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高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

Creative position statement:

When we purchase goods, we often tangled, expensive things are certain, big brands and even imported brands are simply worthwhile because of certain functional experiences of brand values ​​or products, then this series will compare The difference in the same product is different from the price of the price, to provide a reference for everyone’s purchase.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

First, why do you want to buy a high bed?

In response to the three-child policy of the country? Yes, of course, may not be.

If you are not sure if you want to have a second child or 3 tires, the number of houses is limited. It can really consider buying a high-low bed back, it is naturally planned, but for the family, I only plan to have a baby, the high and low bed is the same. Very good choice.

The reason is as follows:

1 The appearance is richer, hugged, and more private

Take a girl bed as an example

Let’s first take a look at the regular children’s bed, find a more designed

It is a popular lathe, which is a big time to give the designer.

Next, look at the two high and low photos.

in conclusion:

The high and low bed itself is more complicated. There are many kinds of wine that can be played in the infrastructure. In fact, there are many different combinations that can be used alone, and there are many different forms. And ordinary single-layer children’s bed can only improve the design by adding elements.

Moreover, the lower row of the high and low bed is actually three-sided, the top floor is to be safe than four-sided, which can better create a child’s own private space.

2 to meet the children’s entertainment needs

When the child was 3 years old, she took her to Sanya, and the hotel was a duplex room. There is a long stair, just arrived in the room, the child pulled my upper floor downstairs several rounds. For children, there is a place where the home can climb, only favorable for the child’s growth.

If the space in the family is enough, you can buy this kind of bed with itself and the side cabinet and the slider, let the bed itself become the child’s entertainment.

The home is not very large (especially the old community school), the upper bed can become a child’s entertainment space, parents can also go to play with their children.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

It is estimated that there is a friend who is worried about the safety of high and low beds. Individuals believe that children have parents’ care when they are at home, and he said that he said to the bed, and the precautions in the shop, these are not a problem. After all, the child went to kindergarten and elementary school, and more people who couldn’t see in the teacher also avoided climbing (thinking about the deaths we have done when we were young), it would be better to do good as at home.

3 The storage space is richer.

In fact, I started to buy a high bed is intended to put some sundries in the bed. If the bed is rich, it is a routine operation, and the placed in the box is kept neatly. Of course, there is still a matter of being in the future, but it is also a lot of additional storage space. For example, a side cabinet, especially the bottom cabinet is suitable for placing some long strips. The bookshelf can be placed on the side of the bed.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

At the bottom, you can choose to select the cabinet, and the actual storage space of the bed and the normal childbar are basically the same.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

Second, the high and low bed of different structures

In fact, there are many other combination of combined structures than a common upper and lower bed.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

1 regular uplift bed

2 go next to the bed

It is a bit similar to a better university dormitory, which is suitable for a small number of houses, because there is indeed some small apartment-style room to put down the bed, then the learning table is really promoted. But from practicality, daily is still less convenient. If space is getting worse, it is not necessary to choose this.

Of course, you can also use it for a careful bed in the case of children’s beds.

3 drawer bed

The lower bed can also take it back, this is basically a large number of people in the family and the choice is limited.

After the bed is returned, the leg space is limited when studying in the table, and there is a place, but it is not open), and this structure actually looks cheap and strong.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

4 Interlaced tops

This form may not be bucket, and below is the table. This form is more level in space, the lower shop is the largest single-size 1-meter-wide big bed, mainly to reduce the feeling of many hostel.

5 parallel interlaced tops

Compared to horizontal space, if you arrange reasonable words, it is very beautiful. The cabinet can also be made into a table, but I think it is a good choice to make a coffee.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

6 child busbar

This model actually has no overlap in longitudinal space.

Third, the core of price difference: material

Because the structure of the high and low bed is more, many products that have vowed to declare that solid wood may only be that four support columns are solid wood, in fact, the composition of the high and low bed, including:

Four support pillars, a total of 5 fences or plates of the upper and lower layers, the fences or plates of the lower beads, the four skeletons of the upper and lower beds, the main body and their pedals, and the bed plate (also have skeleton). If you add a variety of accessories, then more.

For example, this home is very real, writing the materials used in each part.

If each of the above is used, the cost will naturally be too low, and the cost of using the synthetic sheet will generally fall, the synthetic plate itself has the advantages and disadvantages. For example, a high-ground bed claims that he is eucalyptus, then you have to ask which parts are beech, what else is used in other parts.

As soon as the solid wood bed column, it is to tell you – I have other parts of the plate.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

First, let’s talk about the types of wood, common bed, loose, rubber wood, beech, cherry wood, white wax wood, etc.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

1, pine

Let’s talk about pine: pine can be the most common high-cost wood, for a common, because of the solid wood it is cheap. There are some kind known as solid wood but did not say what they are wood, probably pine.

The pine is characterized by light weight, clear wood grain, simple intensity, simple, natural smell (can be an advantage).

