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Good evening, I’m Granule!

At any time and in any place, there is probably no piece more beautiful and romantic than a dress.

Small skirts are no longer exclusive to summer, but in different seasons, some changes need to be quietly changed in the style of dresses.

For example, in the summer, we all like to wear warm, flamboyant, unrestrained little suspenders, but these seem to be a little too much in the autumn, and I always feel that it destroys the quiet and gentle atmosphere of autumn.

So, what should a dress that belongs to autumn look like?


Features of autumn dresses

Feature 1: The low-saturation Morandi color system is the main one

Every season is colored, such as summer, I think of the red of the blazing sun; In spring, I think of the green of the shoots; In autumn, I think of the yellow of the fallen leaves.

Different colors also represent different dressing styles, red, representing enthusiastic and flamboyant dressing styles; Yellow, representing a quiet, gentle dressing style…

Combining the above two points, autumn should be quiet and soft.

Just like the Morandi color system, the saturation is not high, and it will always give people a warm and bright, clean and atmospheric feeling, suitable for autumn.

On this basis, combined with the special cut of the dress, it directly fills the temperament and elegance.

Feature 2: The style is mostly medium and long

If there is a metaphor to describe autumn collocation, it is: as deep as the sea.

Specifically, it is necessary to be conservative in dressing, avoiding large areas of exposed skin or using sexier designs such as excessive hollowing.

It is best to choose a mid-length skirt, this feeling of wrapping and concealment will make the whole person look reserved and elegant.

Moreover, the temperature difference between morning and evening in autumn increases, and the whole person is surrounded by a long skirt to have a sense of security, not only can deal with temperature changes at will, but also inadvertently reveal the charm of autumn dresses.

But it doesn’t mean that it is to be wrapped to death, you can expose a small part of the skin at the neckline and cuffs, visually creating a sense of “white space”, even if it is a medium-length style, it will not look dull.

Feature 3: The overall atmosphere is biased towards comfort

The biggest thing about autumn is comfort.

Whether it’s hot roasted sweet potatoes, streets sprinkled with fallen leaves, or the right temperature, people are extremely covetous of this season.

It’s the same way to dress, you don’t have to wear some tight skirts for a concave body this season, and you don’t have to choose some cool slip dresses to resist the heat, and finally make yourself uncomfortable.

You can boldly choose a loose dress to ensure a comfortable outfit and a friendly fit.

The wide skirt can also flutter with the autumn breeze, lazy and casual, completely born for autumn.

The lukewarm temperature has more possibilities in the choice of items and collocation, such as dresses layered, mixed, etc. are good choices in autumn, so that you can wear fashionable and comfortable.

Look, different dresses represent different seasonal atmospheres, master these 3 characteristics, you know how to choose autumn dresses, right?

If it is still difficult to choose, Grain has also prepared some specific styles of dresses, just copy them!


Style recommendation

丨Simple everyday shirt skirt

For most people, simple daily dresses are the first choice, they are not exposed to a high degree of skin, the color scheme is simple and clean, whether it is a weekend street or daily work is not a big problem.

For example, the shirt skirt, there is no exaggerated design, but I don’t know that the neat and clean cut is its decisive move, and there is a sense of premium.

You don’t need to put in the effort to match it, a bright hat can make the look stand out instantly.

When the weather is cooler, you can use the universal CP of suit + shirt skirt to create a cool temperament, which is inexplicably eye-catching with the autumn atmosphere.

Notes on collocation:

Autumn is a good season to layer, in addition to matching suits, pick up knitted vests and shirts to highlight good clothes and cope with the temperature difference in autumn.

Just when layering, pay attention to:

・The feeling of volume of the coat must be greater than that of the inner layer to avoid swelling

・Jackets with different fabrics for dresses are more layered

丨Romantic and elegant printed skirt

The print itself is a very embellishment serious, and we must always maintain the principle of subtraction in the selection of items.

Especially in the autumn atmosphere, it is necessary to converge in the choice of décor and base color. Textures like this tonal are relatively more comfortable and attractive.

Or this base color and print are clearly divided and look clean. With a flexible and flowing skirt, it simply has an autumn atmosphere.

In addition to starting from the décor of the printed skirt itself, you can also ease the ostentativity of the printed skirt from matching.

Some low-saturation basic color knitwear are an infallible choice, both to suppress the arrogance of the print and to make the look have a master’s choice.

The thunder stepped on the printed skirt, I believe everyone has experienced, because the style is relatively distinct, and if you are not careful, you will risk showing old and dirty.

Therefore, in the selection and matching of printed skirts, it is necessary to pay attention to:

The color tone is clean and focused, preferably the same color as the pattern

・The jacket should be as simple as possible, and the solid color model is the best

丨Sexy sultry slip dress

Well? Is a sexy and sultry slip dress also suitable for autumn?

If you still think that slip dresses are exclusive to summer, then your fashion path is narrow! The right way to open a slip dress in early autumn is: layering with various pieces.

This style of wearing not only defines the figure well, but is also especially suitable for wearing during the change of seasons, which can perfectly transition from summer to autumn.

If you don’t know color matching very well, you only need to remember the guidelines of shallow inside and deep outside, put the dark color of the large surface outside, and wear the light color inside to achieve the effect of thinning and tall visually.

The method of layering the suspenders can greatly improve the utilization rate of the piece, but the wrong color or style can easily engulf the whole person.

So you need to pay attention when collocation:

・The color of the inner layer and the suspender should be contrasting to create a “two-eight” ratio

・Choose a slimmer style underneath

Writing here, Grain can’t wait to change into an autumn dress, I like this quiet feeling, I always feel that the autumn breeze blows, and it is very romantic.

Are you ready for the little autumn dress? If you still have a clue, I hope today’s sharing can give you a little new inspiration for dressing!

Pet powder particles online! As expected, today’s small gift is an autumn dress, which I think looks good~

The little cute point you like is in “watching” + leaving a message from the heart, and the grain grabs a little cute to send!

Notes on collocation:

Notes on collocation: