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The autumn is more wind and rain, the wind and rain, so that the weather is getting colder, but also makes autumn becomes more and more bleak. But more wind and rain, there will be a sunny, the autumn sunshine, the bright and clear, there is no hot summer hot, and it is warm in the cool, let people feel stable, leisurely. Qiu Qing, let people relax and make people cherish.

Since ancient times, the autumn is sorrow, I said the Spring Disease.

Clear air is on the clouds, and the poetry is in terms of tits.

– Tang Liu Yuxi “autumn”

Since ancient times, every time, the world will always feel sad and lonely, unbearable. The poet believes that the fall will win in the fall. Under the sunny blue sky, a white crane relieves the clouds, this traveled scene, suddenly introduced the poet’s poetry to the sky, where is there half of the sadness? Qingming’s weather is not only unmanually feeling sad, but will be extraordinarily unhappy.

Autumn is coming, although sunny autumn is self-contained, but also a few autumn.

Distance and night, Western, Western Shengluo.

The gathered jade dew, early geese, Jinhe.

Gao Shin is still secret, far away and sunny.

Huainan is under a leaf, conscious Dongting wave.

Tang Xu Huan “Early Autumn”

The long night, rang the prinity of the Qinshi, Western Surse, blowing green vine. Bai Lu’s residual grass with a few fireflies, autumn morning geese brushed through the golden river, go to Nanfei. Looking in morning, the tall trees are still relatively lush, and the rural mountains are distinct. It’s just early autumn, but Huainan has a verse of a leaf and knows that sensitive poets also realize the autumn love under the Woody leaves of Dongting.

The autumn scenery is colorful, while the weather is beautiful, it is more beautiful.

Lonely villages, the sun, the light old tree,

Little flying down.

Young mountain green water, white grass red leaves yellow flowers.

Yuan · Bai Pu “Tianshan Sha · Autumn”

The remote village reflects the sunset and will be exhausted, the faint light smoke shrouded the old autumn tree, and a geese in the distance was flying down. Autumn is really beautiful, everywhere is green water, autumn grass, flaming white autumn grass, fire red maple leaf, gorgeous yellow flowers, interlaced, and bathe, a faint cloud, add a warmth and warmth.

The autumn is high, the cloud is light, the autumn is bleak and calmly happy, and the sunny autumn is even more bright and vibrant.

Thousands of hills, a pismine.

Buffling Shu Chengbi, Qing Hui Li.


望 前 岭, 南 南 荣.

In order to ask the martial art, why should he have the same name.


– Song Liu Zai “Wonderful to the Second, the first one”

I can’t look at the mountains, the fog is scattered, and everything is shrouded in the golden sun. Western wind blows, cool, the sky is also joyful, Qiu Yang is in the world, transparent and cute. In such a bright weather, the poet is roofed in the mountains. He is hesitant to continue, of course, the sun is so good, still can’t stop. At this point, he just wants to ask those who give up fame and fame in order to be vegetables and squid, just have enough? Why do you manage the reputation behind it! People, it is to be like autumn sunlight, even if you have a vicissitudes, you have to live, not afraid.

The weather is sunny, go out, look at the scenery, while relaxing.

The horse wears the hills of the jaws, and Xin Ma Yiyo is booming.

Wan Mili has a good evening, and the peak is not loosened.

梨 leaves falling, buckwheat, white snowfall.

What is ignorant, the village bridge is like an inwomen.

– Song Wang Yizhen “Village Dow”

The horse riding on the mountain road, I saw the first place of the road next to the chrysanthemum, the poet was hung, and the poet was walking. The thousands of mountains have echoed the sound in the evening, but it is like a quiet sun, and a house is silent in the sun. The leaves of the pear are red, like the rouge, the white buckwheat flowers bloom, and the fragrance is dried. Such a beautiful scenery, the poet suddenly felt, why? It turned out to see the villages, bridges and trees, are like their hometown! At this moment, the most soft place in my heart was touched.

Autumn is picturesque, there is a flea touching and moving in Qiuyang.

Jiangcheng is like a painting, the mountain is good in the sky.

Two water clamps, double bridge falling rainbow.

Human smoke cooked, autumn old oldlatopath.

Who reads the North Building, Linfeng Hui Xiegong.

Tang Li Bai “Qiu Deng Xuancheng Xie Yugu North Building”

The city’s city is as beautiful as in the painting, the mountains are getting late, the poet is on the sunny sky. The lake between the two water is bright as the mirror, the two bridges on the river seem to fall into the rainbow of the world. The thin smoke in the village is covered with orange pomeways, and the phoenix in the late autumn is old. The poet is emotional, at this time, will anyone like me, board the North Building, catering the cool autumn wind, miss Xie Gong?