The disadvantage is that the wood is soft, non-tissue, the weighing ability is relatively weak, so you can see the high and low-bed support of pine wood is very thick, to ensure load weight. In addition, pine wood is long and easy to deform, and there are many scars in the texture of the pine itself, affecting beauty.

The high and low bed using pine is generally a medium and low-end products in the market, and there is a lot of log colors.

It is better to make the Finnish Song and Pinus Pine, and the earthen is a little longer, but these two are good wood, performance has excellent performance, generally the home of the north, the home of the home. Southern Southern Pleasant in Finland.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

South American pine and New Zealandon are generally general.

2, rubber wood

In addition to pine, the second number of wood for children’s bed is rubber wood. Except for the performance of wood itself, I think a feature of rubber wood is that business and shopping guide can be blurred when promoting, and said their products are oak. In fact, oak and rubber wood are completely different two woods, and the properties differ greatly. Rubber wood is actually very familiar, which is the wood of the rubber tree in the car tire and the latex pillow.

The advantage of rubber wood is that the growth cycle is short, the toughness is good, the wear is resistant, the texture is uniform, and the load is strong. Basically, most of these disadvantages of pine wood is all complemented.

The disadvantage of rubber wood is precisely the advantages of pine wood, and if there is no good anti-corrosion treatment, it is easy to pest, mold. Moreover, rubber wood is fast, although the intensity is better than pine, but it is still inferior to other advantageous wood ratios, and it is easy to deformed for a long time. Alternatively, the rubber wood is pointed, if there is no very thick paint surface, the seam is very obvious, affecting the beautiful, so the rubber wooden bed will be much less.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

3, beech

Nanyang Beech is a kind of wood, which is more familiar. For the northerners, it is directly understood that eucalyptus is the southern banyan, and they are the same, many properties are similar, but the overall quality is better than Elm. .

However, doing high and low bed truly eucalyptus, there is a beech called beech. Its and beech is not the same subject at all, in fact it is more close to the oak. Most of the most known as the use of beech is a uncel.

However, although the beech seems to have the meaning of the autumn wood, it is also very high quality furniture production materials, hardness and weight are very large, and the white wax wood to be said is quite. So use is durable, wear-resistant and durability is more good, but it does not dominate on the ripple, but this is obviously not important for high and low beds.

4, white wax

White wax and water Quillow are often confused, the subjects of the two are very close, so the industry seems to have basically default this confusion. The price of white wax is more expensive, but there is no difference, so if a product claims that he is a white wax, then even if it is a water, then it is slightly blowing a little bit of cow.

The color of the white wax wood is small, color, uniform texture, high hardness and strength, high surface gloss.

Disadvantages are expensive prices, two is to make the dry process require high, it is also afraid that it is more dry for a long time, otherwise it is easy to crack.

5, walnut

The high and low bed of the market is known as a walnut wood, you believe it. Walnut is actually walnut, the most authentic walnut is North American black hut, but because it is too famous, there are a lot of imitation in the market. The big waves, now more common imitation is more common is Lorenmu and African Augustan and many South American black hut. The so-called walnut high, the price is high, the probability is Lundhe.

Lighten wood is very god. Do you think who it is, it can take the heat, this is a golden walnut, there is a golden teak. However, its own hardness intensity is good, the only thing is easy to crack in too cold or overheating. Wood prices and rubber wood are basically on a horizontal line.

In addition to the good performance of hardwood, true walnuts, the most colorful or its natural chocolate color and a good look.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

6, cherry wood

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

In fact, there are many cherry wood on the market, but with Walnut is mainly famous, compared with the concept, cherry wood is a fake, the most common is to use Southwest birch, but it is because of cherry wood itself. The name is relatively clear, so the real big brand, but not dare to take fake wood to the cherry wood.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

Cherry wood itself is a very popular hardwood in North America, but in hardwood families, it is actually soft. In this way, it has brought a benefit to process, some of the complex patterns can also be made with cherry wood. The texture is characterized, so, especially the color will gradually reduce the red with the increase in the year after processing.

In fact, the physical properties of these woods have been excellent after rubber wood, and they can be eliminated in the production of children, and more expensive wood is more beautiful. .

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

Here is a picture from the merchant, reference is the data of the American Broad-leaved Wood Association, should be reliable, the way the red walnut is not authentic Walnut. And the water in the figure below is actually the rubber wood above the figure, and the beech is actually a beech. The hardness of the cherry wood without a table is 4226.

In addition, pay attention to whether it is a mattress when buying a bed, after all, the cost of the mattress is also very low, beware of the online or offline some merchants to do activities to reduce the price shrink mattress, or simply do not match the mattress. Children’s mattresses are generally a mad pad.

By the way, the accessories of highland beds are more common, and we are more common below.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

1 bookshelf

2 ladder cabinet

3 trapp

4 drawer

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

5 slide

What you need to choose, but your personal point is that if you don’t have a need for a family, you don’t recommend buying a trapper. The advantage of the trap can be dragged out to form another bed, but our general family actually has this kind. Demand, the best accommodation in relatives is home nearby. And the trap will take up a lot of space itself.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

The drawer is quite practical. It is more convenient to take things. Of course, there is a high-low bed bed, which is hydraulically supported, so it is more convenient than the drawer.

