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Little Safflower review:

Summer is coming, take the kids out to play, are you ready for sunscreen?

Among the common sunscreen products, sunscreen clothing is the most popular one for parents.

There are many brands of children’s sunscreen clothing on the market, which one can protect the baby?

The assessment walk~


■ Evaluation samples

■ Evaluation indicators

■ Workmanship details

■ Air permeability

■ Sun protection performance

■ Overall comment

■ Consumption advice

Recommended Products:

Evaluate samples

Measurement indicators

Workmanship details

1 comes with storage

The workmanship details and scores of the 8 products are as follows:

Brief summary:

1. Poor workmanship:

All are soft, smooth zippers, not easy to fall off; except

Di Sney

, other products hemming are wireless head.

2. The best flexibility of the excellent Y library:

Stretch the sunscreen clothing and find that only

YouY Library

Ann T

Resilient, while

Better elasticity.

3. De Sney, Ann T, B*l*b*l* without zipper protection design:

Five of the eight sun-protective garments have neckline stoppers that protect your baby’s neck from being pinched by zippers, or zipper gaskets that prevent zippers from getting caught in your baby’s intimate clothing.


Ma K Jane N

Dai W Bei L

There are both designs,

Di Sney, Ann T, B*l*b*l*

There is no zipper protection design.

4. Other designs: YouY library, Di Knon, An T protection design is more comprehensive:

YouY Ku, Di Knon, An T

In addition to having a hat, there is also a high neck design, which can better protect the baby’s neck from direct sunlight.

Di Knon

There are small breathable holes in the back and underarms to help dissipate heat.

Even the vents are the shape of loving you~


The hat has a Velcro inside it, and by tearing the Velcro, you can store the sunscreen suit into a small bag.

In addition, only out of eight

Dai W Bei L, Di Sney

No pocket design.

Youyku, Di Knon, Ma Kjin N

The design is better, not only the workmanship details are excellent, but also prevent the baby from being pinched;

Youyku, Di Knon

There is also a collar guard to prevent the baby’s neck from getting sunburned.

The workmanship design is relatively rough, and there is no corresponding protective design and pocket, which is at the bottom.

Sun protection ability

Di Sney has the worst sun protection

Then there is the most important link – the sun protection ability test.

Have you ever doubted: can this light and somewhat transparent sunscreen clothing really block ultraviolet rays?

Will the sun protection decrease after the sunscreen suit is washed?

Little Red Flower EvaluationThis is to test it~

Sun protection knowledge popularization

Ultraviolet rays can be divided into UVA, UVB and UVC according to the wavelength, the longer the wavelength, the stronger the penetration.

Among them, UVC is absorbed by the atmosphere and cannot reach the ground. So sunscreen products are designed for UVB and UVA.

In layman’s terms, UVA can sunburn black skin, while UVB can sunburn a person’s skin.

Test method: under the direct sunlight of the sun and UVB lamp (303nm), cover the sunscreen clothing on the probe, and measure the transmittance of ultraviolet rays at this time with an ultraviolet irradiation meter. Hand wash the sunscreen garment, dry it and test the sunscreen again.

of the ultraviolet irradiation meter


The larger the light, the higher the ultraviolet transmittance, indicating that the sunscreen clothing has a worse ability to resist ultraviolet rays.

Note: Since UVB is easily affected by the environment and is not stable enough, the experiment is performed with an ultraviolet lamp that emits 303nm ultraviolet light instead of sunlight.

Test sunscreen clothing for UVA resistance in the sun

Test the ability of sunscreen clothing to resist UVB with a 303nm ultraviolet lamp

Experimental results:


Excellent Y library, An T, B*l*b*l* good sun protection effect:

Good resistance to UVA and UVB.


Dai W Bei L “partial branch” serious:

It can resist more than 99% of UVB, but its ability to resist UVA is poor.



It cannot effectively resist UVA, and the resistance to UVB is also relatively poor.

Wearing it, half an hour under the scorching sun, go home to see Bao Gong, Skr~

4. There is no obvious change in sun protection ability after washing:

After one wash and drying of the eight products, the sun protection ability did not change significantly.

Air permeability

5 models are breathable

Sunscreen clothing is not breathable enough, it is easy to sweat, which will make the baby very uncomfortable.

Therefore, the little safflower evaluation designed the air permeability experiment, measured the wind speed after the wind passed through the sunscreen clothing, and compared the breathability of each sunscreen clothing according to the wind speed, the greater the wind speed, the better the air permeability.

Test method: The wind pipe is fixed to open the I gear, the back of the sunscreen clothing is covered on the hair dryer, and the wind speed through the sunscreen clothing is tested.

YouY library, b*byc*re

The most breathable,


Other sunscreen clothing is not breathable enough.

Water resistance

4 models are waterproof

In summer, there is a lot of rain, and sunscreen clothing is best to have a waterproof function.

Test method: spread the sunscreen clothing on the table, pad a filter paper under it, drip water on the surface of the sunscreen clothing, and check whether the filter paper is wet.

Di Knon, Di Sny, B*l*b*l*, Dai W Bei L

It can be waterproof, but not others.

Overall review

Recommend Youyku and Di Knon

After the above series of evaluation results, the final total scores of the final 8 sunscreen clothing are as follows:

Price: 149 yuan

Reason for recommendation:

Strong sun protection ability, good air permeability;

Excellent design;

The fabric is very elastic and the workmanship details are good.


Not waterproof;

8 models of the most expensive!

Price: 79.9 yuan

Although the overall score is only ranked fourth, it has strong sun protection, waterproof, and the best cost performance!

Strong sun protection ability;


The cheapest of the 8.

Poor breathability

And the bottom ranked DiSny became a disrecommended product:

Product not recommended: De Sney

Reasons for not recommending:

The worst sun protection ability, not breathable, rough and simple workmanship, few detail design, and no zipper protection design. What a “waste” of Mickey Mouse’s good signboard.

Consumption advice

1. How to buy effective sunscreen clothing when the actual sun protection ability is unknown?

Look at the UPF value (UV Protection Factor).

Preference is given to sunscreen clothing marked with “GB/T 18830 Textile – Evaluation of UV Protection Performance” on the hangtag.

All sunscreen clothing tested according to this standard should be marked with a standard number on its hang tag and the UPF value should be remarked.

In this evaluation –

Test according to this standard and label the relevant information.

From left to right: Youyku, Di Knon, Ma Kjin N

2. When the temperature is too high, do not zip up the sunscreen clothing:

It will affect the heat dissipation of the body, and in severe cases, it will also cause heat stroke.

3. Try to wash as little sunscreen clothing as possible:

Sunscreen clothing may have reduced sun protection under prolonged use, stretching, or moisture.

Little Safflower Assessment Introduction:

We are the first batch of people in China to engage in product comparison evaluation, established”

Little Safflower Review

The aim is to recommend safer and more cost-effective children’s and household products to parents through independent, objective and professional comparative assessments.

“Little Safflower Assessment” adheres to three principles: not accepting test samples provided by enterprises, not accepting advertisements and sponsorships that try to influence test results, and independently paying to entrust national certification and testing institutions to conduct testing.

Stay tuned”

“, for more baby and child product comparison and evaluation content.

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Recommended Products:

Brief summary:

Brief summary:

Brief summary:

Di Sney

Di Sney

YouY Library

Ann T


Dai W Bei L

Youyku, Di Knon, Ma Kjin N

Di Sney has the worst sun protection

Experimental results:

Experimental results:

Reason for recommendation:

Excellent design;


Little Safflower Review