Sunny autumn, there is no cold, and there is no sadness, there is only one colorful picture, sunshine is the best dye.


A semi-Jiangsu semi-river is half-river.

Poor September three nights, Dew like the pearl months like a bow.

– Tang Bai Juyi “江 吟”


In the evening, the sunset has not been sinking, and a latte is on the water, it is precise. Half river water is full of sunlight, it is flashed, red is glare, and half of the rivers, but still dark green. The strong contrast of this color, the darkness of the light and shadow, is the beautiful beauty of nature! But the poet believes that the most lovely is the night of September, the dew is like crystal pearls, and the bend is like a delicate bow. The pleasure of the poet, with the love of the autumn, all in the line.

Although the autumn sun is gorgeous, it can be expelled, but it may not be able to discover the heart of the people. People, not only the people in the season, but also people in the red dust world.

After the ancient Taiwan, the autumn is looking forward to the countryside.


Wild Temples have less, Yunfeng water is deep.

The sunset is based on the solar base, and the cold is full of air forests.

Director in the Dynasty, the Yangtze River is alone.

– Tang Liu Changqing “Autumn Term Wu Gongtai Shang Temple”

When I came to ancient Taiwan, I saw only a piece of break, and the grass was witnessed, looking at the scenery of the fall, could not help but more homesick. Remote temples, rare people from the pedestrians. The water is covered in the clouds in the clouds, and it is more delicious. The sunset arrived in the old city and did not fall, and the woods were ringing in the woods. The poet is feeling in the southern chart, but what is the use? Is there anything in the world? Only the Yangtze River that is rolling!


If there is a one or two people yourself, the sunny day is real sunny, and where is happiness?

The Hanshan turned into a green, autumn water day.

Outside the crude house, Linfeng listened.

The ferman is laid in the market, and the market is in the market.

Rehabilitation is drunken, and the mad song is before.

Tang Wang Wei “川 居 裴 秀”

The Hanshan is getting more and more green, and the autumn water will flow a day. The poet is a cane, standing outside the house, welcoming the autumn wind, listening to the evening. The sun is fast, and a smoke is raised in the village. What happens, faint Qiushan atmosphere. At this point, in front of the poet that Feidi drunk, hand dance, mad songs in the face of Mr. Wu Liu. This kind of friend is too interesting?

When the weather is fine, I gathered with my friends and I will forget.

In the golden mountains, there is an autumn.

Zi Temple Hengzhou Island, returning to the water cloud.

The sunset is on the shore, and it is clear from the tide.

Under the Zen forest, the furnace incense was burned.


– Tang Ma Dai “Send 僧 金山”

The autumn is divided, in the mountains of Jinling, the sound of sound is constantly. At this time, I sent a good friend, and his temple was on the water island, looking at him on the boat and saved the water cloud in the distance. The sunset is in the river bank, gradually sinking, accepted with the tide, and hears the clear voice. Imagine the distant medorelin, the friend in the moonlight, burn incense, joy and peace. Thinking of this, the poet also is sincerely happy.

Qiuqing is the beauty of God, and a good mood is the best gift to himself.

Cold cold three-autumn night, I will be happy.

After the laying lanter is off, sleep in the rain.

The gray centers are hot, and the fragrance is warm.

Xia Qing is not from the cold, the frost leaves are full of red.

– Tang Bai Juyi “autumn rain night sleep”

The cool autumn night, the poet is very safe and leisure. After the light is extinguished, it will be lying down for a long time, in the rain of the dragon, enter the sweet dream. The fuel in the drying bottle is turned into ashes in the night, only gives it to the temperature of the heat. The outside is already fine, but it is still cold, the poet is desirable, through the window, he saw the stone steps filled with red ganquered maple leaves. After the night rain, I finally had a good weather, I believe the poet will not end the temptation of sunny days, and the sun is coming to an intimate hug.

Sunny autumn, such as poetic pictures, make people enjoy it. Even if you don’t leave your home, you will deeply understand its beauty.

Rain wash autumn emptiness like water, Wah is floating.

A good wind sunny day is the net, it is a quiet person.

– Song Zheng Wei “Qiu Qing”

The autumn empty after the rain is washed, the water is clear, the green tile is floating, and the color is azorated. The wind is blowing, and the sun is quietly shines, and the window of the mask is also spread. At this point, not only is suitable for travel, play, and it is appropriate to prevent disease. Sunny weather, beautiful scenery, first of all, make people feel more comfortable, and there is a lot of illness.

In the sunny autumn, do something you like, feel the beauty of the autumn sun, let us know more and grateful. Not every day, you can meet warm, bright sunshine meet, once you encounter, just love each other, don’t miss it, let’s live.


Whey rain, women who like poetry, find a beautiful detail in the four seasons, and I will leave warm memories.