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In the world of shirts, the fabric of men’s shirts is almost impossible to suspense, and the material is either pure cotton or polyester cotton. Secondly, you need to see if it is worsted and whether there is jacquard; If it is pure cotton, add or not add anti-wrinkle, and finally compare the number of counts, you can see whether it is good or bad. Expensive and expensive understand, cheap and cheap understand.

But the fabric of women’s shirts is not. Cotton, linen, silk, viscose, chiffon, modal … Is it dazzling you and don’t know where to start?

Speaking of which, we have to mention the essential difference between men’s and women’s shirts – different functions!

Men’s shirts are perfectly qualified to make boys look stronger and straighter;

And women’s shirts are in order to make girls look slimmer and more curvy, so there are so many choices.

Today, the party teacher will talk to you about several shirt materials that we commonly see.

Chiffon shirt with flesh fairy

The advantages of chiffon are light and breathable, soft and flowing, wear-resistant, good elasticity and not easy to fold, wear a light and breathable chiffon shirt on a hot summer day, the whole person is refreshed.

Breathable and refreshing linen shirt

The advantages of linen are good moisture absorption, good heat dissipation effect, cool and dry, soft and breathable, but there is a small defect is easy to wrinkle, not very easy to take care of, and need to be fineer when wearing.

The linen material itself has a dry and breathable effect, and the white is even more pure and refreshing, the combination of the two is very suitable for the hot summer, heat dissipation and breathability, cool and relieving heat.

Comfortable and versatile cotton shirt

A well-fitting cotton shirt is very formal. Cotton is soft and skin-friendly, and there is no seasonality, so it can be worn almost all year round.

Cotton shirts are also divided into plain cotton and plain cotton

High-woven cotton

, the latter is a fabric produced using high-density weaving, with a certain anti-wrinkle effect, its visual effect is relatively hard and stylish, can show the wearer’s capable, neat temperament, more heroic.

In addition to shining in the workplace, cotton shirts can also create an avant-garde look in daily life, which can make the look richer and more vivid.

Gorgeous silk shirt

Mulberry silk is an animal protein that has a superior affinity to human skin over other fabrics. Gently and gently covers the surface of the skin, bringing gentle care and nourishment to the skin, super comfortable.

The silk satin is full of light, but it does not lose the sense of decency and power of a shirt, not only has a sense of premium, but also has a woman’s femininity, full of affinity, even if it is not decorated, there will be a sense of gorgeousness, easily creating “low-key elegance”.

Warm and comfortable wool shirt

The wool fabric is delicate, soft and smooth, with a silk-like soft and bright natural luster, which is a very precious textile raw material. It is very warm, has good moisture absorption and breathability, and feels comfortable to wear.

Although it is still in hot weather, the beginning of autumn has arrived, indicating that the pace of autumn is gradually approaching. For autumn and winter weather, a wool shirt is the best item. From one-piece to layered underwear, a wide range of wear applications make it a classic among classics.

Autumn is the season to wear a shirt, and a shirt is also a must-have item in the wardrobe. Not only is it classic and stylish, but it can also create a variety of styles of Outfit, do you own shirts in these materials? Hurry up and get dressed!

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