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Everyone wants to marry a wishful Langjun, do not have to squeeze the bus every day, and only need to be a happy housewife at home. In fact, we ordinary people are not so lucky to marry a rich and handsome.

Even the heroine Guribala in the short story “Beat Down the Arrogance” in “Hungry Stone”. She was lucky to marry a husband who was very good to her, and the two were childhood sweethearts. But soon after marriage, her husband still cheated on her.

1. Have the courage to make changes, and you will have a different life

Since her husband inherited a large inheritance, Gulbala only needed to be a happy housewife at home.

In the beginning, the two also lived happily ever after. However, after several years of married life, her husband began to change his heart and became fascinated by theater actors.

Because the actor in the theater acted skillfully and realistically, it was this charm that fascinated her husband. Gulibra heard about this and also wanted to see the actor’s acting skills. However, her husband would not allow her to go.

In order to understand how attractive the actor really is, she secretly goes to the theater to watch the performance. Only then did she find out, it turned out

Opera can make people forget their troubles. Moreover, the acting skills of the protagonist in the play made so many people happy and cry.

Gulibala, who was trapped at home, suddenly woke up to the fact that the outside world was so big, it turned out that women could also have their own stage, show their beauty, and bring joy to others.

Originally, Gulibra wanted to have a good talk with her husband and save his heart.

However, her husband came home just to ask her for the key and get the money, but he didn’t look at the rest. After she did not give the key, her husband searched her dress and makeup case, but could not find the key. After that, he dragged Guribara’s necklace, bracelet, and ring away, and kicked her.

This action of her husband directly cooled Gulibara’s heart.

At this point, Gulibra no longer cared about her husband and let him fool around. And she herself began to appear in the theater constantly, watching the opera performances of those excellent actors.

Then, Guribala bravely made a change and resolutely returned to her mother’s house, just to study opera performance. When Guribala returned, she was already an actor with excellent acting skills on stage. And the number of performances she performed, there was no seat.

And her husband beat the actress because of his mess, and at the same time took away the actress to affect the opera performance in retaliation for the theater, and was refused entry by the theater ever since.

When her husband wanted to come back to her again, there was no place for him. Because she has become a better version of herself, no longer relying on men, as long as she can do it on her own.

It was this bad relationship that gave Guribra the determination to change, so that she transformed into a long and no longer an accessory attached to her husband.

When she chooses to make a change, to become an actress, to be exposed to new worlds, she becomes a better version of herself. Since then, her life has also had meaning.

Relying on her own efforts, Guribra changed her destiny and achieved a counterattack in life.

2. Not relying on others, relying on yourself is the only shortcut to life

There are many parents who teach girls, why fight so hard, it is better to do well than to marry well. As long as you can marry into a wealthy family and be a full-time wife, you don’t have to get up early and be greedy and make yourself a yellow-faced woman, which is a shortcut for a woman to reach the peak of life.

When a real man marries you, he says that you just have fun washing your hands at home and making soup, and I will carry the rest.

However, when I turned my head, I felt that it was still an independent woman who was distressing, and your husband and godson for more than ten years were not as good as the hard work of others.

The famous program host Ju Ping once said: “

Women must have their own careers and never lose their independence.

“A woman who is good at using her intelligence, using her strengths, and working tirelessly is more attractive to men than women who rely on her husband.

Women want to be financially independent, not just to pursue pleasure and to own brand-name bags, but to find themselves and not be held back by men.

It’s like Guribala in “Knock Out the Arrogance”, after awakening, I found that only

Only with your own efforts can you walk out of your own sky.

The pillow person who used to love each other cannot be relied on, although he once gave her a comfortable and rich life, but when he changed his heart, this dependence immediately became isolated.

Later, Guribala made a gorgeous turn with hard work, did her best to burn her past self, struggled to stand up, became a comedian, and bloomed like nirvana with her own flowers.

In reality, many girls like to rely on each other. Think that you can live a lifetime without working hard and rely on men. But did you know that men can be trusted, and sows can go up trees?

Real life is always bloodier than the bridge in the novel, we don’t know what will happen next suddenly, we can only enrich ourselves at all times, always be ready, and when the unknown comes, you can deal with it wholeheartedly.

In this world, there is really nothing to rely on except yourself. Try to rely on yourself, without each other, you can still live with a smile!

Girl, relying on yourself is the only shortcut to life.

3. No one in this world can be relied on except yourself

In the knowledge of the problem

“Why should girls make themselves stronger and better?

There is this brief but poignant answer:

“Because others are unreliable.”

Life is like rock climbing, if you try to rely on others, you will only fall together.

Bravely let go of your hand and climb alone, no matter how difficult the mountain is, you can conquer it.

Luo Zijun in “My First Half of Life” in the previous fire, once her husband said to her, I raise you, you are with your husband and children. Luo Zijun had no doubt about him, gave up his pursuit, and really became a housewife.

After that, she devoted decades of dedication and dedication to her family and raised her children alone. All this she did not only did not get the gratitude of her husband Chen Junsheng, but was snubbed and cheated on, and she also disliked her for not being able to help her share it at work.

“Men favor one alone, women keep to themselves” is just a beautiful fairy tale. Whether before or after marriage, you have to have a career of your own.

As the saying goes, the female partner suffers more when a marriage goes bankrupt. However, when women gradually accumulate a certain amount of capital through continuous learning and hard work, they will slowly not be afraid of each other’s blackmail and have the confidence to reply to each other:

If you leave me, I will still be fine.

Just like Luo Zijun, after being cheated, she began to catch up and found her life.

No one in this world can be relied on except yourself. Fight on your own, fight with your own hands.

When you are independent enough, you are no longer afraid of anyone leaving.

For the rest of the years, may you take yourself only as armor, put yourself in your heart, and always love yourself more than others.

Because you are on your own, you are not afraid of difficulties.