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The most IN accessory for Fall/Winter 2015 – the Burberry fringed shawl

The warm cape shawl may not be the freshest fashion item this season, but it is the most versatile street photo item in autumn and winter, and it is also very popular among celebrities. When it comes to cape shawls, hipsters naturally think of the little Burberry blanket that hit the world last winter. That’s right, since the introduction of this colorful checked shawl, it has set off a fashion trend in the fashion industry.

So for Fall/Winter 2015, Burberry once again “strikes while the iron is hot” with an upgraded version of this money-making fashionable piece, complemented by mellow prints or the hot tassels as a decorative cape and shawl, and crafted from insulating wool, cashmere and wool sheepskin. Incorporating the finest fabrics into everyday wear makes each shawl the perfect fit for the cooler autumn. Even big names like Kate Moss and Rachel Zoe are fans of Burberry’s new cape shawl, so how can you miss it?

Kate Moss appeared on the streets of London wearing a Burberry black suede fringed shawl

Rachel Zoe wore a Burberry purple stacked fringed shawl to the “Fashion Icon of the Year” breakfast

Classic handsome suede:

With the classic elements of the 70s making a comeback in the autumn and winter of 2015, the most “low-key” fashion keyword is suede, which has also become the most “high-profile” fashion item. Silvano Vangi, director of women’s clothing buyers at LuisaViaRoma, a well-known Italian e-commerce company, once said: “I have always liked leather and suede, and I always wear black. So black and suede are destined to be timeless classics, and it’s no wonder that even iconic icon Kate Moss loves Burberry’s black suede shawl. Fashion is for sure, never going out of fashion is the key!

Burberry Fall/Winter 2015 black suede shawl

Burberry Fall/Winter 2015 accessories

Purple suede fringed shawl

Wang Likun appeared at the airport wearing a Burberry navy tassel shawl

Tahara appeared in Beijing with Burberry green tassel shawl and The Bucket fringed suede bucket bag

Dashing warm tassels:

Are you still worried about the three layers inside and three layers outside the autumn and winter dressing? So you’re a stylish insulator, but who wouldn’t want “beauty beats the cold”? Trendy flower butterflies will definitely recommend your cashmere felt shawl. With it draped over my body, my mother no longer has to worry about me wearing less in winter, and the simple and elegant monochrome design with hand-cut tassel elements is really a “box treasure” for several seasons.

Burberry accessories for 2015

Blue-gray shawl

Burberry Fall/Winter 2015 Green shawl

South Korean actor UIE Kim Youjin appeared at Charles de Gaulle Airport wearing a Burberry checked blanket shawl

Fashion stylist Liu Xiao appeared in Shanghai wearing a Burberry cashmere-blend blanket shawl

If you want to concave the blanket model:

Burberry (Burberry) classic blanket shawl popularity is probably seal-jun needless to say, following the colorful blanket launched last year, this year will be upgraded to the shape, the launch of a new double-sided check shawl, which is more convenient for stars, styles of concave shape, it can really be described as “a blanket in hand, concave all over the world invincible.” ”

Well, after looking at the above three stylish and warm cape shawls, if you want to buy yourself such a fashionable piece, then hurry up before it becomes “screen bombing”.

Check shawl

Burberry grey checked shawl for fall/winter 2015

Burberry Fall/Winter 2015 accessories