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It’s really easy to get fat at home in the summer, so you must not lack exercise,

This summer,

The fashionable wearing method of “sweatpants + flats” is on fire

, very inclusive, not only can help you effectively improve leg shape problems, hide meat,

Choosing the right flats can make you 10 cm taller! Fashionistas wear it this way!

First, thin sweatpants

Too loose pants will not appear thin legs, on the contrary, may also make you look more fat visually, so choose the wide-leg pants that suit you is the most important, a reasonable range of pants is larger than the leg circumference, is the most suitable and thin

, leaving a certain amount of space, so that summer wear can be more breathable, close to a slightly wide fit, not exaggerated can also effectively modify the figure.

Fit selection

: Straight-leg wide-leg sweatpants with strong sense of line and drape, and the buttocks lifting effect of the wide and narrow fit at the top and bottom is great!

The proportion of the body is not good, choose high-waisted pants, and the shape of the bound feet has a strong modifying effect on sisters with bad leg shape.

Second, the high wearing method of people with short legs and poor proportions

1. Adjust your hairstyle

If your body proportion is relatively poor, the five-fifty body or six-four body wear nothing tall, even if you are 170 tall, but the upper body is 155,

To improve the proportion of the short legs, first of all, we can adjust the proportion of the whole body, starting with the hair

, short hair is taller, tie the hair up, or cut the hair short,

The length of the neck is exposed, which can effectively extend the proportion of the whole body.

In addition, if it is long hair, as long as it does not block the face and neck contour, it will also appear high, of course, it is not as good as the former.

2. Body posture

In addition to your own body proportions are not very good, one reason is short, have you ever thought that your daily habits affect your spine? Leads to the problem of bending over and hunching back, which will also shorten your overall height, through the above two pictures, we can clearly observe

Effectively improve the problem of kyphosis, it can help you gain at least 3 to 5 cm in height.

So this involves daily living habits, try to lower your head to play with your mobile phone, keep your spine in a vertical state,

It is recommended that everyone stand against the wall for about 20 minutes after eating, repeat it every day for ten days, and there will be a significant improvement in the situation, the longer you insist on it, the better!

Third, flat shoe selection

1. Lace sandals

Thin strappy sandals are more suitable for matching some skirts with the feeling of small family jasper,

So thick strappy sandals, worn on the feet, the style is opposite more sporty and dynamic.

In particular, the flat thick strappy sandals are very attractive with sweatpants

, breaking our previous way of wearing sweatpants and sneakers, sweatpants and thick lace-up sandals are more energetic and age-reducing.

Especially for some people with smelly feet, the breathability of strappy sandals is particularly high, and it is not easy to smell when running for a day.

2. Sneakers

Let’s talk about the traditional matching method, sneakers with any clothing is more casual, with sweatpants, the most inviolable,

Moreover, the sneakers are comfortable on the feet, which can effectively relieve the pressure on the feet, and you will not get tired of walking for a day.

It is recommended that you choose a softer and lighter sole, so that the foot feels more comfortable to step on, and at the same time, sneakers as a traditional shoe style, on

Feet are tall and thin, and can help you modify some leg shape!

3. Board shoes

Ordinary board shoes have a height-increasing effect, and the upper foot is also very suitable for sports,

Matching sweatpants is more casual, showing the shape of the ankle, which can make you immediately become a long-legged beauty,

No foot grinding, and it is also very well cared for, choose the right material, walk all day without stuffy feet.

Fourth, sweatpants + flat shoes wearing appreciation

1. Blue fake two-piece sweatshirt + gray wide-leg pants + color-block sneakers

The upper body is a light blue sweatshirt with fake two,

It has a layered feeling and is suitable for summer at the same time, and it will not feel hot too thick to wear. The lower body is a gray wide-leg sweatpants with a casual and loose fit with a strong inclusiveness.

If you are not good looking legs, choosing wide-leg pants can help you effectively solve it, with a pair of blue and white sneakers, a small area color echoes the color of the sweatshirt, and the overall outfit is rich and coordinated~

2. Pink purple polo shirt + dark blue cropped sweatpants + white board shoes

Sweatpants, of course, also include sports shorts.

Dark sweatpants add a sense of design through white edges, which can effectively stretch the proportion of leg length, and are simple and generous with the pink and purple polo shirt on the upper body.

The style of the energetic girl with small white shoes is simply too comfortable, and you can wear it at home!

3. White T + light blue shirt + gray corset sweatpants + color-block sneakers

The upper body is a simple printed T-shirt, with wide-leg pants with bound feet, very thin, showing that the position of the ankles is not easy to drag, sneakers are both tall and capable, layered with a light blue shirt, simple and generous,

Japanese style, T-shirt pulls sweatpants, worn alone is also very suitable for morning exercise!

The best way to lose weight is to exercise more, sweatpants + flats are in place, and the exercise plan is officially launched!

A holiday, to realize the counterattack road of the fat man, you and I can do it!!