Fourth, the details that cannot be ignored

The first is the front support beam, look at the following two pictures.

You will find that the support beam of the figure below is much better than the top map, then is it not above the bed?

The answer is: not necessarily.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

First of all, the material of the first bed is pine, one of the relative conveyance in solid wood, the weighing ability itself is weak, and the following bed is rubber wood, although it is not a good wood, but the strength is more intensity than pine It is much better, especially to pay attention to the first front support is a curved, which is weaker than the fully vertical support structure, so it is also necessary to be more coarse wood.

Next, see what the ladder of this picture and the top of the small crown are there.

The ladder above is a hollow. The child’s little hand can grasp the ladder through the hollow, and the following solid ladder only exists in low-end products, the child is actually very bad, very It is recommended to buy such products, after all, the child’s safety is the most important.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

Another detail that needs attention is that if it is a solid wood, then the solid wood part will use the original wood color, and the pattern and color are extremely rich in bed or part, so basically eliminate the possibility of solid wood. Such as this below.

Especially some of the price is more expensive, you are expensive to be on the woods and colors, who will come to a good colored paint.


Although this product used a lot of sheets, it can be seen that all corners of the column do a chamfering. It is better to prevent your baby from bumps.

However, here you have to say a shortcomings of the sheet, it can’t do chamfer. So in fact, this picture is very embarrassing.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

So I took a detail picture of my high bed. It can be seen that there is a rounded manner in the edges of the guardrail. Of course, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t do it. The upper and lower edges of the beam at the top of the guardrail are right angles, but still look soft than the plate. . Of course, in fact, this is also a multifacence, as some wood is more easy to process, and some wood is not easily processed into a variety of complex shapes.

There is also a lot of big brands that are not professional for children’s furniture, there is also one to two children’s high and low beds, but from my personal feelings in the furniture store, there is no advantage in the price workmanship and design, it is completely for themselves. Product line, personal is not recommended to purchase such products.

Therefore, the application, details and different parts of the plates and solid wood have also greatly affected the price.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

V. Quality products recommended

1, European American high-cost bed material: pine

All pine wood, cheap, the climber is 2000 yuan, and the carrier is also expensive to be 500 yuan, and the bookshelf will be used to use Jia Bao Li’s environmentally friendly water-paint.

2, Xi Meng Bao pure solid wood logs high and low bed material: pine

Shi Mengbao is a famous brand in the line. The overall price is not low. This is a basic paragraph of his home, and the appearance is simple, but it is good to use a full-wood pine material in the drawer and ladder. The key is to detail, and the parts of each with your baby have done a chamfer, and work is very good.

3, happy dream treasure marathon high bed material: pine

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

Marathon is a relatively high-end furniture, which is a very high-end furniture, in addition to the high-end bed, I have a single-storey bed closet and desk, color value and workmanship in his family’s single-storey bed closet and desks. It is very good, the only shortcoming may be expensive, after all, the material is just pine.

4, Songbao Kingdom, Pig Porch, theme bed material: rubber wood + white wax wood + pine wood

The Kingdom of Songbao is also a common brand, the price is still calculated. This bed is the simple wind of the Nordic, there is a crown, soaring sky, and the pig Pig Piqi can choose, mainly the panel is different. Woods with rubber wood, white wax wood and pine.

5, Cool Ruju Castle All solid wood high bed material: cherry wood

Visiting a lap line, the shape of Cool is relatively abundant, this 4000-headed high-cost bed main material uses FSA-level cherry wood, castle theme appearance, and the overall style is primarily. Of course, in view of the price, cherry wood should mainly use key parts such as support feet.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

6, Gree, all solid wood misplaced high, bed material: rubber wood

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

Many of the market is a plate, although good plate environmental protection is also guaranteed, but after all, if you choose to choose a wooden or choose solid wood, this high-low-bed material uses rubber wood, the bed part is pine, there is a bed And the two forms of the simple bed can be selected.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

7, big Vatican log color high bed material: beech

The highlight uses the European beech, the bed is hydraulically supported, and it is very convenient to take things under the bed. The appearance belongs to the minimalist, overall design. The connection part uses a mortuary structure, the bed sheet material is a fir, which seems to be in a strange, and the materials and workmanship are excellent.

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

8, Duojia up and down the same poetry high and low bed material: rubber wood

高低床:送给想生或者不想生二胎的你,品牌 、木材、结构怎么选

The high and low-bed selection of such a deep-walnut colored under the Qifang brand. If the furniture is the whole style, you can focus on this brand. This use of the same width structure, the color is deeply heavy, especially the part of the guardrail, reaching 47cm. If the child is relatively small in the family, it is slightly dangerous when the ladder climbed in the same paragraph.