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Published by the Consumer Association

Results of the bedding comparison test

A total of 100 samples

Random purchases are made in physical stores and e-commerce platforms

The unit price ranges from 58 yuan to 6297.99 yuan

The result is displayed

24 sample products

There is a problem with the instructions for use

27 samples

There is a problem with the intrinsic quality

Non-standard samples of nominal trademarks involve:

Yalu, Yu Zhaolin, Langsha

NanJiren, PLAYBOY, etc


“Yalu”, “Yu Zhaolin”, “Langsha” and so on

The instructions for use do not meet the standards

After verification, 24 of the 100 samples purchased in the comparative test did not meet the requirements of the standard.

Mainly there are problems such as failure to label the name and address of the manufacturer, failure to label the product name, product standard number, failure to label the safety category, lack of durability label, non-standard number type, and non-standard washing mark.


“Yalu” and other 5 samples

The fiber content clearly does not match the actual measurement

The results of this comparative test showed that the fiber content of 5 of the 100 samples was clearly inconsistent with the actual measurement.

The fiber content does not meet the standard, which is mainly reflected in the inconsistency between the explicit fiber name and the actual fiber, the large gap between the explicit component content and the actual fiber, and the non-standard fiber name.


“Fleur Friends” and other 3 samples

The pH value is outside the range required by the national standard

pH value is a safety indicator reflecting the pH of textile products, pH value beyond the range of human skin adaptation, will cause irritation and corrosion effect on human skin, damage to the sweat gland system and nervous system of the human body, and harm to the health and safety of consumers.

After testing, the pH value of 3 out of 100 samples exceeded the range required by the national standard.


“NanJiren” “Yu Zhaolin”

The breaking strength of 20 samples was poor

Breaking strength is to measure the ability of bedding to resist external forces, kneading and twisting bedding when washing or dragging and dragging bedding when there are heavy objects on the bed, products with poor strength are prone to fabric surface fracture, and the size of the breaking strength of bedding directly affects its service life. The higher the breaking strength value, the more durable the bedding.

The test results showed that 20 out of 100 samples had poor breaking strength.


“PLAYBOY” “Dream Taste”

The Color Fastness index of the three samples was poor

Color fastness refers to the firmness of fabric dyeing, when the color fastness is poor, the dye may be transferred from the textile to the skin, which not only affects the wearing and aesthetics, but also causes harm to the human body. In this comparative test, the color fastness to water, acid and alkali perspiration, color fastness to dry rubbing, color fastness to wet rubbing, color fastness to soap washing, and color fastness to light were tested.

The test results showed that the Color Fastness index of the three samples was poor.


“LF” sample

The quality deviation rate of silk filler

Filler quality deviation refers to the proportion of the difference between the quality of all silk filled with silk and the explicit quality, after testing, only one sample of 20 silk quilt samples The quality deviation rate of silk quilt filler exceeds the standard requirement range, reaching 120%.

According to the analysis, the reason why the quality deviation rate of filler does not meet the standard should be that the manufacturer does not understand the standard thoroughly, and there is no problem if the actual filling quality is more than the explicit value. In fact, the filling quality deviation rate must be within a certain positive and negative range, too much or too little.

Purchase reminder: be cautious if it is significantly lower than the market price

❒ Consumers should purchase in reputable shopping places and e-commerce platforms with standardized after-sales service; Products whose price is significantly lower than the market price generally cannot guarantee their quality; When purchasing, you should ask for formal bills and retain shopping vouchers to protect your legitimate rights and interests.

❒ Products with complete clear identification should be given priority as much as possible (the name and address of the manufacturer, product name, specification and model, composition and content of raw materials used, washing method, implementation standard, quality level, basic safety category that the product conforms, etc., and the specification model, the composition and content of the raw material used, and the washing method must use durability labels. )。

❒ Preference is given to products with high yarn count (more than 60 counts); Preferred grade first-class products; Do not use products that smell a pungent smell when opening the package at the time of receipt.

❒ Darker bedding, soaping and rubbing color fastness is relatively poor, consumers choose the color of bedding light and medium tones is appropriate.

❒ Bedding should be washed before use. When using silk quilt products, it should be washed according to the express requirements of the instructions for use of the goods, and after a period of use (or before storage, long-term use) should not be exposed to the hot sun, stored in a ventilated and dry place, and do not put chemical agents such as insect repellents.

Source: China Consumer News