

The FR-1 is a flat, large speaker with different dimensions for all three units.

The top is 6.5 inches, the midrange is 1 inch, and the bottom is an 8-inch unit

In the later trials of the FR-1, the deepest impression on me was that the midrange was prominent, the atmosphere was super good, and it was super easy to push.

Moreover, this box is quite characteristic of hanging on the wall.

Install this iron backplate first

Then the small piece of iron is mounted on the wall, and as soon as it slides, it is fixed.

And MH-2, hanging the wall is simpler.

A cement nail will do it

MH-2 is indeed a representation of thin and small.

Let’s compare it with the FR-1.

It’s a little thinner, indeed

Continue to the official materials

According to the official introduction, MH-2 also has special wall hanging pieces

Just pay special attention!

Regardless of FR-1

Whether you use a large box or a small box, you must bury the line on the wall in advance, so that the speaker will be beautiful after it is on the wall.

Listen to the Lyngdorf FR-1 5.1 channel cinema performance

Then, of course, this set of Lyngdorf FR-1 composed 5.1 to try, the first three RF-1, surround MH-2, subwoofer starke SW12, amplifier Marantz SR7015.

This usage is actually an insult to the appearance of this set of boxes, and this set of boxes should all be hung on the wall to look good.

But it’s true that the newsroom doesn’t have a better way, so everyone can only watch it.

In the official documentation for the FR-1, Lindalf repeatedly stressed that this pair of boxes has a very good midrange.

In actual use, I can say that this description is very accurate – FR-1 is not a high-resolution speaker, because his energy distribution is centered on the midrange, and then naturally extends to the high and low frequencies.

First of all, I listened to the concert of Zhou Huajian, which was commonly used in recent trials, and with this cinema experience, it focused not on replaying the concert’s super sound stage, but on the singer’s voice interpretation.

The sound is thick and loose, and the undulations of the sound are particularly pronounced, and the SR7015 easily introduces the dynamics of this box.

Then I tried Jean Hisaishi’s concert, and to be honest, I don’t think the performance of this pure instrument is the strong point of this box. Because it is not a product that focuses on the sense of sound line, analysis and the extension of both ends of the sound.

Think about it, if you want a speaker to have a good extension of the low frequency, the cabinet must be large. This kind of thin speaker is born to sacrifice some performance in exchange for appearance and ease of use.

Of course, if from the neighbor company outside my office, random people come and ask, does this Hisaishi make the concert good! They’re going to sound good because he’s not a professional audio player or audiophile.

“Red Fox Scholar”

“Red Fox Scholar” I watched it completely in this theater! I have to sigh that the dialogue, sound atmosphere and sound dynamics of this theater system are really good. Colleagues sitting at the workstation are sighing, this system has a really strong sense of cinema!

The good dialogue has a lot to do with this combination of 8-inch and 6.5-inch units

What is cinematic? In fact, it is some common feelings that everyone has in commercial cinemas – such as the sound is magnetic, very thick, and easily brings you into the play. The sound is dynamic and has a strong sense of undulation. At the same time, the sound has a strong sense of wrapping, allowing you to put yourself in the atmosphere created by the film.

At the same time, the sound characteristics of Lindorf’s set of speakers can make it not noisy at loud volumes. This is very much in line with the average non-enthusiast user.

Because for high-quality speakers with very high analytical power, if you want to be loud and not noisy, then you must invest a lot of money in the amplifier. Because the amplifier is distorted at loud volumes, the horn can be easily displayed.

MH-2, a 5-inch speaker, is smaller than many 4-inch bookshelf boxes. It ensures midrange performance while maximizing the speaker’s beauty.

It’s just that this series of speakers can indeed be hung on the wall, so don’t use a tripod to place it

Then I used this system to listen to a lot of movies that I usually use for trials, and the overall performance is that you can listen to it for a long time without stress, which is actually very good.

Written at the end:

During the trial period, a friend happened to visit, and I didn’t show him any sound effects, but I put the picture below.

This is the theme song of the slam dunk sung live by the middle-aged Shangbinsheng – “Until the End of the World”, although this clip is actually a recorded Japanese TV program, Shangbinsheng middle-aged Fa Fu is not as handsome as when he was young. But this did not affect the eyes of the visiting friends who heard tears in the slightest.

What you say about sound theater is more resonant than recalling youth. Lindorf’s system plays this song “Until the End of the World” with a good sense of atmosphere, which accomplishes this goal very well.

In the past, I was always picking faults with products, and I didn’t like audio products that were not based on extreme performance.

Ultra-thin speakers were immoral to me before.

And now, I’ve been doing career evaluation for 15 years, and I’m not a hairy boy who just got out of school.

Speakers like the Lindalf FR-1 and MH-2, the way I look at it now, are really very suitable for people who say, “I’m not an audiophile, I just want to buy a good sounder.” ”