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In everyone’s solid thinking, microwave ovens are used for hot leftovers, but in fact, microwave ovens can also sterilize, thaw ingredients, steam rice, baked potato chips, flapjacks… The effect is super extensive!

I really want to buy a microwave oven, but there are so many microwave ovens on the market, which one should I buy? What brand to buy?

Comprehensive practicality, efficiency, cost performance these three considerations,

After layers of screening, today, Discovery Jun recommends it for you

4 domestic microwave ovens,

If you want to buy a microwave, don’t miss it!

First, Galanz microwave oven: recommended model: P70F20CL-DG

When it comes to microwave ovens, we have to mention Galanz, which can be said to be a leading enterprise in the microwave oven industry and one of the world’s largest professional manufacturers of microwave ovens.

Galanz’s microwave oven is called “

Delicious magic box

“, is Galanz’s explosive model, 20L capacity, very suitable for home, 700W efficiency, ideal temperature, food fire is easy to control.

Exterior piano paint, black crystal explosion-proof panel, special material, atmospheric easy to clean. High-definition LCD display, large-screen intelligent control buttons,

Easy to identify, easy to operate, more convenient for elders

Flat microwave ovens, easier to clean than traditional microwave ovens, have more usable space, heat more evenly, and no amount of soup will spill.

It has a prominent design that is

Smart appointments

, eat whenever you want. Also bring your own

24 smart menus

, full of variety, eat whatever you want.

The price is also cheap

, the daily price of the flagship store is 419 yuan, and the price is lower when doing activities, and you can buy it for more than 300.

Second, Galanz intelligent light wave microwave oven: recommended model: G80F23CN3XL-R6K

This one is compared to the one above

Slightly steamed and baked in one

Yes, and it is a light wave furnace, and the two modes of light wave microwave can be operated separately or simultaneously.

It is recommended because it is highly technological, and can be controlled remotely and intelligently with a mobile app

, that is to say, you can control the microwave oven with your mobile phone, doesn’t it sound amazing? It can also be connected with Tmall Genie for some functional operations.


Humidity sensing

It is also magical, can intelligently sense food steam, automatically set the fire and time, and automatically complete the cooking program.

Secondly, it has also done enough work in the heating of ingredients, its “nutritional thawing” function, whether it is natural thawing, boiling water thawing, will cause damage to the ingredients, the general microwave oven will also cause the state of external cooking and internal freezing, but Galanz’s microwave oven perfectly solves the old problem of defrosting,

Different thawing modes are adopted for different ingredients.


The appearance is beautiful enough

, the switch is opened downward, there is a little mirror feeling, it is especially beautiful in the kitchen, it can be said to be a gospel for fashionable housewives.

The cost performance is very high, the current flagship store activity price is 499 yuan, it can be said that it is very cost-effective!

3. Midea microwave oven: recommended model: M1-L213C

Midea is also a very famous domestic home appliance brand, and Midea’s microwave oven ranked second among the nine brands with the highest customer recommendation index in China in 2018.

“Beautiful life, everything from simplicity”, this is probably the biggest concept of this microwave oven with simple design and simple use.

Easy to operate! It is the biggest selling point of this microwave oven, and the elderly and children will operate it

, If the microwave oven introduced above dazzles you, or the microwave oven is bought for the elderly and children at home, then this beautiful microwave oven must be the best choice.

It’s also worth saying that it has one

Baby Expert feature

Very suitable for Baoma

, there are 4 major baby recipes, you can change the pattern to make a warm nutritious meal for the baby, the most important thing is that its safety is in place, waterproof and heatproof, layer by layer protection, green and healthy.

It also has one

Electronic sterilization and deodorization function

, I think it is also very practical.

This microwave oven is super cost-effective, and the current official flagship store is priced at 379 yuan.

4. Haier household light wave microwave oven: recommended model: MZK-2380EGCZ

Haier’s light wave furnace is different from the Gladis light wave furnace recommended above, this light wave furnace is

Steaming, baking and baking in one

Yes, one machine multi-purpose, steaming and baking three-pronged, want to have these three functions at the same time friends, buy it is not wrong!

This light wave furnace is Haier’s explosive microwave oven, with a large capacity,

23L large capacity can definitely meet the needs of families,

Light waves and microwaves are two-pronged, and the heating is more uniform.

I think the best thing about him is it

Multi-layer protective panel design effectively reduces radiation

to protect the health of your family. There are also three-stage interlocking controls, safety distance rods, these designs are very safe, after all, safety is the most important!

It also has a thoughtful and interesting design

Child lock function

, after selecting this function, the control panel will enter a locked state, and any case cannot be started.

It can effectively prevent children from opening unintentionally

。 If you have children at home, you can consider this one.

This microwave oven is currently priced at 489 yuan in the flagship store, and you can sell it if you like it.

The above is the recommendation of Discovery Jun, is there any of the above recommendations that excites you? Let’s talk to the message area and find Jun! Or you can also recommend and recommend the model and price that is easy to use, and the good thing is to share~