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Jeans are popular all year round and are a favorite of many. However, in some high-temperature areas, wearing jeans is not only a problem of whether it is hot or not, but also a problem that is not conducive to health. Although some thin denim wicks moisture and sweat, it still cannot solve the shortcomings of not breathable, and has a lot of impact on boys’ physiological problems, so in the hot summer, it is wise to replace jeans with a pair of refreshing and equally stylish pants.

1. Thin sports trousers

I don’t like shorts, so sports pants can be worn as fresh, and now there are many styles of sweatpants, and the fashion look is also more temperamental than jeans.


viishow 2016 spring men’s casual pants large size casual trousers, sweatpants, sweatpants, small feet, harlan pants men

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Boys wearing this kind of loose and atmospheric sweatpants feel sporty charm, wear it refreshingly is also good, like street fashion and independent style of hipster men, this is suitable for you.


All in Summer Men’s Slim Slacks, Small Leg Leg Pants, Men’s Korean Sweatpants, Long Pants, Pants Men

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The stripes on the side are more classic in shape, with a temperament that you can’t get tired of, compared to solid colors, with some college feelings.

All in Summer slim fit slacks, small leg corset, men’s Korean version of harem pants, pants, men’s cropped pants

The asymmetrical stripe design of the personality ears is a distinct street temperament, which shows that people have personality and ideas, and will not follow the trend like that.


2016 spring wear new Japanese men’s corset Korean version slim small feet Harlan pants casual trousers cargo pants

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Japanese pants are suitable for boys who like literary temperament, although it is a simple Harlan fit with a corset design, but the feeling of literature and art still has to be worn out.

2. Casual shorts

Refreshing and comfortable, the most breathable pants, for health is still more important.


Summer wear: new Japanese trendy youth cotton cargo shorts, Korean version men’s solid color casual pants drawstring

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Summer shorts are too simple to wear will not look good, so shorts should be worn more carefully, this pants from drawstring to cut can reflect a sense of fashion, style.

Summer three-dimensional cut casual pants, Japanese youth cotton cargo pants, men’s Korean version trend solid color shorts

The workwear-style pants are actually not easy to control, but these pants have a good grasp of the feeling, have that sense of fashion, are simple and generous, and wear well.


Lilbetter shorts men’s casual sports cropped pants loose Japanese beach pants summer men’s mid-pants trendy lb

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These pants are a strong street fashion style, full of fashion, sporty temperament, and it is coquettish to wear.


Lilbetter shorts men’s summer loose solid color 5 cropped pants casual bottoms trend black men’s cropped pants

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Simple solid colors are also good to wear, mainly because the cut is handsome, will not look mediocre, a pair of versatile and handsome pants.

3. Linen trousers

Linen brings a refreshing experience in summer, don’t mention more comfortable to wear.


Linen comfortable and breathable Men’s linen trousers simple men’s pants Summer linen casual loose elastic lace-up pants

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Although it is a very rough straight fit, because it is a linen fabric, it can also be worn with a retro aesthetic and has a unique temperament.


Linen pants men’s loose thin cotton linen casual pants men’s large size straight linen men’s pants summer pants hemp men’s trousers

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These pants will be high to wear, and the smoothness of the fabric will look comfortable, chic and casual, making this summer particularly comfortable.

Yiyang 2016 summer versatile casual pants cotton linen men’s pants thin linen pants men’s slim straight trousers 0376

Don’t think that the linen fabric is retro and rugged, this pants still reflects a sense of formal elegance, wearing a kind of high quality, really cool and handsome.


Mr. Cotton 2016 New Pants Men’s Summer Men’s Mid-rise Slacks Men’s Linen Slacks Straight leg

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The classic flower gray, wearing is more cultural, the retro temperament looks masculine, the cut is generous, comfortable to wear, showing the system.


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