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Autumn in the south is always changeable, a few days ago it was a big sun, today it began to rain.

Wear short sleeves, always feel cold; Wear long sleeves, it will be stuffy from noon, in short, it is not a worry-free matter; Several partners caught a cold because of the alternating season of cold and warm, holding a blanket and thick pajamas all day and not letting go.

Standard for cold patients in October

Fairies don’t forget to add clothes to be greedy, and have a healthy body to become more beautiful and fashionable.

Take Liya herself, I will choose such a change of season

Light jacket + various underwear

to cope with this changeable temperature.

First, it is convenient to put on and take off, and the other is to appear thin and not picky.

Today, come and share with fairies a wave of fashionable outfits for autumn thin coats, all types and styles, there is always a style you will like!

# Knitted cardigan

The unique softness of knitted items is destined to be worse in its ability to shape and show thinness, so when choosing a style, you should start with texture and décor.

Vertical pit stripes

, is regarded as the thin leader in knitted cardigan, the downward visual extension can elongate the body well, and can better modify the figure than ordinary texture.

Vintage hangis models were also popular for a while, but a large area of thick knitted bodice can easily increase the “thickness”, and the flesh fairy will be more “rounded”.

Liya suggests

Thick and thin panels

, part of it is fine-knitted to outline the figure; Part retains the eye-catching degree of the twisted flower; The fusion contrast of the two will form a three-dimensional sense at the joint, and the thinness index will increase a lot.

Similar to the twisted print, too dense and complex arrangement is easy to form bloated, plus soft knitted soft collapse property, the upper body fat 10 pounds is not a problem.

I would prefer it

Knitwear with a sparse print design

The small area of embellishment ensures the highlights without being crowded and cumbersome.

The stitching contrast model is also very good, and the collision between the color blocks can create a visual difference and can neutralize the softness of the knit well.

Fairies who like light intellectual style, I recommend you to try it

Small fragrant knitwear

The black and white combination of hem, cuffs and placket optimizes shaping ability and easily creates a three-dimensional upper body.

When matching knitwear, the inner layer should not be chosen

Overly loose and hypertrophied styles

, slim suspenders, tough shirts are good choices.

# Suits

Since the popularity of big feminine style, the popularity of suits has not decreased.

Sleek cut + structured fit

, can hide the flesh well, visually optimize the body shape, almost not picky a versatile piece.

If it is for daily wear, choose a suit and try to arrange the basics

Solid color version

Classic black and high-grade gray are good choices, pay attention to control the looseness, and simply create a sense of atmosphere with a capable temperament.

Like to freshen and reduce age a little, that choice

Morandi color system

It just fits.

Gentle apricot, clean off-white

, the white lining can also brighten the overall look, compared to the dark color will have Korean fan, with skirts, pants are good-looking.

If you want to create a cool and handsome feeling, short suits must be arranged and reused

Metal accessories, graffiti patches

, personality style is immediately available.

And the short model automatically raises the waistline, and when paired with high-waisted bottoms, the leg ratio is instantly lengthened, and small people can wear long legs.

There are many options for underwear suits, and you can’t go wrong with T-shirts and shirts for the season, and take off your jacket and feel fashionable.

You can also try a combination with suspenders, neutral and feminine neutralize each other, giant sultry!

# Sweatshirt jacket

Sweatshirt jackets are mostly loose-fitting and have a more fixed style. Dressed well is an energetic girl, full of playfulness; To dress poorly is to procrastinate and have no spirit.

What we need to do is maintain the silhouette while reducing the feeling of bulkiness.


Contrasting shape, hooded extension elongation

, the print shift focus, is a few small tips to make the sweatshirt jacket look thin, fairies to remember.

Once the style of the jacket is determined, the choice of the inner layer is also very important.

The combination of big + large, not tall and slender fairies do not try, although the meat is hidden, but also blurs the original body curve, will create “home pajamas” both visual sense, more fat.

Big + small

is the right way to open, one loose and one tight to form a contrast, the sense of neatness will be greatly increased, and the overall look is more attractive.

It is also a good idea to divert visual focus by exposing the skin appropriately.


Neck line, collarbone, waist

, slim and skinny will neutralize the silhouette of the coat, and will also inject a bit of gentle little sexiness.

You can also use the inner layer to create a sense of layering, which will be more suitable for late autumn and winter, and keep warm and fashionable.

When choosing a light jacket, you must first determine your favorite style, choose a knitted cardigan with gentle intellect, choose a suit with a casual ability, choose a sweatshirt on the street …

Then arrange the style and match according to the figure, and use some exquisite accessories to enhance the highlights and eye-catching, and the sense of fashion will naturally rub up!

Of course, there are not only these three beautiful coats that look good in autumn, and there are more beautiful clothes left for the next time to unlock for everyone.

Throughout the year, autumn seems to be more romantic, gentle evening breeze + falling dead leaves, and a random street corner is a painting.